Monday, January 15, 2007

More Missing Mail

So my winning streak with the USPS and various other delivery services continues... Well, actually, I didn't order this item. I didn't pay for this item. I simply get to use this item - or not.

Here is my sob story:

Way back in May - yes last May - I told my boss, I'll call her C, that I needed a set of handbells for my class. The chimes are very nice, but they aren't handbells. I told her that sharing the handbells worked okay, but the kids couldn't get the techniques down without practice. You can't mallet a handchime, (yes, I know it's possible, but I wasn't going to have the kids do it...) you can't mart-lift a handchime - especially when they don't give you any foam to work with... Basically, my kids were at a disadvantage.

So anyway, I begged for a 3 octave set of handbells. C told me to get the prices together and tell her want I wanted. I did as asked and in less than 24 hours, my request was on her desk. The school has a set of Malmarks, but I really wanted a set of Schulmerich Handbells. Both manufacturers are good, but I'm used to Schullies. I can maintain them. The Reps are wonderful. The service is top notch. Alas, I was not awarded my preference, but I sucked it up and dealt. The lead time on handbells is often 6 months. I really wanted her to order them asap. She did the best she could and my bells were supposed to arrive by October. Then they were supposed to arrive by Christmas.

I returned from Christmas break and asked the same question I've been asking since September, "Where are my bells?"
"They aren't here and I'm going to call this afternoon. I'll let you know what I find out. This might take some time..."
I knew something wasn't right...
She called me at home the other day. "Your bells are missing. They can't find them. They delivered them to the wrong school. They told me it would be another 3 months to get you a set."

I have really bad karma with the delivery folks...

I won't tell you what ensued but basically Malmark dropped the bell - oh I mean ball - and their customer service left I bit to be desired. Then she told me that I could have the Schulmerichs that I originally wanted. There's a silver lining in every cloud! I am thrilled. I had to wait almost a year, but I'll get exactly what I wanted. So - in less than 12 weeks, I should have my bells...

Unless they get lost in transit...


Beckie said...

WOW! Well, at least you'll be getting what you originally wanted. What is it they say about patience???

Have a great week.

she said...

I wanted to contribute to your exercise routine this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunflower said...

How is your exercise going?

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Barbara said...

"Sent them to the wrong school" really means they took the bells they promised you and decided another customer was more important and delivered your bells to them.

I'm glad the company is at least trying to make up for poor service by getting you the bells you want.

I wouldn't blame UPS for this one. If the school didn't order the bells they should return them. How would UPS mix up your address with a school's?

MelnHead said...

USPS is not your friend... mayeb you shoudl become friends with Fed Ex? Or UPS, or any of the other delivery services. I'll volunteer to do your mailings. :)

Katherine said...

I seriously cannot believe your delivery luck. Or, lack of. I'm speechless on your behalf!!