Thursday, August 05, 2010


I'm all for family vacations - even though we don't normally take them.
We are a frugal, one salary family.
Yes, that is our choice. Every time the children ask for something we can't provide, we tell them that they can have that but that I'll need to go back to work. Their answer has always been, "No, that's okay. We want you to stay home."
We work hard all year to save money so that we can send our kids to the camp they love and hope that it's enough for them. They get a scholarship every year - and for that I'm more than thankful.  Their camp experience has given them the chance to grow and change and become the people they are.  They have fun with kids just like them. They worship. They sing. They act. They give back to the community. It's an all around great way to spend a few weeks each summer.
How you spend your summer is your choice and if you go to the beach or the mountains or both - that's great! I am happy for you - just come back and tell me all about it over lunch, k? Because I live vicariously through you and the Travel Channel.

I read THIS this morning... I'm NOT happy.
Why, pray tell, is it okay for Michelle Obama to spend our hard earned cash to head to Spain for vacation? Didn't she just spend a week in Maine? Didn't she tell us to head to the Gulf Coast for our vacations? What's up with that? She can't vacation closer to home? She has to take 40 of her closest friends and 70 secret service agents to a ritzy hotel in SPAIN??
I'm sorry - she's wicked two faced and I find her irritating.
Tell the little people to vacation in one place and she goes someplace else at My Expense...
(Don't tell me she paid her own way -- we - you and me -- our tax dollar paid for the aircraft, the fuel, the secret service, etc...)
I'm not liking her kind of change...

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Susan said...

It's fun to stay home too! I love what you do for your kids....their lives are quite rich! And I couldn't agree more about Mrs. O. CRAZY!