Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What's in a Name?

This is one of my windows... Yes, those are ladybugs... Millions of ladybugs. I took this yesterday at lunch time. And you wondered why our house was named Ladybug Crossing.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About LLB and the Handsome Prince?

Okay - this isn't really my memory, but it's my take -- with a little help from the Handsome Prince's mother -- on how LLB got her date to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

It was Thursday. LLB had ballet. I had bells. She got dropped off early to read a book and wait for her class to start. Her friend The Handsome Prince was not there when she arrived. She did her thing and when the class before hers was released from the studio, she went in to put her ballet slippers on and chat with the other girls.

The Handsome Prince arrived and asked his mother if LLB was there. She assured him that LLB was probably in the studio and to go say hello. He did. LLB was chatting with her friends and didn't see or hear him. He came out and told his mom that she didn't hear him. She told him to just go on in and say hi.

This is what I get from LLB. The Handsome Prince came in to say hello. She mustered all her courage and asked him if he would like to accompany her to the Sadie Hawkins dance as "Just Friends". His answer was, "umm... maybe. I'll let you know." LLB thought that was a fair answer because we all have to check with parents to make sure we don't have appointments and such.

Fast forward to Saturday. I was chatting with the Handsome Prince's mom while we waited for the girls to finish their jazz class. I asked her if she'd heard that LLB had asked the Handsome Prince to the dance. She had not. We giggled as I told her his answer and she filled in the Thursday evening hellos for me. Later that afternoon the phone rang. I have caller ID. I noticed that it was the Handsome Prince's phone number. I answered, "Hello."
I heard - silence... I knew it had to be the Handsome Prince.
I said, "Hello?"
HP says, "Ummm.. who is this?"
I smile... I say, "This is the Ladybug. May I ask who is calling."
HP says, "Umm.. It's HP. Is LLB there?"
I say, "Sure. Let me get her for you."
I call for LLB. (I did not use my loud fishwifey voice. I was very pleasant. I don't want to scare our HP away!)
LLB says, "Hello."
HP says, "Hi. It's HP."
LLB says, "Well, what did you decide?" (Nothing like getting right to the point...)
I hear LLB say, "That's great. I'll see you at school, k?"
She hangs up and the next thing I know she's jumping around the kitchen. I ask her his answer - Like I don't know.
"Mom! He said YES!"
She's thrilled.

The dance is Friday. I'll let you know what happens as soon as I know. Am I chaperoning that dance? You bet! Is HP's mom chaperoning that dance? Probably...

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

LLB's Ball Gown

LLB is going to the Holly Ball in December. We searched for the perfect dress and we found this in a lovely shade of pink silk. It fits her perfectly!

Picture This...

The other day Mr. Bug and I were walking with LLB and Zeb. LLB has Zeb and is a few steps in front of us. Zeb wants to sniff something for the millionth time. He stops. She almost trips. Her whine - not "Zebbie!" Oh, no - of course not. She whines her brother's name.

We laugh - a lot!
She says, "Are you going to blog this?"
I say, "Ummm..... Let me think about it. Yes."
She says, "oh. I thought so."

Friday, October 27, 2006


We had our church handbell choir rehearsal last night. Mr. Bug returned to the table after about 2.5 years away - having not rung one single note in that time. He did absolutely great! He rang a bell assignment he had never rung before and his skills blew me away. (I'm a darned good teacher - thankyouverymuch!!). He sight read with no probems. His technique was terrific. He even remembered what all those funny little signs meant! He plucked, he martellatoed, he rang, he damped. He was great! He had fun - he told me so!

I had to stay a little late to ring with the choir, so Mr. Bug went home. The director said that he was terrific. She said that it was so nice to have someone show up and know how and what to ring when. That made me smile. When I told Mr. Bug, he smiled, too. Congrats, Mr. Bug! You are a musician again!! Welcome back to the table, my man!! I'm so glad to have you ring with me again... although, this time it's way more fun, because I'm not the director!!

The other day, I was driving down the street in our tiny town after dropping the children off at school. I was following a school bus which was following another school bus. The front bus was picking up children. As a courtesy, the bus in front of me put on her yellow flashers to let us know that we were stopping. When we started to move again, she must have pushed the wrong button because her red lights went on and the stop sign came out of the side of the bus. Do you have any idea what that does to the people coming up the other side of the street? They don't know if they should stop or go. They each came to a screeching halt as she approached. It was pretty funny. One guy driving a dump truck started screaming and flailing his arms. She didn't notice. People were so confused!! They were looking at me after she went by and I was simply shrugging and smiling and following... Somehow the bus driver eventually figured out that her red lights were on - by that time I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. I guess you had to be there...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. LLB brought home Sodoku. I'm totally addicted! I thought you had to do math, so I was originally not interested. I thought they were like those foolish Magic Squares we did in elementary school. I was wrong.

2. Da President is furious with me. I put a note up on the Newcomers' website that I was ordered to discontinue it. She made another lady call me because she's too chicken. LOL!!

3. I took the website down. It was a wordpress blog. It's just one more thing I don't have to do for that woman.

4. I think I may not renew my newcomers' dues... I've had enough. I can see the ladies I like anytime. We had a lovely club for 2 years and then Da President came into power. Ahhh - it was good while it lasted.

5. I have scrapbooking today with the ladies. I just adore them! We have so much fun!

6. I better check my fridge to see what I have to feed these women. Mr. Bug has been here the past few times and fed them gourmet luncheons... They might get lucky and get a ham sandwich out of me.

7. It's Perfect Post time again! I need to go choose a perfect post to nominate. There were so many good ones this time! Want to get involved? Hop on over to Petroville or Suburban Turmoil and check it out.

8. My bank is merging with another bank. It's a nightmare! Do you have any idea how many things I pay online? I have to go in and change the routing number and the account number on each and every one of them... I certainly hope I don't forget any!

9. The kids have a "Sadie Hawkins" dance next week. I'll let you know how that goes. LLB is trying to decide if she's going to ask someone or just show up "stag".

10. #1 Son and his latest love interest have parted ways. What was that? 6 weeks? He told me that they decided it wasn't working and decided to be friends. They shook on it.

11. The fall colors here are simply stunning! God has got his paintbrush out and is painting an absolutely beautiful display!

12. I'm in the midst of getting my middle school handbell kids ready for the festival in Richmond. I sent home information in September with a deadline of October 15th. I had a parent email me last night (at 11:45pm long after I'd gone to bed) and want to know why she had to pay chaperone fees ($25), if she and her daughter could stay someplace else, and why I needed the $$ so soon. Huh??

13. The fire is on - the coffee is hot. Stop in and say hi!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

A friend sent me this....
For those of you who commute any distance... I feel for you...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Trifles

Happy 14th Birthday, #1 Son! It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny tidbit in my arms. Now, you are a tall, dark, and handsome 8th grader. You've come a long way, baby!!

In other news:

The Ladybug has resigned her post as newsletter editor of the Newcomers' Club! I got a call from Da President yesterday. She informed me that my duties had changed - basically she told me that I was to type the newsletter and send it to her to be edited. She would then send it to Iggy to be made into a PDF and then Iggy would send it out. I told her I had to think about whether or not I would continue doing the newsletter. I thought about it - very briefly - I am nobody's typist!!

I wrote the following letter (with Mr. Bug's help):

To the Members of The Board,

This afternoon I received a call from Da President informing me of a major change in the newsletter publishing process approved at the last Board meeting. Based on these new rules and regulations, I find that the position of Editor has been significantly diminished. Since is this is not what I signed up for, I am compelled to resign effective immediately.

I heard from a couple of members shortly after I sent it. They were not surprised. They told me that the board meeting I'd missed last week was horrendous and that I would have walked out. They are probably correct. Now I don't have to go to the board meetings, but I can. :-) I just might show up at the next one. I have nothing to lose and I can speak my mind. Da President would poop a brick! It might be fun!

So, who is doing the newsletter? Hmm... well, I got this from Da President:






Yes, there is a typo. She is NOT perfect as she claims! Hahahaha! (She said I'm loose! Loose does not equal Lose.) Yes, she types in all caps. Yes, I've told her that when you do that you are yelling. She cares not. It's all about her, you know...

Did you notice that she will be doing the newsletter? Hmmm... do you think that's what she really wanted anyway? She's a total control freak! I'll be sending her notes regarding her typos, thankyouverymuch!

I'm all done. Ahhh... it is a good thing.

Have a good day!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About #1 Son's Sleepover Party?

We - Ladybug and Mr. Bug are tired... We survived the 8 boys that attended the party.

They arrived around 6pm. Mr. Bug decided that they needed to be run around. He was correct. He sent them out to play football in the front yard. Mr. Bug went with them. (Mr. Bug forgets that he is not 14 anymore - he is an old man.) He held his own - but he was breathing heavy when I called them in for pizza. They loved my homemade pizza. They didn't eat as much as I thought they would. They drank a bunch of soda.

The boys went off to play video games while we got the fire ready and I fed the girls - who wanted nothing to do with the loud obnoxious creatures who had invaded my kitchen. I cannot say I blame them. Once the fire was ready the girls went out and had some quiet time before the boys came out. They ate some smores, sat and enjoyed the fire, and chatted it up with us. It was really nice.

Then the boys came out. Some played basketball, some ate smores, and some were just basically crazy - chasing each other around the yard in the dark... At one point, Em's dear friend had had it with these boys - they were being dorks. She moved her chair to the other side of me and as she walked by me and mumbled, "Stupid Boys!" I have to say I agreed with her and I'm still laughing about the whole thing! (Note to her mother who reads this blog: Do not chastise her - she was absolutely justified when she made that statement. Nobody heard her but me.)

The boys went back to their video games and we sat around the fire with the girls for a while longer. We thoroughly enjoyed the time out there. The girls fed the fire and chatted. Mr. Bug and I heaved a quick sigh before we went inside -- back into the chaos.

The girls had their cupcakes and then went off to play some board games. Mr. Bug and I cleaned up the kitchen. We called the boys for their cupcakes and presents. Did you know that if you feed boys enough food, they actually fill up? They didn't even finish their cupcakes! They actually said that they were full. I was so proud of myself! (I managed to feed 8 teenaged boys and I still had food left in the fridge!)

Once the girls were ensconced with their movie and the boys were mesmerized with their video games, Mr. Bug and I sat down for a friendly - albeit competitive - game of Scrabble. I want you to know that I won. Yes - me - the exhausted mommy. I WON! Mr. Bug tells me that I play my best Scrabble when I'm pooped out. I didn't win by just a few points. I won by a bunch. My score was a very respectable 299. Thankyouverymuch!!

About 11:45 the boys started to get rowdy. Stupid Boys! Had they been quiet, they could have stayed up all night... But, they didn't so they got put to bed a midnight. :-) I love girls. The girls were playing quietly and I told them that they should think about getting to sleep. They finished up their game, turned out the light and talked and giggled for a little while. They did not try to pummel each other. They did not push and shove. They simply did as I asked and I didn't even have to raise my voice to be heard... Did I mention that I love girls.

The next morning brought 8 boys, 16 waffles, 2lbs of bacon, 8 pieces of leftover pizza, 8 cupcakes, 1 half gallon of orange juice and one gallon of milk to the dining room table. The boys ate their fill - They cleaned me out. I was glad. I really needed space in my fridge.

The girls ate their breakfast at the counter as we cleaned up the kitchen. Girls are smart. They waited for the boys to clear out so they didn't have to deal with their loud and crazy ways first thing in the morning.

The moms showed up at 10. I can't say I wasn't happy to see the boys go. They had fun. They were polite. They ate my food. They left. Life is good.

LLB's friend left at 11. I was a little sad to see her go. She's funny, polite, sweet, and an all around great kid. We felt as if she were part of the family while she was here. I told her she can come back any time - and I meant it. She's terrific - and I totally agree with her that boys can indeed be stupid. LOL!!!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

OMG! What was I thinking?

Originally - about 3 weeks ago, this weekend was supposed to be a nice quiet weekend with one extra child - a girl child. That turned upside down somehow and now today is the sleepover - 10 14 year old boys. Am I totally crazy? Yup, I thought so. #1 Son is ready to game all night with his friends...

Mr. Bug is ready to get the party started! He's cooking. He's cleaning. He's moving TV's. He's up in the attic getting rugs down so the boys won't be sleeping on the hard floor. He's getting his shopping list together - pizza cheese, graham crackers (for smores during our campfire), pepperoni, soda, chips... It's a junk food - game playing - smore making extravaganza he's planning for these poor unsuspecting boys.

I think Mr. Bug is trying to psych me out. We have Scrabble marathon planned for this evening since our TV's have been allocated to the boys. He's actually thinking up words to use while he works. I can almost see his wheels turning. Do I sound paranoid? He thinks he's going to win... He's got another thing coming... I intend to kick some Mr. Bug butt tonight!

LLB and her dear friend are going to do girly things - like play in the creek, hang out and chat, and just be generally giggly young ladies. We have a DVD player set up in LLB's room for them. They can watch movies and do whatever it is you do during a sleepover - which we all know isn't sleep.

In between all these fun and games, I realized that I have a handbell clinic to run tomorrow at a neighboring church. I have to get some music together and get it marked. I have to get some gloves together. I have to basically get my rear in gear and plan this whole thing out in my head so that I don't look like a total idiot.

So much for a nice quiet weekend at home with one extra girl...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thought for the day

Friends are like butt cheeks.
A little crap might separate them,
but they always come back together.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. I think I may have double booked myself. LLB has a field trip to the Kennedy Center. It may be the same day that we leave for our handbell festival in Richmond... I'm afraid to check the dates.

2. The ladybugs are back at the crossing. Some got in, but Mr. Bug sucked them up with the vacuum.

3. Ladybugs stink when you smoosh them. They stink when you suck them up in the vacuum. Our vacuum is now in the garage because it smells like ladybugs. I'll empty the bag later...

4. My tummy was gurgling so loudly this morning that the cat thought I was purring at her.

5. LLB has red itchy eyes. It's not pinkeye. It's not goopy. I can't wait to see what she looks like today...

6. The children have a Halloween Dance tomorrow after school. LLB needs a costume. Any ideas? I'm looking for super duper simple folks!

7. #1 Son takes private sax lessons. His new music is a jazz version of Funny Valentine. I can't wait to hear it!

8. LLB is starting trumpet lessons next week. She's very excited.

9. Today is #1 Son's last football game. YEAH!

10. #1 Son is having a birthday party sleepover on Saturday. I'm CRAZY!

11. 8 boys - 2 game systems - make your own pizza - cake and ice cream...

12. LLB is having her friend stay over with her - that's really what started the ball rolling. LLB and her friend were going to spend the night doing girly things and then I don't exactly know what happened... 2 QUIET girls ended up being 2 quiet girls and 8 LOUD boys. Don't worry - we'll keep them separate. Mr. Bug and I will be up all night playing scrabble if you want to join us.

13. Did I mention waffles and bacon for breakfast? Wanna come? Come on over! The more the merrier at this point!! If you need me after noontime on Sunday, you'll have to wait until Monday. I'll be sleeping on the couch in front of my tv.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wordless Wednesday - One day early

I know I should save this for Wednesday, but I just couldn't wait...

4 stages of life

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tagged... Again...

Cozy Reader tagged me.


1. Five minutes to yourself...How would you spend them?
-Reading blogs
-Chatting on the phone - oh, I do that anyway...

2. Five dollars to spend...How or where would you spend it?
-Did I mention lunch?

3. Five items in your house you could part with right now.
-The pile of bills sitting on my desk that need to be paid
-The two bags of clothes that the children can't wear anymore that need to go to Good Will
-Grambug's new washer - I really don't think it spins well enough...
-My pillow - it's not very comfy and I really need a new one - I'm just too cheap to pay for it
-Our knife set - it was great when we first got it, but now it's terrible. I really need to get Mr. Bug a really good set of knives. Any suggestions?

4. Five items you asolutely, positively could NEVER part with.
-Mr. Bug - even when he's having a tooty evening...
-my scrapbooks - I worked way too hard on those to let them go
-my scrapbooking supplies - we use those for school projects and everything
-my animals - they can be pains, but I just love 'em.
-The Lladro my Gram gave me. Every time I look at it, I remember her and I smile.

5. Five words you love.
-Mr. Bug's words to me as he left for work this morning: "I love you so much."
That's 5 in one sentence - does that count?

Here's a few more just in case:
-LLB after we finished her science project yesterday afternoon: "Mom, this is the best! I'm getting an A for sure!" (Yup, that's 10)

#1 Son: "I'm so glad you're mean!" (That's me - the meanest mother in the world! - Sorry, Grambug, I took the honors away from you!)

Heard from Grandpa Bug for almost a year now: "Is my house done yet?" (YES!)

I have to tag someone, but I really don't know who likes these meme things - so tag yourself!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Summary

Busy busy busy....

Okay - let me think...
Oh, yes...

I had a phone meeting with the builder... He's trying to charge me $1,600 for door knobs. I looked them up on the internet - if I paid full retail they would only cost me $900. According to him, he's getting better prices... Do you think it cost him $700 to install them? I'm in the wrong field! I should be a door knob installer. All those years in college and I could make more money installing door knobs.. who knew?

Thursday was the second to last football game and #1 Son got to play a teeny tiny bit. LLB and I missed it. We had to run off to dinner and dance class. One more game and I'll never have to worry about him getting flattened by a rival football player again... I'll certainly heave a big sigh after next weeks' game.

Last night #1 Son had 8th grade night with the high school marching band. They got to march a little bit and play the pre-game songs on the field with the high schoolers. I had hoped that #1 Son would like it - he did. He LOVED every minute of it! It was a perfect night for football - it was crisp - but not too cold, the football team was winning, and the band played in the stands. He enjoyed the marching, the music, the camaraderie - everything. Mr. Bug and I are seeing many cold nights on bleachers at football games and competitions in our future. But that's okay! We love this stuff! (I'm going to have to get my crochet hook primed and make some red and white wool ripple blankets to keep us warm and toasty in the stands...)

We were a bit amazed that the marching band was only about 50 kids strong. The high school is huge - 1,750 students. They were a small band, but they were a powerhouse! They took first place in their competition last weekend and are off to the state competition today. #1 Son noticed that they only have 2 saxophones marching. He's definitely ready for next year! LLB counted the trumpets - only 8. I think she's ready to get out there, too.

Today we have jazz class, cotillion, and Nutcracker rehearsals for both offspring. They also have a camp out with the youth group. I think they might not make that one... They won't even be able to be there before 8pm and the thing starts at 4... oh and it's COLD! I think I'll rent them a couple of movies, curl up in front of the fire, and enjoy my kids in the warmth.

Here's a cute Zebbie story for all of you who wonder how the newest addition to our family is coping:

Zebbie loves to play. (His favorite game is "Stick". We throw him a stick and he tries to play keep away with it. He finds it runs off with it. If he drops it, we get to throw it for him.) Zebbie really wants a chum to play with - the parents in this family just don't cut it. (With the kids in school, his pickings are pretty slim!)

The other day, he was out in the back yard with Mr. Bug and Marmalade. Mr. Bug was busy. Marmalade was sunning himself. Zebbie was off looking for dead things in the grass. Zebbie found something and started digging a little bit. Marmalade came to investigate. They took turns watching the hole. (exciting, I know.) The next thing he knew, Zebbie and Marmalade ended up playing Tag. They took turns being the chaser. Zebbie loved it! He has a chum! (Unfortunately for Zeb, Marmalade is a cat. He doesn't play tag whenever Zebbie wants to play tag - only when he feels like it. Zebbie tried to get him to play again yesterday - didn't happen...)

I'll try to be better about posting and visiting next week. My calendar looks pretty open at the moment.. - well, it did.. the phone just rang. #1 Son has an ortho appointment at 8am on Monday. So much for a quiet week...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

My street...

Isn't it gorgeous!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About our Oktoberfest Party?

Yesterday was the Newcomers' Oktoberfest held out here at The Crossing. It was an absolutely gorgeous day - cool enough to be fall, but warm enough to be outside. The trees had turned just a smidge - the yellows and reds are out now - and the sun made them almost glow. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon!

We had 17 people turn out. Mr. Bug served his famous bratwurst in beer. They were phenomenal! Everyone brought a side dish to share - they were all delicious! Mr. Bug particularly liked the red cabbage, the calico beans and the kraut. My friend F, brought a wonderful warm German Potato Salad. It was to die for. (FYI - I usually only like my mom's potato salad, but this was wonderful!) My friend E, brought the most wonderful apple cobbler thing. It was served warm with ice cream. (I used Grambug's oven to keep it warm and it worked like a charm!) Yummmm... I've got to get the recipes for both of those items - and when I do, I'll share with all of you out there in blogland.

We had a bonfire complete with smores to end the evening. It was a perfect day in the country!


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Friday, October 06, 2006

Tips Gladly Accepted

Wow! What a day I had yesterday!

I had a dentist appointment - that went great. The dentist office is in a hoity toity shopping area. The local Lexus dealer was giving free test drives. The staff in the dental office told me that if I test drive a car, they were giving out free $15 gift certificates to the shopping area - therefore free lunch. Do you think I test drove a Lexus? Nah. It was tempting for the free lunch, but I was by myself and I'm a Honda girl... I'm too cheap, too!

I went shopping for bras - can you say that in public? Okay, so I went shopping for intimate apparel. UGH! It's absolutely miserable. Do you know how many choices there are? I thought there were two kinds - those with wire and those without... OMG! I've been out of the loop! There are some with poof, some with smoosh, some with umpf, and there are even some that seem to be made out of cast iron!!! Oh the choices... Too many for this girl... I got totally confused. I called Mr. Bug in a panic.
"Mr. Bug, it's me. I'm bra shopping. You gotta help me! There are too many choices."
"Hmm... Did you see the ones that look like helmets?"
"Don't get those"
I giggled.
Yup, I ended up with white and boring....

Grambug finally got a call from the builder. He's trying to charge us a big chunk of change extra. That's pretty funny, huh? You can't get blood from a stone and you certainly can't get cash like that where there isn't any... Grambug is a whiz at dealing with people. I'm taking lessons...

I got a call from the president of my newcomers' club. (You remember that I foolishly agreed to do the newsletter? That was a HUGE mistake!) She called me and told me that she had some changes to the email addresses - she'd already sent them to me. Then she informed me that one lady was going to get email from now on - Now I know that this lady doesn't have a printer to print the newsletter (which is why she was getting it in the mail in the first place, she has a very small mailbox which fills in a split second, and she doesn't always get her emails read.) I told her that I'd be happy to send it via email, but the second it bounced (and it would) she was getting it in the US Mail once again. Then she said a few more things and I let her have it. Those of you who know me well, know it takes a lot to push me over the edge. I asked her why she was in the middle of it. I asked her why she didn't refer those people who are having trouble reading/receiving/printing the newsletter directly to me. It wasn't pretty... She got real quiet and then she snapped "bye" and hung up. I'd say I won that round...

It was so ugly that I think I'm going to resign my position. I don't need the crap and the pay - how can I say this nicely? - oh... that's right, it's a volunteer position - there is no pay! I did the newsletter for my old church for 10 years and didn't get half the crap I'm putting up with for this one...

So, my blogging friends, I need some help here - Give me some good resignation letter lines - and don't worry about not burning bridges - I want them to go up in some serious flames! I gotta dump this gig before I totally lose my mind!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wordless Wednesday - Traps in Tall Grass

Mr. Bug was out mowing the lawn and I heard what sounded like a large stick being caught in the blade. I thought something like, "Oh - that didn't sound good..." It wasn't a stick. It was a boulder hidden in the not-so-short grass.

Mr. Bug came in shortly thereafter with his lawnmower blade. It's not supposed to have a 90 degree angle in it... He's a pro! He changed the blade lickety split and he's out there finishing up!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Win!

Last week I placed a Border's book order for store pickup.
I ordered a hardcover book for the kids to have signed by the author at school on last Thursday. The book was due in on Thursday at the latest.
I had an email confirmation from Borders. It said that the book would be in on time or it would be free. I arrived at the store on Tuesday - I figured it might be early and I was in town anyway.
They forgot to order the book.
Are you kidding? Excuse me... I need this book for the author to sign.
They tell me that they can get the book to me by Friday.
Oh - that's so helpful since the author is coming THURSDAY!!
I say okay...
Then the lady tells me that she will give me free shipping and a 20% discount. Ummm NOT. I show her my email confirmation that says if the book isn't here on time, I get it free.
She's not happy, but she orders it for me for free.
The book arrived on Friday - it was a soft cover book... I was steaming!
Yesterday, I was feeling particularly snitty... It was my birthday and heck, I can do what I want, right? I really wanted my hard cover edition of this foolish book - I certainly hope it is worth all this effort!!
I emailed the Borders store and then I called their national customer service number.
Guess what?
I received a call from the store manager.
There was a mixup. He is very sorry.
My hardcover book is here. And yes, it is free. I can pick it up tomorrow.
I ask him if he would like the soft cover book back, as I don't really need it.
He tells me I can keep it.
So, my friends... I Win!

Oh - wanna know the title? The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm
I'll let you know if it's good...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About My Favorite Birthday Traditions?

Since it's my birthday - and it's my blog, I figured I would share my favorite birthday traditions with all of you...

1. The Cake Plate - Grambug has a beautiful cake plate - simple clear glass with little balls of glass around the edge - She always put our cakes on that plate (even if they were store bought). Just thinking about that cake plate makes me smile.

2. Chocolate Cake - No explanation needed... Yummmmy!

3. The Song - My family has a funny tradition - you have to call whoever is having the birthday and sing them the "Happy Birthday" song. The object is to be first but not to wake them up too early, because it is their birthday....

4. The dinner - the birthday person can request whatever they want for dinner (within reason) even if we just had the same thing last night.

5. The spouse or children of the birthday person says "Happy Birthday Mrs. Bird!" first thing in the morning. This goes way back to the Yellow Bird song we used to sing to the children (and Auntie LOL!!) when they were babies!! If you want the words to the Yellow Bird song, email me!! I'm happy to share...

6. Presents - we don't make a big deal - they come in dribs and drabs (The Grandbugs' present to me arrived on Thursday!!) - it makes the birthday last a loooong time. :-)


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