Sunday, March 01, 2009

Herding Cats...

It's a skill that Mr. perfected.
He gets out of bed, puts on his slippers and suddenly, 2 cats appear.
They look at him adoringly and meow a "good morning" (or "feed me!") at him.
He motions towards the door with his hand and they run - full tilt - out the door and down the stairs.
They knock each other over on their way down the stairs. They sound like elephants.
They stop short at the bottom and look up adoringly... they wait for their shepherd.
They sit and watch him make his way down.
When he reaches the bottom of the stairs they trot to the kitchen - Angel sits next to the bowl (she is the queen, you know). Mini Kitty rubs along his ankles purring.
He gets the food and plops it in the bowl while opening the back door with the other hand.
Angel eats.
Mini Kitty goes out.
Herding cats... it's quite a skill.

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