Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yet another Wordy Wednesday

So I still haven't found the cable to our camera. It's around. I'll find it. I think Mr. might have it tucked away someplace safe...

I don't have a green thumb. Heck - it's not even light green. It's black. I am not good with plants - not at all. But, since Grandpa is here and he does have a very green thumb, I thought I'd get some plants. I'll get them and he can plant them. I like that little scenario. Grambug and I are going to hit the plant sale at the elementary school today. They have great plants for little cash. This is perfect for someone like me - I can pick what I like and if they don't make it, it's not big deal -- I've made a lovely donation to the school. :-)

You know what else I might do today (besides laundry)? I might paint my front door. I know I just painted it red last year, but I don't think I like it. It's too... I dunno... red. I'm going for black this time. How does that sound?


Clearlykels said...

Ha ha-- see at least you have someone in your house who can do it. As you and I sat there last night as they chatted plants in the meeting. I am still amazed that all of the plants I got in August are still alive. It really is a miracle.

Dixie said...

I can't grow anything either, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

What color is your house painted? Or is it brick? What color brick? What color is your trim? Am I over thinking this??

Melli said...

Sounds like a way to spend a day to me! Maybe I should paint MY door red! That would be pretty bold on my CREAM colored house!!! LOL!