Monday, October 16, 2006

Tagged... Again...

Cozy Reader tagged me.


1. Five minutes to yourself...How would you spend them?
-Reading blogs
-Chatting on the phone - oh, I do that anyway...

2. Five dollars to spend...How or where would you spend it?
-Did I mention lunch?

3. Five items in your house you could part with right now.
-The pile of bills sitting on my desk that need to be paid
-The two bags of clothes that the children can't wear anymore that need to go to Good Will
-Grambug's new washer - I really don't think it spins well enough...
-My pillow - it's not very comfy and I really need a new one - I'm just too cheap to pay for it
-Our knife set - it was great when we first got it, but now it's terrible. I really need to get Mr. Bug a really good set of knives. Any suggestions?

4. Five items you asolutely, positively could NEVER part with.
-Mr. Bug - even when he's having a tooty evening...
-my scrapbooks - I worked way too hard on those to let them go
-my scrapbooking supplies - we use those for school projects and everything
-my animals - they can be pains, but I just love 'em.
-The Lladro my Gram gave me. Every time I look at it, I remember her and I smile.

5. Five words you love.
-Mr. Bug's words to me as he left for work this morning: "I love you so much."
That's 5 in one sentence - does that count?

Here's a few more just in case:
-LLB after we finished her science project yesterday afternoon: "Mom, this is the best! I'm getting an A for sure!" (Yup, that's 10)

#1 Son: "I'm so glad you're mean!" (That's me - the meanest mother in the world! - Sorry, Grambug, I took the honors away from you!)

Heard from Grandpa Bug for almost a year now: "Is my house done yet?" (YES!)

I have to tag someone, but I really don't know who likes these meme things - so tag yourself!!


Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I did this one and it was a lot of fun. Cozy Reader tagged me...Have a great day and if you have time read my scariest day on Monday Memories...Sandy

Lazy Daisy said...

Loved your five words....cute meme (I've already been tagged but haven't gotten around to doing it yet). Happy Monday

Jane said...

Thanks for playing. I love your answers, especially the five words your hubby said to you.....doesn't that just melt your heart!
Thanks for visiting me this morning.

Katherine said...

You have such a sweet family!