Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About #1 Son's Sleepover Party?

We - Ladybug and Mr. Bug are tired... We survived the 8 boys that attended the party.

They arrived around 6pm. Mr. Bug decided that they needed to be run around. He was correct. He sent them out to play football in the front yard. Mr. Bug went with them. (Mr. Bug forgets that he is not 14 anymore - he is an old man.) He held his own - but he was breathing heavy when I called them in for pizza. They loved my homemade pizza. They didn't eat as much as I thought they would. They drank a bunch of soda.

The boys went off to play video games while we got the fire ready and I fed the girls - who wanted nothing to do with the loud obnoxious creatures who had invaded my kitchen. I cannot say I blame them. Once the fire was ready the girls went out and had some quiet time before the boys came out. They ate some smores, sat and enjoyed the fire, and chatted it up with us. It was really nice.

Then the boys came out. Some played basketball, some ate smores, and some were just basically crazy - chasing each other around the yard in the dark... At one point, Em's dear friend had had it with these boys - they were being dorks. She moved her chair to the other side of me and as she walked by me and mumbled, "Stupid Boys!" I have to say I agreed with her and I'm still laughing about the whole thing! (Note to her mother who reads this blog: Do not chastise her - she was absolutely justified when she made that statement. Nobody heard her but me.)

The boys went back to their video games and we sat around the fire with the girls for a while longer. We thoroughly enjoyed the time out there. The girls fed the fire and chatted. Mr. Bug and I heaved a quick sigh before we went inside -- back into the chaos.

The girls had their cupcakes and then went off to play some board games. Mr. Bug and I cleaned up the kitchen. We called the boys for their cupcakes and presents. Did you know that if you feed boys enough food, they actually fill up? They didn't even finish their cupcakes! They actually said that they were full. I was so proud of myself! (I managed to feed 8 teenaged boys and I still had food left in the fridge!)

Once the girls were ensconced with their movie and the boys were mesmerized with their video games, Mr. Bug and I sat down for a friendly - albeit competitive - game of Scrabble. I want you to know that I won. Yes - me - the exhausted mommy. I WON! Mr. Bug tells me that I play my best Scrabble when I'm pooped out. I didn't win by just a few points. I won by a bunch. My score was a very respectable 299. Thankyouverymuch!!

About 11:45 the boys started to get rowdy. Stupid Boys! Had they been quiet, they could have stayed up all night... But, they didn't so they got put to bed a midnight. :-) I love girls. The girls were playing quietly and I told them that they should think about getting to sleep. They finished up their game, turned out the light and talked and giggled for a little while. They did not try to pummel each other. They did not push and shove. They simply did as I asked and I didn't even have to raise my voice to be heard... Did I mention that I love girls.

The next morning brought 8 boys, 16 waffles, 2lbs of bacon, 8 pieces of leftover pizza, 8 cupcakes, 1 half gallon of orange juice and one gallon of milk to the dining room table. The boys ate their fill - They cleaned me out. I was glad. I really needed space in my fridge.

The girls ate their breakfast at the counter as we cleaned up the kitchen. Girls are smart. They waited for the boys to clear out so they didn't have to deal with their loud and crazy ways first thing in the morning.

The moms showed up at 10. I can't say I wasn't happy to see the boys go. They had fun. They were polite. They ate my food. They left. Life is good.

LLB's friend left at 11. I was a little sad to see her go. She's funny, polite, sweet, and an all around great kid. We felt as if she were part of the family while she was here. I told her she can come back any time - and I meant it. She's terrific - and I totally agree with her that boys can indeed be stupid. LOL!!!

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Just D said...

oh! You had fun! You survived! I'm sure that they all had a great time and now will want to do it all again.. and again... and again! Yay for the Bugs!

Jane said...

Boy, am I glad you survived. Just think, in twenty years you will look back on this as a "fond" memory!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, look at you Miss Thing. Not only did you survive you filled them up....(unheard of in your rookie year!) There is a world of difference between boys and girls.

FruitfulSpirit said...

Sounds like a lot of fun to me! I went out camping with cub scouts at this age and I do understand about boys and how not all there they are! Wonderful story telling as always!

Mine is up!

Renee Nefe said...

Sounds like fun...tiring but fun.

I don't have any boy experience, but from Darly's sleepovers I know that if we invite just one friend over, it's a nice, quiet, polite evening filled with sweet girls. But if we invite a bunch of girls over it's chaos! I'll have to remind Darly of that when it comes time to plan her next guest list.

MaR said...

Fun party and you survived! It always surprises me how much growing boys can eat...

Melzie said...

I knew it would be a success!! :) Glad it was wonderful for all the kids.