Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Dressed Up

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Today is packing day at The Crossing. #1 Son is off to camp on Monday, so it's time to get the show on the road as they say. I gave him the list of things he needed to pack yesterday and he said, "Um, Mom, this is great but all my shorts are in the wash."
"Of course they are...", I replied and promptly shuffled off to the laundry room to start another load. I waded through the mountains of laundry that were ready to be washed and lo and behold... I spied a rogue basket... Hmm.. A basket filled to the brim with #1 Son type clothing. "That was not there earlier", I thought to myself as I quickly sorted it and loaded the washer. "Better late than never, I guess..."

#1 Son went up to his room to find the other gazillion things on the list. I thought I'd seen the last of him for a while when he came down and asked if he could take his CD player for quiet time. It seems that music and drama kids listen to music during their hour of free time. I said that it would be fine.
His next comment, "Um, Mom, my CD player isn't working. I'll need a new one for camp."
"Do you need new batteries?"
"No, I just put fresh ones in and it won't spin up."
"Really?" I replied, "How much money do you have?"
"Uh... 20 bucks"
"Good, because a new cd player at chez wallmart is only $9.99"
"Oh... um... do you think I could borrow LLB's?"
It's always harder to spend one's own cash...

LLB had a dear friend come to play yesterday. They went down to the creek to play right after lunch. I stayed in to scrapbook. Mr. Bug came home from a trip to the dump and I asked him if he had seen the girls down by the creek. He said he hadn't. I decided to go make sure they were okay and headed down the driveway. I found them. They were pretty hard to miss! They were giggling uncontrollably, soaked from head to toe, and had painted their faces with "green war paint" that they had made from pounding rocks together. (This girl's mother was never going to believe this... Well, maybe she would...)
I headed for the house and a camera. This needed to be documented...
The next thing I knew, I heard some sounds in the back yard. I looked out the back door and there they were in the MUD. The two giggle creatures had mud caked everywhere. Up to their knees and elbows. They were making mud creatures. They are definitely two peas in a pod!

Yes, I sent them both to the shower. Yes, I washed all of their clothes. No, the mother was not phased that her child had been showered and laundered before I sent her home... I love that mom!!

Well, wish me luck... The washer needs another load and #1 Son is itching to get packing...

Have a great day!
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