Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Ice Skating?

LLB went ice skating with the youth group yesterday. (#1 couldn't go because he had his cotillion instructional dinner.)

We arrived at the rink and donned the oh so uncomfortable rental skates. I have never ever had trouble with my skates - these gave me a hot spot on my ankle that was so bad, I can still feel it this morning. LLB returned her right skate for a different one and survived.

LLB used to skate 3 times a week when we lived in a place that had a rink on every corner. The last time she skated was 2 years ago. Let me tell you - she forgot nothing. She was as graceful as ever. She zoomed around and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She tells me that when she skates, she feels free - like a bird. She soars. She really does. We just live too far away. It's an hour drive when there is no traffic... It can be more than 2 hours if there is traffic...

She misses her ice time. I can see it in her eyes...

So - tell me - Any of you know how I can get someone to build or even consider investing in a rink out here in the ding dang woods? I know that if we build it, they will come. There's a lot of money in ice...


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Melli said...

That sounds like SO much fun! My Krysti loves to ice skate -- but we have to travel about 45 in any direction to get to a rink too.... good luck with that effort though! We've been trying to get an indoor pool in our county for about 20 years now... still hasn't happened. About 10 years ago the community was up-in-arms for a Soccer complex -- we don't have that yet either. It's like ROOT CANAL trying to get anything out of our commissioners! I hope YOURS are more cooperative!

Barbara said...

My neighbors across the street built one in their backyard. Boards, a tarp, water, voila!

Katherine said...

Probably doesn't stay cold enough here for you to have one in your background. I couldn't believe it when we moved to upstate NY and everyone made one in their backyard every winter for the kids. I am not joking even a little bit! About a foot high board border all around, cover the ground inside it with heavy plastic sheeting, fill with hose, and voila, ice rink!