Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Dragonfly

So... yeah... I forgot about the dragonfly blanket that I need to make and send for PJ’s auction before September 13th. I have some coral yarn that is a really lovely color. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much money it will bring in. I know that if I make it out of Aran, it will bring in a tidy sum.
I’ll be heading out to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get some yarn in Aran.
PJ was a very special girl and I want her family to be able to offer the scholarship in her name - so... whatever it takes,
In the mean time, I’ll work on the coral version - a deserving person just came to mind. I’ll send it to that family when the time is right.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

One stitch at a time

I’m working on using up the yarn I have in the house. I’m using it up, albeit slowly. Yesterday I whipped up a chunky lap blanket and delivered it to the church - along with 6 chunky skeins that my friend gave me for Prayer Shawl that I don’t really have time to turn into a blanket. One of the other ladies scooped it right up! I was so glad to hand that huge bag of yarn over!
Tomorrow, I should finish up the shawl I’m working on now. I’ve only got one ball of yarn left, so the end is in sight. After that, it’s time for some scarves and mittens. I need a break from the big stuff.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We've had a lot of things happen at the Crossing lately.
We had 7 trees taken down - the ash borer beetle had a feast and killed our trees. It was an expensive endeavor, but it needed to be done for the safety of anyone coming and going on the driveway. The yard is a giant mud bowl and there is yet more rain in the forecast.
We had a blocked pipe that had to be unblocked. Our plumber came to the rescue!
We took apart the shelving unit in #1’s room and stored that in the attic.
We replaced lawn tractor blades.
I’ve been crocheting up a storm getting ready for Christmas.
On top of all of that, LLB is being transferred to Pittsburgh temporarily and captain America is headed to field training. Being apart is difficult at best, but the added stressors are starting to take a toll. We can only hope they come together, figure things out, and get through it.
So, basically, things are busy here.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


So, I got hooked on Animal Crossing on the iPad and completely neglected this blog...
and it’s almost midnight, so I’ll fill you in on life in the morning.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Mr says our front yard looks like a lunar landing zone. Actually, it’s more of a mud bowl.
But, the trees are down and the danger of a tree limb or a tree crashing down on someone driving up the driveway or mowing the lawn is eliminated.
I like the way the front yard opens up as you drive up the driveway now. It’s brighter...
The deer, on the other hand were very confused as they made their way on their rounds last night. The pile of logs, the mud, and the lack of brush (where there was brush earlier in the morning) was not what they expected. It was pretty funny to watch!
Yesterday was the first day with no rain in quite a while. We don’t have to fix the garden, empty the pool, or clean up any debris. So, today we hope to hang out by the pool, finish up some laundry, and generally relax.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Tree time!

We have 7 trees coming down today.
The ash borer beetle has been busy.
Pictures will follow!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Party Time!

It’s party time at The Crossing! We had the bell party on Saturday and today is the Crochet Ladies Summer Fling. I feel like over been cooking and cleaning and packing forever, but I’ve only been going at it for a week now.
Today’s lunch is pulled pork, cole slaw, beverages, and whatever the ladies bring.

This morning I made some yummy sweet and salty snacks. The recipe is as follows:

Puff Corn Crack
1 package of Chester’s Butter Puff Corn ($2 - Blue Bag in the chip aisle).
1 Small pkg of white chocolate chips.

Melt the chips
Pour over half of the puffs
Mix until coated
Add rest of the puffs and melted chocolate
Mix until coated
Spread on wax paper until solid
Break apart and serve.

My inlaws had hoped to visit this coming weekend, but have decided to stay home. I’m ok with that, as I’m busy with parties and trees coming down and helping LLB with a few things for the Navy Dining Out she is working on for Friday.

I cannot complain. Life is very very good! (And so is that puff corn crack I made!)

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Zoom zoom!

Time sure does fly when you’re working and party prepping.
Yesterday was the Handbell Party for both of the choirs I direct. It was a great time and it sure was nice to get to see everyone. The kids got to swim. (I was in before the party and the water was... refreshing!) By the time I finally got to bed, I’d walked over 11,200 steps - all in my house!
Today I’m off to the winery after church and coffee hour - which we get to host. It’s supposed to be sunny and hot, so I suspect we might be busy. Come on out and have a glass or two!
If you need me after 5, I’ll be sitting with my feet up.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Lunching with the Ladies

Today I met up with four good friends for lunch.
We laughed! Oh my gracious, how we laughed!
It has been far too long since we all sat down and chatted. It was really nice to catch up.

Tonight I’ll be picking up the house and getting things set up for our bell party on Saturday. I’m working at the winery tomorrow, so I need to get things done early. I don’t know why I keep doing this sort of thing to myself... I need to learn to say,”no”.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Busy busy!

Today was a busier day than I anticipated. It started with 35 minutes on the treadmill and ended with Margaritas at a dear friend’s day includes:
Picked up tables and chairs from the church for the handbell picnic this weekend.
I hired a tree removal guy.
I went to Prayer Shawal and saw the ladies.
I did an errand.
I made an appetizer.
I had dinner with Mr.
I visited with my friends and had a margarita.
Got 2 new recipes from Auntie that I think I’ll make for dinner tomorrow.
I fed and patted my cat.
I walked more than 10,000 steps.
And now, I’m watching TV and writing this post.
Next up: bed time!