Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Sophie and Her Cheerio Addiction?

LLB wanted me to share a little story about Sophie. Sophie was our yellow labrador that we had when the children were babies. She died a few years ago, but her antics remain treasured memories around here.

LLB thought that since we now have Zeb (see yesterday's post), we should share a dog story.

Sophie loved the children. I think she only loved them because the were a constant source of treats. Her girth could attest to their sloppiness, but her vaccuum like tongue kept my kitchen floor free of debris for quite a long time.

Sophie's favorite game was to suck cheerios out of the children's hands without their knowledge. #1 Son caught on to her game pretty quickly and immediately stuffed his cheerios into his mouth - he didn't carry them around in his fist. LLB, on the other hand, just didn't seem to get it. Sophie would walk up behind her and with the finesse of the best pickpocket, she would suck those cheerios out of LLB's hand with out her knowledge. When LLB was ready to stuff her cheerios in her mouth, she was always confused as to where they went. It got to be a game with Sophie. It was not as fun for LLB - but it sure was funny for me! Mr. Bug and I would snicker and giggle as Sophie sucked the cheerios out of her hands. We got so we were cheering the dog on - silently, of course! Once in a while Sophie got caught, but LLB had such a big heart, she would simply give the cheerios to Sophie. It was sweet, but Sophie liked the challenge.

One day, after munching cheerios for most of the day, Sophie found the bowl - the "mother load", you might say. She scarfed every last one in a matter of seconds. She slurped up the few she dropped. And then it happened. She actually felt the cheerios rumbling around in her belly. She laid down and moaned. I could see it in her eyes. She had finally overdosed! That would be the last cheerio she ever ate.

I was a bit sad about that. She kept my floors free and clear of cheerios. I never had a crushed cheerio in my carpet, either. Those days were gone. I could tell just by the way she had moaned. It was the broom and dust buster for me. Until the day she died, Sophie never ever ate another cheerio. If she found one on the floor, she'd leave it. She'd actually look at me with those eyes and say, "Mom, I just can't eat that, okay?" I totally understood.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006


I was at the hairdresser yesterday to get my hair cut. That's a story in itself. Suffice it to say, I was there in the chair. I mentioned to my hairdresser that I had totally given up the search for a corgi as they were just too much money for me and mine. She said, "Oh, you want a corgi. I happen to have one that needs a good home."

She dropped him off today.
He is just a terrific little guy! He has peed twice - both times outside. The second time he asked to go. This is BIG as he was a kennel dog. But, he's smart, he'll catch on quick!

Zeb is very mild mannered. He's afraid of cats and loud noises. Marmalade, the wonder cat, is having a little trouble with that, but he keeps trying to be friends. Other than that, Zeb is a perfect fit.

We are all more than happy to give this sweet boy a good home.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Playing With a Full Deck

Well, it finally happened.
The deck is up and it is done.
There are no railings to break up our view - there are also no railings because we don't need them. I wanted one in the corner so I could put the grill there and not worry about it blowing off, but... I'm not getting one. Grandpa Bug will install one upon his arrival if we still want it. Right now, we are just enjoying the view.

We washed the table and chairs up yesterday and had our first meal out there last night. (Yup, it was beer can chicken!)

We enjoyed just sitting out there after our delicious meal. There was a light cool breeze. We sat back in our comfy chairs. We took in our green lawn up on the hill, we checked out the grass just starting to peek out in the hay strewn lower yard, we laughed at our cats as they stalked unseen prey, and we got the binoculars out to try to find a pair of birds who were chuckling at each other. We found them - they were a pair of woodpeckers wooing each other in a nearby tree.

If you need us this evening, you can find us out on the deck. Just come on around back and pull up a chair.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. They put the first coat of polyeurethane on the floors yesterday. Did I mention that it is oil based? P.U. That stuff really has quite a scent... and I'm not talking floral... or fruity... or even citrus... I'm not sure what it smells like, but it doesn't smell good after the first 5 minutes... or the first 15 hours...

2. The floors look great!

3. That stuff really stinks! I think I might be getting looped on the stuff!

4. My stuff on Ebay seems to be doing quite well. I hope it all sells because LLB has found a bunch of back to school clothes that she really wants. Unless I sell her old stuff, I won't have budget for the new stuff.

5. I have to list a bunch more Hanna Andersson stuff this weekend. I have a ton - LLB grew out of all of it all at once. She has 3 or 4 things that still fit and that's it!

6. The one thing that I thought would go is a navy blue velvet jumper and white blouse set from the Wooden Soldier. It is absolutely stunning and I paid big $$ for it. Nobody wants it. I'm a little upset about that. LLB loved it - so did I! She got compliments every single time she wore it... I can't believe nobody wants it...

7. LLB and #1 Son are off to a birthday party this afternoon. It is a pool party. They are both really excited to be able to go.

8. Our pastor/priest/rector/minister (however you want to say it) is getting married on Saturday to a terrific guy. She called and asked #1 Son if he would be the crucifer. #1 Son was thrilled to be asked. He loves to be crucifer and Wow! What an honor to do it for her wedding. LLB is going to be an acolyte for the service as well.

9. I'm off to scrapbook with the ladies this morning. We are making a scrapbook for our Newcomer's Club. They wanted a scrapbook that would show all the activities that we've photographed since we started our group a couple of years ago. Fortunately, there aren't that many pictures!!

10. #1 Son came home from football camp a little upset yesterday. One of the high-school aged coaches (from a different team - not his team) called him names and told him he sucked. I am so upset I just want to go rip this kids lips off. How dare these teenaged thugs - who are supposed to be role models - treat the kids this way! #1 Son is there to learn how to play football not to be chastised because he doesn't know how.

11. We were watching So You Think You Can Dance last night on TV. #1 Son was amazed at the guys. He's considering taking the Hip Hop and Jazz class with LLB. She wants him to take that class with her so badly. We assured him that nobody would know and nobody would tease him. I'll let you know if he decides to do it.

12. We were looking for a Corgi to add to our family. I found a lady who has puppies due next week. Alas, she charges - gulp... $1000 for each puppy. That's a little bit - okay a whole lot - out of my price range. I think we are going to look for a $100 mutt at the shelter. They come spayed/neutered and with all their shots. If we do it right and pick the right dog, it might even come potty trained.

13. I think those fumes are really starting to get to me. The flooring guys will be back today to put the second coat on and then again tomorrow for the 3rd. I ought be totally zonked by Saturday!! I'm going to find Mr. Bug to make me some coffee. That might help me... Oh yeah... I don't normally drink coffee...

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

This is the chandelier in the new dining room. It's not a great picture. The electrician hung it high so nothing would happen to it before we got the table in there. Once the table is in, we will drop it and I'll take another picture.

BTW - Anybody looking for a real nice house in New England? I know of a lovely 4 br colonial with 14 closets that is up for sale.

I've been busy being a taxi driver this week. #1 Son is in a football camp and LLB is in a musical theatre (Lion King) camp. He's so psyched about football (he has yet to be tackled, or hit, or bumped) that he thinks he's trying out for middle school football. HAH! I think NOT! She scored the part of older Simba. She's thrilled! I asked her if she wanted to do Music And Drama camp next summer with her brother. Her response, "No, I'll get too nervous if I have to get up on the stage and perform." LOL!! The child dances in 3 full length productions a year - up on a stage! When I reminded her of that and the fact that everyone gets nervous, she told me she'd think about it. (FYI: She's definitely off to camp next summer with her brother and I get a week home alone with Mr. Bug!!)

LLB was getting a little discouraged with her trumpet. She was having trouble hitting the G. She asked me if she could switch over to bassoon. I told her she could speak with the band teacher about that and took her over to see him yesterday. He tried her out on bassoon - her hands are too small. (Yippee!) He had her play the french horn and trumpet for him. He was blown away (no pun intended) by the sound she got out of the trumpet. He definitely wanted her on trumpet, but gave her the option. He told her that the trumpet would be easy and that she could go far fast. He also told her that if she wanted a real challege, french horn would give her that. The band director and I both heaved a sigh when she said she'd stick with the trumpet. Whew! He got his good trumpet player and I get to keep hearing the instrument I purchased for big bucks.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About The Time I HAD to Re-Do The Kitchen?

We had just moved into this house. The kitchen was old. It had ugly white pickled looking cabinets - except for one that one was wood colored... Why? I have NO idea.

It had baby blue countertops. Simply lovely.

It had a JennAire cooktop. Don't get excited. The downdraft drafted into the crawlspace - not very effective. I had all the attachments, but.. um.. they were.. EEWWW... I had 2 burners out of 4 that actually worked. This cooktop was in the middle of my island.

I had a wall oven/microwave unit. The microwave was so old that it worked intermittently. My dad - an old Raytheon employee who knows about these things - made me absolutely promise I wouldn't use it. Yes - he made me nervous and NO I didn't use it. The wall oven - that was an interesting appliance. It didn't keep any temperature. You couldn't bake anything without standing there watching the temperature. For no reason it would jump to 550. Makes food oh so tasty... NOT!

I had Mr. Bug's teeny tiny office microwave on the counter... Oh so attractive...

The dishwasher was vile. Didn't wash, didn't clean. No point in even having one if it doesn't work. We replaced that within days of moving in.

So, one quiet Sundy morning, I turn on the oven to make muffins and I hear "Zzzzzzt... zzztttt. poof!" I jumped about a mile! It scared me...
First thought "OMG! I blew it up!" Second though, "Gee, darn... that's too bad..."
I quickly turned off the oven and called up to Mr. Bug. "Honey, I blew up the oven. No muffins today!"
"What?" That poor boy blasted out of bed faster than I have ever seen him move. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine.. the oven is not. I can't stand this kitchen!"
Mr. Bug sighs... That old "I've given up" type sigh. That "I'm going to be broke" type of sigh... You girls know the one I mean!
"Go today. Get a kitchen."
"Really? I thought you wanted to wait until we started the addition."
"We are going to starve if you don't get it now."
(Thank God, he likes to eat!!)
I left, I designed, I had installed. It was about 12 weeks before it was completely finished, but it sure was worth it.
I now have maple cabinets (and yes, they all match) with black trim at the ceiling. I have a regular stove. I have an oven that works. I have an island I can use. I absolutely love my island.


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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday's 10 Cent Tour

Hello, Ladybug here.
Here's the deal... If you aren't interested in seeing the addition, this is going to be really boring for you. I took a bunch of pictures to show the progress that was made this week. We've had a LOT of progress, let me tell you!!

Welcome to the 10 Cent Tour. I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions to the best of my ability.

The Stairs: They came out terrific. I love the hand rail! The guy who built this is a master craftsman - picky, crunchy, very Vermont... Just the kind of person you want to do your stairs and handrails.
This is the upstairs railing to keep unsuspecting klutzes from falling off the edge of the loft and landing in the family room. Yup, this railing is for me!

The Kitchen:
This is the view from the family room. The corner cabinet will have glass in the door. The cabinets are simply gorgeous - If I do say so myself...
These pictures are of the tall cabinets Grambug has always dreamed of having.
The cabinet in the corner will have glass in the door so Grambug can display some of Auntie Bug's Pottery.

Laundry Room:
This is just the ultimate in storage solutions. Grambug has a ton of cabinets - they stretch all across the top from corner to corner... The lower cabinets are actually upper cabinets because the base cabinet would have been too wide. The counters will all be black granite - I can't even wait to see what they will look like!!

Lights: Ok - these are the kitchen lights and the only lights installed at the moment. The undercabinet lights are there, but I refuse to stand on my head to take a picture of those.. besides they are a bit boring... Not that these aren't...

This is the view from my "new" office straight into the sunroom, and living room. The floor in this office really went down quite quickly. They did all of this yesterday.
Just so you can see that progress is being made upstairs, too, I took a quick shot of the master bedroom floor. Exciting, I know...

This is Grandpa Bug's Sink... He got the one next to the toilet. I knew you'd all be absolutely thrilled to have that little tidbit of information...
Don't cha just love this faucet? Don't I have exquisite taste?? Yup, I know I do!! I'm so humble... I just adore this faucet!!! You know, I must be totally losing it if I'm this excited about a bathroom faucet.

The Deck:
It isn't finished, but at least it has been started. I guess we are waiting for an inspection... I dunno...

Stunning.... Just stunning... How do you like our columns? You know, we look like we have class now. Well, we always had class... Now we have column class.

The Big Picture:
The stones for the chimney are on the deck by the scaffolding. We are waiting for a cool day so Mr. Blister Butt can put those up. The straw was blown onto the re-graded "lake bed" yesterday. Hopefully the grass will grow quickly and our back yard area by the decks will be green. THAT will be quite a picture.

Thanks for taking my 10 cent tour. Any and all tips will be greatfully accepted and put towards the party we are going to have once this project has been completed and the Grandbugs have been installed. Nope, they don't move in - they get installed like everything else around here.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. The railings are finished. They are gorgeous!

2. The pagoda is finished. It looks great.

3. They started my deck. Yippee for me.

4. The cabinets and lighting have arrived.

5. Did you know that if you mow the lawn when it is damp, the mower deck gets heavier on one side. It does. Mr. Bug learned that yesterday. He waited and mowed later. Our lawn is lovely now.

6. They came and re-graded the back yard. Hopefully Ladybug Lake won't return.

7. They are setting the kitchen today.

8. The bathroom cabinets are being re-set today -- with filler strips. The Grandbugs will be happy to know that. :-)

9. We went to see Pirates of the Carribean yesterday. It was terrific!

10. LLB goes back to ballet tonight. She's ready to get back to dancing!

11. Our guinea pig loves the sound of the printer. She squeaks right back at it when it runs. She also loves the sound of the computer turning on. Go figure - our guinea pig is a geek!

12. I'm off to the library today. I've just finished the new Lee Child book - The Hard Way. It was great! Now I need another book.

13. I signed up for a handbell Directors Seminar for the fall! I'm so excited! I can't wait to go and learn new things - and ring my butt off!! (Oh if only it were that easy...)

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

You all know I try really hard to be wordless, but sometimes I just can't do it. We went to Luray Caverns after we picked up LLB from summer camp. We took a small detour on the way home in order to see them and they are definitely worth the trip!

Do you see the circle in the middle left up towards the top of the next picture? I think my Gram may have decided to come with us to see the caverns. She always took us to see neat stuff when we were kids. She even took us to see the Mermaids one year!! If I come across that picture, I'll post it. I have seen this circle in a few of the house pictures I have taken in the last couple of weeks. It's really nice to know that Gram is around and checking things out.

This is part of the organ that they have in the caverns. It plays 37 notes. This one is a B flat. They allow weddings and parties in the caverns after hours. Mr. Bug and I are considering having our 20th Anniversary vow renewal down there. We know our favorite organist would fly in from Maine for the festivities, if she thought they might let her play that organ. :-)

All photography credits go to #1 Son. He had the digital camera and I had the old fashioned film camera. Needless to say, mine haven't been developed yet...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Chimney Guy

And I'm not talking about Santa here.

The chimney guy came to put the fake stone on the outside of the chimney - above the roof line. It has been at least 95 in the shade here for the past couple of weeks. He shows up at my door yesterday and says,
"Hi Ladybug. Um... I'm not going to work on your chimney until it cools down, k? Um... It is watertight and ready to go, but um... it's just too hot. Um... I um... was up there yesterday getting it ready and when I got home, I umm... I found a heat blister on my bum."

My response, "Oh... okay."
My thought, "hahahaha!"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About My Cats?

Petite Minou is our grey cat - the name she came with is Angel, but we don't call her that. She is very vocal. If she wants out, she almost says out as she mews.

Yesterday she was sitting at the door looking at us as if we were totally inept all the while she was mewing to get out. Her thoughts, "How can these people be so daft? Don't they get it? There is a huge bug out there I NEED to conquer."

Since I am telepathic and I don't want her to think I'm totally daft, I let her out and watched her from the door. Her thoughts, "OMG, how long can I stand there and tell them to let me out. They are so slow on the uptake!"

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes.. that huge bug over here by the supposed post hole she's always griping about. Hm... Oh my.. it's a frog."

Petite Minou crept over to the frog. It sensed her and jumped into the post hole pond. She froze. "Huh? It swims... silly thing... likes water... how vile! It got me wet... I need to dry this miniscule spot of water on my lovely fur..."

Later, when it was time for bed, Mr. Bug opened the door to call for the cat, he jumped back, slammed the door and said, "There's a huge frog trying to get in!"

How big could this frog be? 6 feet? I don't think so. I ran over and said, "Let me see." He refused to open the door because he didn't want to be the one to have to catch it if it hopped into the house... he's a smart man. I opened the door.

All this commotion brought Marmalade from his perch on the piano. He watched as we opened the door. "Hey, look Mom. It's a big frog. He's not 6 feet tall or anything, but he's at least 2 inches long. You gonna let Petite Minou eat it? She eats lots of weird stuff."

Petite Minou came over and sniffed. "Ewww, Mom. That's disgusting! I don't eat frogs. I don't even like frogs - they smell bad. I'm not walking past that stinky smelly frog to come inside. You'll have to get rid of it." I called and cajoled to no avail. She refused to walk past the frog.

Marmalade said, "You big chicken. I'll walk past it." He did - to the outside. Both cats are now out. Great.

Petite Minou said to Marmalade, "You're pretty smart for a boy. Now we are both out and we don't have to go back in - remember - we are cats not dogs. We need to exercise our cat-ness and not go to them every time we are called."

"I'll show you two who's boss...", I said. I slammed the door and turned on my heel. I could hear the two of them bickering out there --

Marmalade - "Great. Now she's off to bed and we are out here with the bear." "At least she left the light on. We can sit on the stoop all night, I guess."
Petite Minou - "It bearSS. There are 2 remember? I'm going up in the tree."
Marmalade - "Hey, that's not fair, I don't have any claws! I can't get up there." Petite Minou - "I'm up here because I can see everything coming and besides, there is only room for one of us up here anyway, fatty!"
Marmalade - "Forget this, I like to sleep on a soft bed curled up with my little girl. Oh.. yeah... my little girl won't be home until tomorrow... one more night on the stairs... The carpeted stairs beat the dark, cold outside. I'm scratching to get in."

I chuckled as I headed up to bed...

The cats were both in this morning. I think Mr. Bug felt sorry for them and let them in. He's such an old softie. Marmalade is perched on the piano watching the birds. Petite Minou is sulking at the door. She wants out....


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Sums

Mr. Bug made Beer Can Chicken for dinner last night. It was the absolute best chicken I have ever eaten. You make it on the grill, you get to imbibe while you make it, and it is really yummy. If you want the recipe, let me know. Yes, it was his birthday, but he wanted to try out his new cookbook. I'm not stupid - I let him.

The Construction Update:

Air Conditioning - On and Working!! Yes, we are finally cool!

Painting - done.
Hardwood floors - started.
Chimney - stone facing on the outside - started.
Post Holes - Full of water.
Deck - What deck? We aren't playing with a full deck!!!

Chat with contractor - next week - probably Wed. or Thurs. I have all my ducks in a row. I spent a good long time on the phone with Grambug going over all the paperwork. I have a ton of information that came directly from the builder. I'm gonna blow him right out of the water. And, when I'm done, I'm going to say, "I win."

Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is Mr. Bug's birthday!
He is a terrific husband and a great dad.

Happy Birthday, Dear!

Friday Feast

Name one thing nice that you could do for someone else today.
I am going to shovel out LLB's room. I sent Mr. Bug a birthday e-card. I am going to let #1 Son play video games this afternoon.

When was the last time you were frightened by the weather?
Last fall when we had a tornado warning in our county and the sky turned green.

What would you say is the most useful website or blog that you visit?
There are so many...

Main Course
Who was your favorite singer/group when you were a child?
I liked it all!!

Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?
Nope. I'm boring.
Mr. Bug has a nightime ritual and a morning ritual and if he messes either one up, he has a bad day. :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13 0n Thursday the 13th

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. I don't do confrontation well. As a matter of fact I hate it. It stresses me out.

2. I have to have a conversation with the builder. I don't think it will be pretty.

3. I have a few more gray hairs today that I did yesterday.

4. The A/C is going on today. I hope. I'll tell you the whole sordid story tomorrow.

5. LLB is at camp. We had a bad storm yesterday. I hope she didn't get it...

6. My post holes are full - and I mean FULL - of water again.

7. The painters have painted the walls - wow! they look beautiful!

8. Did I mention that I don't like confrontation?

9. Grambug is so much better at confrontation than I am.

10. I wish she were here to speak with the builder.

11. #1 Son is somewhat enjoying his time as an only child.

12. I make my children practice their instruments and do math all summer.

13. I found out that LLB has the team of teachers I wanted her to have! Yippee!!!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

This frog is living in one of my post holes. The post hole for my deck, mind you...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's just so....

Annoying -- Part II

So, Dave shows up today with a new compressor. He works in the 95+ degree heat. He works for hours.

We leave at 2pm to get cool in the local library. I need to negate my fines anyway, so I volunteer.

We stop and chat for a couple of minutes before we leave. Dave says that he'll get it running and we'll be cool in no time.

We return home from the library. The unit isn't running.
There is a note on the counter.
Poor Dave...
The note says:
Installed new compressor. New compressor not working. 2nd compressor is bad. Will return tomorrow with NEW heat pump.

Okay... one more steamy day.
I'm just glad that the upstairs A/C working.

It's just so....


Okay. Are you ready for the next installment of my griping?

The brand new A/C unit that cools my house and part of the addition is blowing hot air. This is not the same one from last month. This is the big honking unit. Excuse me, but it is summer. It should blow cold air. I want it to heat in the winter, thankyouverymuch.

I called the A/C guy, I'll call him Dave, and he said he'd be out yesterday by noon. He would come out himself and check it. I told him we had to take LLB to camp and pick up #1 Son and that we'd be home as soon as we could, but that we'd be gone most of the day. I also told him that I'd leave the house open for him.

We arrive home at about 4pm. Where is the A/C unit? It is no longer attached to the house. It is in the middle of the yard. Great. Another hot night at The Crossing. At least the upstairs unit works!!

Dave called shortly after we arrived home. He got Mr. Bug. I was busy in another room. I let Mr. Bug handle it. (Mr.'s got a sense of humor that won't quit, but he can be snide.) Poor Dave. Mr. Bug kinda let him know that we really weren't happy that this very expensive unit wasn't working. Dave assured us this was unusual for Trane units. (I certainly hope so.) Anyway, it seems the compressor was a bad one. Dave will be out today with a new one.

Let's hope this one works longer than 2 days...

You want my take on the situation? I think the guy that does the installation doesn't have a clue. I think he does something stupid and shorts the thing out. But, what do I know..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Marmalade's Latest Adventure?

The other night, Mr. Bug was cooking on the grill which has been temporarily located on the front walk outside the garage door. It is most attractive, but at least it will not float away when it rains.

He was running to and from the kitchen through the garage. On one of his many trips in, he said, "Marmalade is hunting a rabbit. Come see!"

I went out quietly. I stood against the car and watched.

Marmalade was stalking a rabbit about the same size as himself. This was going to be good!! His ears were up. His tail was swishing - just at the tip. (How he managed that, I'll never know!!) He was moving in slooooooow mooootioooon.
A step. A pause. Crouch more... another step, another pause... He never took his eyes off of Mr. Rabbit.

Mr. Rabbit was a rather large rabbit who obviously enjoys the clover he finds in the yard. He sat there munching away with one eye on this toothless clawless cat who was slinking across the driveway. Just to goad the cat, Mr. Rabbit actually turned his back on the cat. Mr. Rabbit did keep the cat in sight. He's not fat because he's stupid.

Marmalade started to creep a little bit faster - a couple of steps at a time. He was almost drooling... He was thinking about that rabbit stew he was going to have for dinner. (How he was going to chew it is a question he didn't answer.)

Mr. Rabbit let Marmalade get within about 10 feet and then with one quick tap of the feet, he was gone. Off into the woods. Poor Marmalade... He flopped down on the gravel driveway and sighed. "All that work for nothing."

At this point I called to him. He actually rolled his eyes at me! The humiliation was almost too much for him to take. When he finally decided to come in, he sulked over to the fridge.
"Mom, I need some food. I've had a tough day. I didn't catch anything!" He whined.
"Marmalade, you can't catch a rabbit the same size as you. It's impossible!" I answered. "Be reasonable, like your sister. Go for a mouse or a small bird."
"Oh, Mom... I am (dramatic pause) 'The Hunter'. Mice are sooo pasee. I want my hunting to be worthwhile. I don't want to use all that energy for something like a tiny mouse. It's barely a mouthfull."
I silently rolled my eyes and handed him his bowl of mush.
"Marmalade, you will always be 'My Favorite Toothless, Clawless Hunter.'

Marmalade just came over and proof-read this excerpt. When he finished, he gave me a kiss. This MM seems to have passed muster. He is currently lounging in front of the screen waiting for his fan club to leave some comments. Please don't disappoint the old boy.


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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've been tagged

Five Things In My Closet
Wrapping Paper
Important papers
Towels - I don't have a linen closet in the bathroom

Five Things In My fridge
Romano Cheese
Mr. Bug's famous spaghetti sauce - yummy!!
Corona - one or two - unless I drink them

Five Things In My Car
Book on tape that needs to be returned to the library
Extra glasses - in case something happens to the ones currently on my face

Five Things In My Purse
Cell Phone

I was tagged by Denise over at Mental Excrements.
I will tag anyone who wants to be tagged.


Mr. Bug and I took LLB to see the snake program at the local State Park yesterday afternoon.

We arrived at the park and 2 snake handlers had brought some of their collection of snakes for the kids to see. They had both non poisonous and poisonous snakes. The poisonous snakes were in containers and we weren't allowed to touch them. No problem here!!

We did get to see what a local copperhead looks like. You know me - knowledge is power. I will avoid anything that looks like a snake, thankyouverymuch!

The non poisonous snakes were passed around for all to hold and touch. LLB's favorite was an albino milk snake. He was gorgeous! She held all kinds of snakes and seemed to enjoy it. One guy asked her if she had snakes because she was so comfortable holding them. (Ha! That will be the day!!!) They had a really pretty red corn snake that LLB held until he bit her. Then she threw him on the ground and let out a yelp. (I made her pick him back up so that A - she wouldn't be totally anti-snake for the rest of her life, and B - so that we wouldn't lose him.)

The guy came over and said, "He didn't bite you."
LLB nodded while she tried really hard to keep the tears at bay. LLB wasn't hurt, she was heartbroken that this snake had bit her for no reason.
I said, "Yes, he did. Right here. She wasn't doing anything wrong, he just bit her in slow motion."
He took the snake and we went to get her fang marks cleaned up.
(I'm sure he thought she was being irresponsible or something, but she wasn't.)

Needless to say, LLB had had enough and we did what all females do when we've had a crisis - we went shopping.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Things That Make Me Go UGH!

Do you know what one of my pet peeves is?
You don't?
Let me tell you - I hate it when people say they are going to show up at a certain time or on a certain day to do a certain thing and then they don't. It just burns my bippie! If you aren't going to show up, then don't tell me that you are. Or, if something comes up and you can't make it, just call me and tell me - heck, send me an email!! Communication is the key with me.

My builder is terrific. His guys are sweet. They do a great job - when they are here.
The only thing I don't like about him is when he says something like, "I'm going to be here on Wednesday to build your deck" and he doesn't show up on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. I find it very annoying, frustrating, disappointing...

My time is as valuable as his. I have learned over the last few months not to hang around and wait for him. I just go about my day. If he needs me, he can find me. It still makes me crazy when he says he's going to be here to do something - like build my deck - and he doesn't show.

The deck is becoming a real issue with me. I need my deck. I haven't had my deck since they took it down in February. I was used to having that space - you know for Mr. Bug to have his grill right off the kitchen to cook us the best bbq food, for dinner on a cool summer evening, for my tea on a beautiful summer morning, for the children to hang out on and read or play on a lovely warm summer afternoon...

I'm trying not to be selfish. I know there are other things that need to be done for other people, but come on...

My patience is waning. I want my deck back! And, I want him do to it when he says he's going to do it...

Okay... I'll just take the deck - ASAP.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mr. Mouseketeer

It was about 7pm.
Mr. Bug was catching some Tennis on TV while he was finishing up the dishes. LLB was watching her cartoon. I was on the phone with my dear friend, J.
The doors were open to catch a beautiful cool evening breeze.
Our cats were running in and out enjoying themselves.
All of a sudden, I noticed our gray cat, Angel, come in. Something was different.
She ran into the family room - which is right off the kitchen.
I followed her and found, to my surprise, that she had a mouse in her mouth.
First thought - eeewwww.
Second thought - it's still squeeking.
Third thought - OMG! She's going to drop it!
I quickly said, "Umm... Mouse..."
Mr. Bug turned and said, "What?"
"Um... Petite Minou has a mouse in her mouth."
LLB sat up and watched as the cat put her mouse down. Oh... Petite Minou was so proud!
"Quick, Daddy, she dropped it!"
The mouse started to crawl away - fortunately for us, his back legs weren't functioning properly.
The cat batted it.
The mouse's front legs were going like little propellers.
Mr. Bug grabbed about 20 paper towels. All household problems can be solved with a roll of Bounty!
The cat scooped up the mouse and ran to the other side of the room.
Mr. Bug ran for the front door and pushed it wide open to try to get the cat AND the mouse out.
The cat put the mouse down and ran for the open door.
That wasn't exactly what Mr. Bug had planned.
"Oh... (Insert Mr. Bug's expletive here...)!
He leaped in and scooped up the mouse in his wad of paper towels.
He ran for the door and tossed the mouse out.
The mouse didn't fly far. He landed on the threshold.
Mr. Bug cried, "Oh no! He's trying to get back in!"
By this time I was laughing so hard, I could barely breathe... I was no help whatsoever!!
He scooped the poor mouse up once again and tossed him.
Poor Mr. Bug. He must have washed his hands in hot water for about 5 minutes straight. All the while I'm still laughing... again, I'm no help. My friend on the phone is cracking up listening to all the commotion.
I said, "Where's the mouse? Is he gone?"
Mr. Bug's reply -- "He could be up my shorts for all I know!"

New Rule: Check all cats' mouths before they come in. They must open wide and show under their tongues before the door is opened and entrance is permitted. The revolving door at The Crossing has been removed - permanently!

Friday Feast

When was the last time you visited a hospital?
A couple of weeks ago for my MRI

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
Depends... For laundry - 2
For doing something I want to do - 10
For cleaning - 6 until I get my butt in gear and then I can get up to a 9
For organizing - 8

Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukelele tings healthily.)
Hands - Houses are not dumping stations.

Main Course
If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
Tea Time - friends would gather once a month for a very casual tea and social time.

What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?
Hardwood downstairs. Ugly beige carpet upstairs - I want it to be hardwood... The bathrooms - they have ugly linoleum... I'll get that tile in someday... See, I have champagne taste on a water budget.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things on Ladybug's Mind

1. The MRI came back fine - just absolutely fine - a tiny bit of arthritis, but nothing that would cause pain. What a surprise... I'm never a classic case for anything - not even strep throat...

2. I got referred to a neurologist. I'll let you know how it goes.

3. We saw the new Superman movie. It was really good!

4. LLB is thinking about packing her trunk for camp sometime this week.

5. LLB is going fishing with Mr. today - if they can find some worms. That is far more fun than packing, isnt' it?

6. My Macintosh needs a lithium battery... again!

7. I'm using Mr. Bug's computer. It's okay, but it's not my mac.

8. The siding guys are here. I hope they finish. I'm sick of my garage looking like something out of a bad home improvement show.

9. They dug my post holes last week and put the concrete in them. It rained last night and now I have post hole pools.

10. I hope #1 Son is having fun at camp. I haven't received a letter or a note or anything for that matter, so he must be having fun.

11. I went to AC Moore yesterday. I do so love that store. I just wish it were closer...

12. I trimmed some bushes yesterday. I knew you'd be thrilled to know that.

13. We went to an awesome 4th of July party. The food was fantastic, the company - excellent and the fireworks - outstanding!! I'm going there again next year!!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Post holes and a pergola...

New electrical type stuff

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone!

We are off to a neighborhood bash this afternoon - complete with hayride and fireworks. I'm making my world famous potato salad. Drop on by and have a bowl.

#1 Son was successfully dropped at camp yesterday. If he'd had his way, we'd have dropped him off at dawn.
At breakfast he said, "Can we leave now?"
"Son, what time are you supposed to be there?"
"Um... 2 o'clock."
"What time is it now?"
"how long does it take to get there?"
"Um... and hour and a half"
"What time would we get there if we left now?"
"Oh.. uh.. 10:30. I guess it's a little early..."

When we arrived at the drop-off point, #1 Son headed off to see his friends who had returned from last year - mostly girls. Mr. Bug looked around and whispered in my ear, "I know why he loves this camp. The ratio is 2 to 1 -- 2 girls to 1 boy." My response, "He is not a stupid child..."


Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you This ?

Last summer at about this same time I had to drop the children off at their respective camps for a week. #1 Son did music and drama. LLB did an outdoor explorer camp.

I left them both in the care of people about whom I knew nothing. I was a tad nervous. How would they fare without me? Would LLB stay organized? Would #1 Son make friends? Would they remember to shower and brush their teeth? What about the bed time snuggle?? What would happen if it thundered??

Alas, I walked away when the counselors said it was time to go. I thought about them both while they were gone, but I didn't worry as I thought I would. As the pick-up time approached I was excited to see them both and how well they had done without mom.

I found that they missed each other more than they had missed me - In many ways, I found that comforting. They had seen each other across the dining hall, but hadn't been able to do much more than wave hello. Just being on the same campus made them both feel at least somewhat connected.

That doesn't mean they weren't bickering in the car on the way home, mind you.

I picked up two children who had changed in ways I still find difficult to describe. He grew and stretched and became the popular kid he always wanted to be. He was rewarded for his musical and dramatic talents. He found a group of kids very much like himself who accepted him for who he is. That alone, was worth the price of admission!!

She became the confident young lady I always knew she was. I could see in her eyes that she had changed just a bit. She could face the world without me holding her hand. She was proud of her accomplishments - she learned to poop in the woods, climb a mountain, and be virtually independent. She wasn't "the little one" any more.

Today I drop the boy at his camp. He is excited to once again be among the kids who find his talents cool. His trunk is packed. He is ready.

LLB? Yup she's ready too, but her camp doesn't start for another week. One more week for me to snuggle her and keep her close.

Bittersweet? Nah.


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Dressed Up

Check out my new look! Denise over at Moodswing Creations created this great new look for me. Check out all her great designs - she's terrific! I just adore this girl so go on over and give her some love!

Today is packing day at The Crossing. #1 Son is off to camp on Monday, so it's time to get the show on the road as they say. I gave him the list of things he needed to pack yesterday and he said, "Um, Mom, this is great but all my shorts are in the wash."
"Of course they are...", I replied and promptly shuffled off to the laundry room to start another load. I waded through the mountains of laundry that were ready to be washed and lo and behold... I spied a rogue basket... Hmm.. A basket filled to the brim with #1 Son type clothing. "That was not there earlier", I thought to myself as I quickly sorted it and loaded the washer. "Better late than never, I guess..."

#1 Son went up to his room to find the other gazillion things on the list. I thought I'd seen the last of him for a while when he came down and asked if he could take his CD player for quiet time. It seems that music and drama kids listen to music during their hour of free time. I said that it would be fine.
His next comment, "Um, Mom, my CD player isn't working. I'll need a new one for camp."
"Do you need new batteries?"
"No, I just put fresh ones in and it won't spin up."
"Really?" I replied, "How much money do you have?"
"Uh... 20 bucks"
"Good, because a new cd player at chez wallmart is only $9.99"
"Oh... um... do you think I could borrow LLB's?"
It's always harder to spend one's own cash...

LLB had a dear friend come to play yesterday. They went down to the creek to play right after lunch. I stayed in to scrapbook. Mr. Bug came home from a trip to the dump and I asked him if he had seen the girls down by the creek. He said he hadn't. I decided to go make sure they were okay and headed down the driveway. I found them. They were pretty hard to miss! They were giggling uncontrollably, soaked from head to toe, and had painted their faces with "green war paint" that they had made from pounding rocks together. (This girl's mother was never going to believe this... Well, maybe she would...)
I headed for the house and a camera. This needed to be documented...
The next thing I knew, I heard some sounds in the back yard. I looked out the back door and there they were in the MUD. The two giggle creatures had mud caked everywhere. Up to their knees and elbows. They were making mud creatures. They are definitely two peas in a pod!

Yes, I sent them both to the shower. Yes, I washed all of their clothes. No, the mother was not phased that her child had been showered and laundered before I sent her home... I love that mom!!

Well, wish me luck... The washer needs another load and #1 Son is itching to get packing...

Have a great day!
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