Thursday, December 22, 2011

Presents I've Made this year

So -- I've been busy crocheting.
I thought I might show you all what I've been making.
This year I started making baskets -- It's my new thing and I'm thoroughly enjoying modifying the patterns I've found...
 I modified the basket above -- I put a little ruffled edge on it and then we gave it to a very sweet friend of LLB's for her birthday.
 This basket above is made with clothesline... It was such fun to make! It went to the Bus Driver -- we filled it with goodies.
The basket below is big!!  And floppy!! And fun... I might keep it for myself because I love it!

The clothesline basket below went to R.  She got to choose which one she wanted and she chose this little lovely.

This wee basket - perfect for pocket change - is awaiting a new home... My dresser?  Your dresser? We shall see, won't we?
 This little lovely went to LLB's Secret Santa person.  She's a lucky girl!

I've made scarves galore and I have one more to finish for a very special lady who likes green...   This purple gem is on it's way to England!
 This green one is currently with a Band Mom.

I made other scarves and mittens... I have one more pair of mittens to make -- in giant size -- for a Band Dad.  :-)  He'll get his mittens in January (or February).  :-)

I also made the cutest little purple basket...
My sister and I have decided that from now on, our gifts to each other have to be homemade... I think it will be fun to figure out something new to make her every year. This year she got an afghan in her choice of colors for her birthday.  Next year? We'll see.  I've got a bunch of nifty ideas up my sleeve already.

If you have ideas of things I might create, please leave me a comment and let me know.


Mrs. Who said...

Oh, how nice to be so talented and to get to share your abilities!

Renee said...

how fun!

Mar said...

I simply LOVE those baskets!!