Thursday, March 22, 2018

It’s Spring 2018!

Wow! It’s been a while...
Let me try to catch you up.

In August, #1 proposed to Yellow Rose and she said, “Yes!”  That meant plans and flights and hotel reservations and excitement.

Captain America finished up his training in middle America and headed west. He is now settled in to a lovely home complete with roommates and a mish mash of furniture. We got to see him at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are hoping he can venture this way for Easter. LLB is playing trumpet and bells on Easter morning, so we will be worshipping with her - a treat for us! We aren’t sure where we will be eating Easter dinner, but we’ve got time to figure that out.

Gram was diagnosed with lung cancer in August. That started a series of never ending appointments, radiation treatments, and medications. She loved lobster, so this year we had lobster and corn on the cob for Christmas dinner. She ate every last bit of it. (This was a big deal because she lost her appetite in November.) She fought valiantly, but succumbed in February. My sweet sister was here and together we managed to give Gram what she needed and come out the other side with our sense of humor intact...

FYI: smoking is bad for you. If you smoke, please quit. Don’t make your family endure what we did.

LLB and I flew to TX in January for the shower. It was great to see the happy couple and I got a few hours of time with just #1, as the bachelorette party was that evening. LLB had a great time with the girls.  March brought the wedding in Texas! We danced and partied and had a great time. My sister and her husband were there along with Mr’s younger sister. LLB was in the wedding party and Captain America was able to come - a huge blessing as we weren’t sure if he would deploy.  We were a small but fun contingent and represented the groom quite well! The newlyweds are enjoying a well deserved honeymoon cruise.

Today, I’m sitting at the airport waiting on a flight to Florida to celebrate my oldest dearest friend’s 50th birthday with her family. It’s a surprise. She has no idea! I arrive in the late morning and she is due in later tonight. It’s been hard to keep the secret... only a few more hours. Here’s hoping she doesn’t call me! Hahahaha!