Friday, July 01, 2011

Hey! Check it out!

First thing yesterday, Grandpa was out in the yard snooping around. He found this and asked if he could keep it. Hah! I should think not.

We went from this yesterday morning...

To this....

It makes the whole pool look larger and the pool area so much more beautiful.
We are very very pleased with the progress...
After speaking with the company's owner, it's thanks to his wife for pushing him to get this pool done. He and his family live across the street and are really terrific people.  It seems that she made him sit and watch all the kids, cars, and people pile in here for all the events we have had. He said she made him stay up for the cast party. She made him watch for the graduation party. She makes him stay and watch the kids come up for the Wednesday Sectional Rehearsals. I had no idea they even noticed. He said it gave him perspective - he saw it from the consumer's side of things. That alone is worth the parties we had without the pool. As long as something good comes out of it - besides my learning to be patient - it was all worth it.
Now -- if they don't show up to plaster and fill today, I'll be absolutely crushed. Patience is a virtue, but I still want the kids to swim on Monday!

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Nicole said...

Looks great! Yeah for progress!! Boo that dad didn'tget to keep his toy!
Fingers crossed!