Sunday, May 29, 2022


 I can’t believe I haven’t posted since early May. I guess we’ve been busy. 

We’ve made plans to go to the International Handbell symposium this summer. We are headed to see Miss O and her parents - they purchased their first house this past Friday! We are incredibly proud of #1 and Yellow Rose. They are waiting on their furniture and house hold goods to arrive - hopefully on Wednesday. Miss O’s crib will arrive on Thursday. The new things they purchased will arrive one at a time starting Monday - their fridge will start the deliveries. Woo! 

LLB is spending her long weekend with friends and her beau at the beach. It’s good to see her having fun with friends. 

Us? We are here at home. We power-washed the patio furniture, the pool deck, and the outdoor rug. Mr did the mowing and weed eating. We did some porch sitting and had dinner al fresco! Life is good. 

Next weekend we are having a handbell workshop - BRAVA will be running it and Emmanuel and Leeds will be doing the learning. We are all looking forward to BRAVA’s foray into the educational part of the mission statement. We have great teachers, good ideas, and lots of positive vibes. 

Monday, May 09, 2022

Good things!

So April was busy and fun! We got new wheels, a new grand daughter, and new internet. With the new internet came streaming and that allowed us to drop the satellite TV. That saved me enough money to pay for almost half the car payment. We are so blessed and we don’t take these blessings lightly. 

We were supposed to head south to see #1 and his family at the end of the month, but that has been postponed a week or so - thus saving us a large chunk of change! I’ve been asked to help decorate the nursery!! Squeee! Mr thought he was going to be saving money… hahahahaha! Silly man! 

LLB is off to the Virgin Islands for a well deserved vacation with her beau. He is home from his deployment and ready to spend time and relax in the sunshine. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about their adventures. 

Mr and I continue to live large - we are headed to Costco this afternoon. (We are done with Monday bells for a couple of weeks - until we get ready for the BRAVA workshop that will take place at our church in June.)  Personally, I think he just wants to go out to dinner and this Costco trip is a good excuse. 

The pool resurfacing should happen this month - if it ever stops raining - as should the new front walk and gardens. Then we will consider the house finished - for a bit. We will sit on the porch, enjoy the view, and sip our coffee… until we go sit by the pool, listen to music, and grill some goodies! 

See? Life is very very good.