Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keeping the Schedule Straight

Does your calendar look like mine? A series of black and blue scribbles with a few red ones tossed in for good measure?
It's getting so bad that I can barely read it.
Today is actually legible.
It says: Grambug - Dentist - 10.
What it doesn't say is: Mall/Lunch - post dentist, Pickup LLB 3:23, Return Tux, LLB - Ballet 6:45, LBC - Vestry 7, and #1 - Drama 5.

The calendar in my head is far fuller than the one on the wall...

No wonder I can't remember anyone's name...


Joan said...

Last night I couldn't find my monthly pocket calendar (which I keep in my purse) and nearly freaked. It has my entire life (and my husband's and my mom's) captured in those little daily squares and I'd be lost without it. Where was it? Buried in a ton of "debris" on my computer desk. Whew!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hang in there babe, with all this warm weather life is only going to get busier. I did your meme on Wikiepedia with some very interesting results...stop by and see!

homemom3 said...

haha, a calendar...what is that? That's rightl, I use to keep one but the kids kept pulling it off the wall and I finally gave up. Heck, it didn't hold every appt and even if it could I'd never write everything in it. Today alone I had to drop off one child, make sure the other left with dad for a 7:45 a.m. dentist appt and newborn hearing around noon today. I have them memorized and everything is written down on a paper somewhere in the house but it is the head that is the keeper. The calendar is there to let me know what day it is, but when I don't know what day it is that doesn't help... oh and the kids love the pictures on them.