Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Summary

Busy busy busy....

Okay - let me think...
Oh, yes...

I had a phone meeting with the builder... He's trying to charge me $1,600 for door knobs. I looked them up on the internet - if I paid full retail they would only cost me $900. According to him, he's getting better prices... Do you think it cost him $700 to install them? I'm in the wrong field! I should be a door knob installer. All those years in college and I could make more money installing door knobs.. who knew?

Thursday was the second to last football game and #1 Son got to play a teeny tiny bit. LLB and I missed it. We had to run off to dinner and dance class. One more game and I'll never have to worry about him getting flattened by a rival football player again... I'll certainly heave a big sigh after next weeks' game.

Last night #1 Son had 8th grade night with the high school marching band. They got to march a little bit and play the pre-game songs on the field with the high schoolers. I had hoped that #1 Son would like it - he did. He LOVED every minute of it! It was a perfect night for football - it was crisp - but not too cold, the football team was winning, and the band played in the stands. He enjoyed the marching, the music, the camaraderie - everything. Mr. Bug and I are seeing many cold nights on bleachers at football games and competitions in our future. But that's okay! We love this stuff! (I'm going to have to get my crochet hook primed and make some red and white wool ripple blankets to keep us warm and toasty in the stands...)

We were a bit amazed that the marching band was only about 50 kids strong. The high school is huge - 1,750 students. They were a small band, but they were a powerhouse! They took first place in their competition last weekend and are off to the state competition today. #1 Son noticed that they only have 2 saxophones marching. He's definitely ready for next year! LLB counted the trumpets - only 8. I think she's ready to get out there, too.

Today we have jazz class, cotillion, and Nutcracker rehearsals for both offspring. They also have a camp out with the youth group. I think they might not make that one... They won't even be able to be there before 8pm and the thing starts at 4... oh and it's COLD! I think I'll rent them a couple of movies, curl up in front of the fire, and enjoy my kids in the warmth.

Here's a cute Zebbie story for all of you who wonder how the newest addition to our family is coping:

Zebbie loves to play. (His favorite game is "Stick". We throw him a stick and he tries to play keep away with it. He finds it runs off with it. If he drops it, we get to throw it for him.) Zebbie really wants a chum to play with - the parents in this family just don't cut it. (With the kids in school, his pickings are pretty slim!)

The other day, he was out in the back yard with Mr. Bug and Marmalade. Mr. Bug was busy. Marmalade was sunning himself. Zebbie was off looking for dead things in the grass. Zebbie found something and started digging a little bit. Marmalade came to investigate. They took turns watching the hole. (exciting, I know.) The next thing he knew, Zebbie and Marmalade ended up playing Tag. They took turns being the chaser. Zebbie loved it! He has a chum! (Unfortunately for Zeb, Marmalade is a cat. He doesn't play tag whenever Zebbie wants to play tag - only when he feels like it. Zebbie tried to get him to play again yesterday - didn't happen...)

I'll try to be better about posting and visiting next week. My calendar looks pretty open at the moment.. - well, it did.. the phone just rang. #1 Son has an ortho appointment at 8am on Monday. So much for a quiet week...


marylou said...

Hmmmm....had to sign up to get this comment on! Sounds like "busy" at the Crossing.
Glad #1 son loves marching band.
Beats the alternative:-)

Just D said...

missed you... glad your back! I love that your kids are involved in so many things - and that you always sound like you enjoy it as much as they do! Poor Zebbie, trying to play with a cat. Funny!

Katherine said...

Poor Zeb! I think he needs a canine friend, hint hint. :)

Jane said...

What a cute story about Zebbie. Our dog tries to play with our cat sometimes but he is MUCH bigger and the cat is not interested.

BTW....I have tagged you. Go to my blog and check it out.

Melzie said...

I am so seriously annoyed with your builder. Wow... just w.o.w. What a foolish man... but... when I grow up, can I be a door knob installer too? Heck, it's more than I make in... well, it's more. LOL