Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bag Lady

Yesterday I had to pick up LLB from school and while I was there, I had to get the bags from the recycling program.

FYI: The recycling program is run by Trex. We collect those awful plastic shopping bags and bring them to the recycling center. The grade that collects the most bags wins a free bench. I like free. I want free. I do what it takes to get free stuff for my school because I'm the PTO Chair... and because I'm self deprecating.

Anyway, I was stuffing about a million of these bags into the back of my car when I realized that my car looked like that of those little old ladies who hoard. I had bags stuffed up to the ceiling. They were multicolored... it was lovely.. except that I really looked like a little old lady who hoards bags... I had the Civic. It is silver - the color car that little old ladies drive... I couldn't have stuffed one more bag in the back seat - it was that full. And, No, I couldn't see out the back window at all...

LLB got the giggles when I got in and said, "Hey, we look like the little old lady who saves plastic bags."
"No, mom... that's just you! I have nothing to do with this."
I couldn't get to the recycling center fast enough!!
She laughed the whole way.

I am now known as "The Bag Lady".
The things I do...

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