Monday, February 11, 2013

Mid Winter Formal

This past weekend was the VMI Mid Winter Formal. We took LLB down to VMI so she could attend with her Cadet. Since we happen to like him, we are willing to take the time and energy to get her to VMI for these really lovely and very fun events.

This time was a little different as #1 was off at Mardi Gras with the VMI Band. There would be no big brother keeping track of little sister.

This particular event was actually "iffy" just a week or so ago. The Commandant had decided that there would be a change to the permit - all dates must be 18 or over to attend said Mid Winter Formal. Well, my LLB is only 17. Her birthday is in April.

She was distressed when the Cadet texted and told her that they would not be going. She texted me, and told me of her distress. (She was out of town -- of course she was! The child is never home. She is off doing great things.)

I could not just let this go. I called the Commandant's Office and asked to speak with the guy in charge of this decision -- I totally understood his decision, but really... We had already bought the dress and the shoes!

The guy in charge is Lt. Colonel.  He returned my call, listened to my rationale -- She is almost 18, her parents will be there, she has been accepted to VMI and just might be a student at VMI in the fall. (FYI: I did not mention the dress or the shoes.)

Lt. Col. said she could attend -- BUT --  I had to send the Cadet to see him and he would speak with the Cadet. He also told me that I'd have to fax him a permission slip, but that the details of what was needed in said permission slip would be communicated through the Cadet.  He also told me that there would be members of his staff at each hotel checking on things. (I passed that tidbit on to the boys and it seems that they passed it on to the others because the craziness was much more subdued this time... but I digress.)

Fast forward a few days.  LLB heard from her Cadet and told me I had to send a fax stating that:
1. We understand that VMI Cadets do let their hair down
2. Adult beverages may be being consumed by of age Cadets
3. We were responsible if anything happened to her.
No problem.
I also assured the Lt. Col. that LLB's Cadet would take very good care of her. (What was implied was that if LLB's Cadet didn't take good care of her, I'd track him down and then I'd send her brother to beat him up.)

Her Cadet arrived to pick her up for dinner looking quite smashing. LLB was lovely, as always. That girl just oozes class. See:

They had a great time at dinner -- they even had a coupon thanks to Gram. Hey -- college students are on budgets and if they can save $5 or $6, they do it.
They had a great time at the dance. The music was great. The dancing was great.
They came back to the hotel, changed into comfy clothes and went off to play a card game called "Cards Against Humanity". LLB said that the later into the evening it got, the funnier the game became. It seems that tipsy cadets find great humor in things. (Some things never change, do they?)
The hotel was a bit noisy until about 1 or 1:30 am when things quieted down - they stopped running from room to room and went inside to conk out or watch TV. At about 2 am, I saw a member of the Commandant's Staff checking on the Cadets, making sure that things were on the up and up, and seeing for himself that the hotel was relatively picked up and indeed still intact. :-)

LLB has seen the VMI Boys with their hair down - twice now. She finds them sweet, respectful, and absolutely hilarious!  That's a really good thing -- especially if she ends up going to school there in the fall.


Norma said...

Back to blogging! Great.

Renee Nefe said...

Love her dress! Glad that she got to go. I'm also glad that the Lt Col wanted to make sure that everyone was behaved. (of course LLB would have the best manners.)