Saturday, April 10, 2021

Not political? Ha!

I’ve been told more than once by my leftist friends that BLM isn’t political. One of my kids was told by the management that BLM is not political so it can be discussed around the water cooler - but only if you agree. 

This is what the founder said about BLM:

Tucker Carlson asked Whitlock, “You mentioned the BLM movement that really kind of took over a lot of the country, funded by our most powerful corporations over the summer. That is a political movement. Put it in context for us. What would you compare that to?”

Well, I compare Black Lives Matter to the KKK. I really do,” Whitlock answered. “And some people don’t understand it, but if you go back to the 1860s, after the Emancipation Proclamation, the KKK was started, and it was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. And what’s the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party right now? Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They will come to your home and violate your home, try to intimidate the people in your home if they disagree with you politically.”

Sounds political to me. 

But wait! There’s more:

“Black Lives Matter [is] a Marxist organization,” Whitlock continued. “Marxism is hostile towards religion; that’s why I’m glad you went there today. These are atheist values being expressed from our leaders, demonizing individual citizens here in America, branding them as white supremacists because they decided, because we disagree with their opinion about something.”

Their founder just purchased a $1.4 million home in Topanga - a super wealthy white area in California. The black population there is 1.2%. Guess whose funds she used to purchase that house? Mmhmm... BLM. So, you all who donated thinking you were helping the black community at large... you’ve been duped. 

But we knew it was a scam. Y’all just refused to see it. 

Friday, April 09, 2021

Wait! It’s Friday?!

Time sure does fly around here! 

We cut and split almost all the logs that were pulled off the pile. I think there are two huge ones left.that said, the fact that we cut and split the rest is a huge accomplishment. Once we got it all cut and split, it needed to be stacked. I handled that yesterday while Mr was at work. So, the yard needs to be picked up, but it looks pretty good considering all that went on there. 

Great news! We have a new priest! It was announced on Wednesday. He will arrive in late May and report June 1. We are all very excited. We will be ringing on June 6, I’m sure! It has been so hard to keep this secret, but it was well worth it. 

Today LLB and I got our second Covid vaccine. So far, so good. No side effects. I’m off to bed shortly to get a little extra rest - We have plans tomorrow and I don’t want to be stuck at home because I feel crappy. Better to go to bed early and rest so that I can play tomorrow. I made some fresh salsa for that - I’m supposed to bring a side dish. It smells delicious and it tastes great, too. (I had to try it.)

So, it’s been a busy week around here with wood processing, announcing a priest, and getting shots along with all the regular activities that happen like crochet, groceries, and cooking. I’m still working on the virus blanket - it is coming out really well. I hope to finish it before I need to give it to the recipient. Ok, I will finish it. I’ll be working on it tomorrow morning and Sunday afternoon and and and...

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Wood splitting is


We are back at it early this morning. The tree that came down last week is being cut into fireplace sized logs and split first thing this morning. Then we will be back at the ash pile that seems to be never ending. Needless to say, it’s great firewood and it does keep me warm all winter. That ash borer beetle cost the lives of all those trees, but as they fall, they serve to keep us warm - warm when we cut them, warm when we stack them, and warm when we burn them. 

Gotta look at the positives, right? 

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter!

It has been a very busy week - Holy Week is one of those super busy weeks for those of us involved in church. Bells played on Palm Sunday (and did great!). Maundy Thursday brought another church service and lots of duties I have never done. I learned a ton, met new people, and got to see an old friend! Friday was Good Friday and another church service. I read and Mr played guitar. And now it’s Easter Sunday. The bells will be ringing and LLB’s trumpet will be sounding. This afternoon you can find me curled up with a piece of LLB’s lemon meringue pie. 
The bunny delivered a basket for LLB and a chocolate or two for Mr, of course! Me? I got a new controller for my switch. I don’t need candy and this seemed like a great option. 
Enjoy your day! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring is here!

The weather has been pretty nice since the tree got blown down last week. We cleaned it up - it was mostly grape vines entangled in the branches in the top of the tree that landed in the driveway. What a giant mess that was. I’d grab a branch to pull it away after Mr cut it, and it would be stuck because of the vines. The chainsaw made fast work of the mess, but getting it all to the burn pile was an exercise in all things slinky - pull, go back and untangle or cut, repeat. Needless to say the burn pile is twice the size it was. I’m waiting for a misty calm day in May to light it up!

We rang in church on Sunday and it was fantastic! LLB was here, so that made the whole thing extra fun. We took her out to eat before she headed back to the city. It’s just nice to spend time with her and chat. We get her back this weekend for Easter. I am sure the bunny will come by and drop some chocolates for her. 

Mini had quite a night last night. She sang the songs of her people, she batted a plug she found under a dresser, and she basically made a nuisance of herself. That’s ok. Two can play that game. I’ll be waking her up every time I find her asleep today... if I remember. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Cleanup on Driveway #1

 Well... we had a tree come down in the wind... and now we have to clean it up. Yay! More firewood! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Waste Not...

Perfume bottles are just like like toothpaste tubes - you can always get one more squirt out of it! 

My perfume bottle has been almost empty since October... I wear my perfume every day because I love it so much. One would think there wouldn’t be any more left in there by now! No worries - I’ll use every drop before I open the new bottle.

I am known for flattening my toothpaste tube and squeezing every last drop out of it. Even when it’s flat, I can usually get a couple more days out of it! 

Mom and Dad taught us the value of a dollar and we don’t waste anything around here - especially not really nice perfume... or 99 cent toothpaste.