Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Renovation update

The old carpet - the carpet that was from 1986 - is gone.
The old bathroom linoleum is gone.
The ancient dryer has been ousted!
The new microwave oven is standing in the wings ready to go.
The cabinets need to be emptied by Monday. I think I can!
The hardwood floors are going in. The new paint is going up on the walls.
The dust... oh the dust... is every where!
And yet, through the chaos and the clouds of dust, we see lots of progress and we are so excited!

Monday, November 05, 2018

Playing catch-up!

Well, time has flown. We’ve been to Texas to see #1 and his lovely spouse. I’ll call her Yellow Rose. She is the sweetest thing on two feet. We had a terrific visit and came home just in time to get the furniture moved for the renovations to start the following Monday.
The 1986 carpet that was the color of dirt is finally gone! The old bathroom fixtures and linoleum has been ripped out and disposed of. Tile has gone in.  I am absolutely over the moon with the choices and the look! Paint and new cabinets and fixtures have been chosen. The master bedroom walls have been painted and I am really happy with the color I chose. The closet has been designed and will be installed once everything is finished - hopefully the week between Christmas and New Years. Soon enough the blue trim will be turned white, the hardwood flooring will be delivered, and the dust will be a thing of the past. Until then, we will embrace the chaos, hug our cat, and get through it.