Monday, January 22, 2007


We finally have some snow! It started while we were a church and continued throughout the afternoon. Needless to say, we missed the Anniversary Party.

LLB - our resident snow bunny - was out there sledding with the dog for hours. As a matter of fact she's back out there now! Yes, I know it is 9 am and she's still in her pajamas. But, she has her winter gear on and she's happy.


Melli said...

YAY for little LadyBug! That is just what my kids would do when they were little! Jammies and all! Into the snow we go! Such fun!

Katherine said...

Fun pictures! We just got the freezing rain here - pretty to see on the trees but sure not to drive in. We were at our inlaws yesterday and my husband had to keep stopping the car to knock the ice of the windshield wipers. Most of it's melted now.

Renee said...

We got about 10 more inches last night. Our one pile of snow from where we throw the driveway snow is getting too big to get the snow up on top of anymore.
I'm suprised that DD isn't asking to go play in it...yet.

I like the halloscan comments better, but today it wasn't working for me. It would flash there for a second and then go blank.

Susan said...

How I posted over at Melli's just now...I've never slid down a snowy hill. I think I'd be out there too...pajamas or not.

:-) Susan

Barbara said...

I'm glad that sleds are finally getting some use. I'm glad they had fun.

Norma said...

That looks very similar to our snow fall--about 3" and melting today. You must have gotten it first.

My Monday Memories is up.

Reese said...

Oh i Love this!! Us too :).