Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dad can be SO embarrassing...

We dropped LLB off at camp today.

We were standing in the registration line where you drop off your camp fees, sign up for the pictures, turn in your health forms, and talk to the nurse... you know, THAT line.

We said hello to the camp staff - the kids have been going there for a while, so we knew almost all of them. We got up to the nursing staff and that's where it all kinda fell apart in LLB's eyes.

The nurse asked if there was anything she needed to know about LLB. Mr. proceeded to tell her that our sweet girl needed 4 Butt Buns per meal. Butt Buns are the best dinner rolls ever made and they kinda look like butt cheeks - hence the name. I thought LLB was going to melt into the floor. The nurse was hysterical. She said, "I have that same disease!" We laughed. LLB grinned that grin that said, "Get that lunatic I have for a Dad out of here before I die!"

After that she would have nothing to do with him.

She's 13. She wants to be cool. A Dad like hers isn't particularly cool...

Someday this whole episode will be funny for her - right now it's pretty funny for the rest of us!

She's off...

To summer camp today.

My LLB is leaving me for 9 whole days.

She is excited.

She will have a blast!

I will miss her, but this is an excellent experience for her.

Well, I need to find the last few items for her trunk. I only have 5.5 hours left before departure. It might take me that long to find her tiger flashlight. (She has to take that one - it growls when you turn it on! It's just too cute!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a dinner!

We went to Clearly's going away dinner last night - held at our friend B's lovely home. The dinner was attended by a terrific bunch of people who love Clearly very much. It was a very special time and it was so sweet to be included. I cannot tell you who was there, but let me tell you it was almost surreal!

We started the evening with wine tasting. It was all absolutely wonderful! My favorite? Lets just say that I'm a cheap date. I loved the $10 Pinot Grigio. There were 3 different cheeses to clear the palate. The one we had never had was called Manchego. Can you say delicious? OMG! My next trip to Costco will include tires and that cheese.

B brought out a delicious antipasto during the red wines. It was on a huge white plate and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was almost too pretty to eat. One of the guests took a picture and will be emailing it to Mr. so he can use it as a screen saver. There were artichoke hearts, asparagus, salami, prosciutto, hot and sweet peppers, and more.

As we sat around sipping and munching the jokes started flying. We laughed and laughed. If I could tell you who was there, your mouth would drop open and you'd say, "You sat around with ___ and told jokes? That is sooo cool!" Mr. and I are still in awe that we were included with this very special bunch of people... It was totally surreal! I actually pinched myself a couple of times to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

We had dinner in B's stunning dining room. (Her whole house is just gorgeous, but it's comfortable. You can sit on her couch and you don't feel like you need to perch. You can relax.) She served lasagna, peas, garlic buttered rolls, and a gorgeous salad complete with her mom's creamy vinegar dressing. It was delicious! (Okay, so I skipped the peas... I hate peas. Besides, Mr. ate enough peas for the both of us.)

For dessert, B served the most decadent brownies I have ever seen - they were topped with chocolate chips and drizzled caramel. She also had a strawberry raspberry blueberry pineapple fruit mixture to put on shortcake and top with whipped cream. Can you say YUMMY?

I helped clear the dishes with B. She told me I didn't have to help. My response to her, "I certainly don't mind and I know how much I appreciate it when people do it for me." She grinned. She couldn't argue with that. We chatted some more as we rinsed and stacked and it was nice to spend a little time with her.

After dinner we sat outside on B's patio for more laughs and conversation. It was a gorgeous night. Clearly had a great time and so did we.

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday? Already?

I cannot believe that Friday is finally here!

Last night was the band camp concert. LLB played solos and a duet, danced on stage, and had an all around great time. #1 was rewarded for helping those last two days with a small stipend. I guess he ran his feet off yesterday. That is exactly what I like to hear! Busy children are less likely to get into trouble...

I spent yesterday doing laundry. I am caught up except for what we wore yesterday and for what I'm sure the children will make magically appear... I have no idea where they hoard dirty clothes. I even did the bedding yesterday and put it back on the beds. I just knew you'd be impressed by that!

Today #1 is sitting for a neighborhood kid. It's supposed to be hot as hades, so I'm sure they will spend their time playing video games... Ahh the life...

Mr. and I are going to a going away dinner for Clearly. She's got a new job and new digs down in the city. She keeps telling me that she will be coming home for her church commitments - Yeah... we'll see. Like she's going to pass up a weekend with her friends to do coffee hour. (I sure wouldn't!!) I know she's going to become one of them city slickers and get all cosmopolitan and stuff. I'm going to miss her so much, but she's young and hip and should not be out here in the sticks with us -- not yet anyway! Once she finds her prince charming and decides to have children, then she can settle down out here!

Today my errands include: Library to return some books, a hair cut for LLB - she's donating 10 inches to a worthy cause, and packing LLB for summer camp. Wish me luck.

My sister did the Friday Feast and it looked interesting so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon this week:
What is the weather like today where you live?

HOT and muggy - eewww!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how career-minded are you?

It's all about family with me...

What type of window coverings do you have in your home? Blinds, curtains, shutters, etc.?

Mostly curtains, but I leave them open. I like to see OUT!

Main Course
Name something that instantly cheers you up.

Family, dessert, an email from a friend

How many times do you hit the snooze button on a typical morning?

I don't have time to hit the snooze. I've set the clock to ring at the very last possible second.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. #1 decided he would like to help at the middle school band camp this week. He expected to get to play a little bit, but ended up stacking snacks and watching a door. Today might be better?

2. #1 got his learner's permit yesterday. AAAHHH!!!!! Really... I'm fine... just fine...

3. There was drama at the ballet performance on Saturday night. It deserves a post of it's own, but I don't do stupidity well, so I need to let it sit for a little longer.

4. Today I will be doing laundry to get LLB's clothes all washed so I can pack them for her foray to camp on Sunday.

5. Yesterday after I dropped the children at camp, I headed to Costco to get tires for Mr.'s Civic.

6. Did you know that our civic takes performance tires that need to be special ordered?

7. Now you know. In case you were wondering - we have an EX model with the v-tech engine that gets excellent gas mileage... and needs special tires.

8. On Monday, #1 and I went shopping for some shorts and tops for him. He will be gone for 3 weeks and his regular 5 pair aren't going to make it.

9. I also bought him socks and underwear. Oh my, but he was absolutely thrilled with that purchase...

10. Mr. has had to leave early in the am - 4:30 is mighty early! - and stay later than normal at work this week. We actually had dinner together for the first time this week - it was so nice to catch up with him.

11. We try very hard to have family dinners every night. This week it has proved impossible. Tomorrow we should be able to do it. Everyone will be home and we can wait for Mr. to arrive.

12. #1 will be busy tomorrow morning - he has a job babysitting a neighborhood kid. It's tough to play video games all day! He gets the best jobs!!

13. We will be at polo on Saturday. If you want to sit with us, you know where to find us.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pulling a fast one...

LLB has band camp this week.
Back in early May, I signed her up for Jazz because she'd be bored in the other section of camp - the one designed for advanced beginners. Besides, after last year's fiasco, I felt that she needed to try Jazz again.
She was not happy about that decision...

Fast forward to Monday.
I dropped her off at camp and went on my way.
I arrived at school later that afternoon and went inside.
I ran into one of the teachers. We chatted and I asked if LLB had gone to Jazz.
"Umm... no... I think she went to trumpet class."
I found the Jazz teacher and asked him. We discussed for a few minutes and LLB's new trumpet teacher, Mr. N., was brought in on the discussion.
"Well, I don't want to lose her because she's my 'ringer'."
"Yes, but if she is afraid, she needs to be in my class."
"I guess I can teach her everything we are doing in trumpet class in 20 min. during a private lesson."
"So then I can have her tomorrow. I think it will be good for her and besides, I don't bite."

When LLB came out of her last rehearsal, I told her that she would be going to Jazz the next day. I told her that we had signed her up for jazz and that it would be fine. You would have thought I asked her to poke her eye out with a pencil. First she panicked. Yes, my friends - I caught her pulling a fast one. She thought she would just simply skip jazz and no one would ever know. Silly girl...

Needless to say, she whined, complained, and basically had a fit most of the way home.
I am not one to give up easily...
It took some talkin', but I got her to agree to TRY the jazz class.

Yesterday she went to jazz.
She enjoyed it very much.
What are they playing? Tequila!

See - Mom does know best!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a BEAR!!

It's a mama and 2 babies...

This mama bear and her 2 babies were out in the back yard this afternoon.
The pictures aren't that clear, but it is the best I could do considering how far up the hill she was... And I wasn't gettin' any closer.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Gram and I went to Wally World and Home Cheapo last night for a few things... most of them started with the letter P.

2. I needed Paper - something vellum-like for the programs for this weekend's ballet performances.

3. She needed Peat - which actually turned out to be mulch.

4. Gram insisted it was Peat we needed until we got to Home Cheapo when she said, no... it was this black mulch in this particular bag that we needed. Huh??

5. Mulch does not look like peat - except maybe for the color. A call to Grandpa settled it. Yes, he needed Mulch. No mulch does not start with P. Yes, he needed 3 bags.

6. I needed Ponds Cold Cream.

7. Do you know how hard it is to find Ponds Cold Cream at Wally World. I hunted in the soap aisle. I hunted in the facial stuff aisle. I found it on the bottom in the middle of the display in the makeup aisle.

8. Why did I need Ponds Cold Cream? Because the stage makeup that LLB used for her performances last week is still in her eyebrows. It will NOT come off. The stage makeup that she wore was HOT PINK! Yes, it is a little noticeable.

9. Gram needed Plants. She has been wanting Black Eyed Susans, Johnny Jump-Ups and Shasta Daisies. We haven't been able to find those particular plants anywhere.

10. At Wally World, Gram found seed packets for all of those plants.

11. At Home Cheapo, she found the Black Eyed Susans in a pot. She bought the pot.

12. While we were out and about, we noticed that each and every child under the age of 7 was either screaming or whining. Normally, I don't notice that sort of thing. But, since they were in every aisle, every parking lot, and every store - it was a little hard not to notice.

13. We went back to the school to pick up #1 from Track Camp and while we were waiting, a little kid - under the age of 5 - drove his scooter into the back of my car. Why? Well, he wasn't paying attention. How you can miss a giant white marshmallow is beyond me. I laughed my head off! The mother - she was mortified. The kid - he still doesn't really know why he got his scooter taken away... But, at least he didn't cry, whine, or scream.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blog Block

I have no idea what to write.

I have no funny stories.

Mr. got his award last night. It was a terrific time - great food!

I have to fight with Met Life today to get them to pay for Mr.'s dental work... I don't feel like doing that.

So... have a good day.

Monday, June 16, 2008


There is a chipmunk in my house!

Zeb found it under the couch - he is a very good dog (except for the fact that he found his way upstairs and is currently hiding under the bed - the big chicken!).

So much for having 2 cats!

I think one of the cats brought it in yesterday while we were gone. It seems that someone didn't close the door tight enough and it was open when Mr. walked in. Lets just say that I sure am glad that I wasn't the last one to let the dog or cats out...

I am trying to get this little rodent out of my house, but that is proving quite difficult. I found him. I scooped him toward the cat with the broom and the cat ignored him.

Great! Yeah... I know. I'm thrilled with my cat at the moment.

I found him under the piano, went to get something to plop over the little creature and he moved. I think he is under my file cabinet.

I need to go find him and try to dispose of him - OUTSIDE... where he belongs!

We found him.
We caught him.
He is OUTSIDE where he belongs.

BTW: If you ever need to catch a chipmunk in your house, a colander and a thin cutting board are the tools you will find most useful.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 13

I'm not at home right now, so I dont' have my Thursday 13 Template.
You'll just have to put up with an ordinary list...

13 Things Ladybug is Thinking About Today

1. LLB and I survived her sleepover.

2. I don't know why they call these things sleepovers - they never ever sleep! They should just call them what they are: All Nighters!

3. LLB's friends were very sweet, quiet, and fun. They can all come back.

4. I'm at LLB's ballet rehearsal.

5. I'd rather be home... in front of my TV with an adult beverage in my hand.

6. The A/C isn't really working all that well here... I'm hot and sweaty and sticky.

7. LLB just came in and whispered, "Mom, save me... I want to go home now."

8. I smiled... I'm thinking about it... If they didn't have a performance this weekend I might consider saving her.

9. If she hadn't stayed up all night I might even take her home, but payback is sweet.

10. #1 is at a friend's house for the night. They are off to the movies tomorrow. He was so excited to spend time with his friends without schoolwork hanging over his head.

11. LLB and I went to the pool with HP and his family yesterday afternoon.

12 We had a very nice time and I got a sunburn - just a little one - and now I look almost healthy.

13. Rehearsal is almost over... I can't wait to go home.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is it!

The last day of school!

And here is my Wordless Wednesday contribution:

This little tree frog got very confused. He thought my back door was a tree.

I just got my power back. It was off for a few hours over night.

My friend R just got her air conditioner back yesterday. It was a long hot week for her. I sure hope she kept her power. She has suffered enough! She deserved a nice cool night of uninterrupted sleep.

Well, I best get my chores started. LLB's party is tonight and I've got a bunch of things to get done including but not limited to: vacuum the family room, put up the tent, freeze an ice ring, prepare the fire pit, etc.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Have I ever???

In your ENTIRE life, have you ever...

gone on a blind date? no

skipped school? no - Mom wouldn't let me.

watched someone die? do fish count?

been to Canada? yes

been to Mexico? no

been to Florida? yes.

been on a plane? It's the only way to travel!

been lost? ummm... maybe?

been on the opposite side of the country? yes

gone to Washington, DC? yes

swam in the ocean? yes, but I don't like sand in my bathing suit.

had your booze taken away by the cops? no.

lettered in a high school sport? hahahaha!!! no.

cried yourself to sleep? who hasn't?

played cops and robbers? yes

played dolls? yes

recently colored with crayons? yes - I hate school projects.

sang Karaoke? no... I don't sing - alone.

paid for a meal with coins only? yes - last week actually.

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? sure.

cheated on an exam? No.

made prank phone calls? no

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? yes

caught a snowflake on your tongue? of course!

danced in the rain? yes

written a letter to Santa Claus? well, yeah!!

been kissed under the mistletoe? yup

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? yup

been arrested? no - I'm a law abiding citizen.

blown bubbles? yes

gone ice-skating. yes

been skinny dipping outdoors? no

had a nickname? yes.

been to Africa? no... was going but there was a quarantine and we ended up flying through Beirut.

eaten cookies for dinner? yes

been on TV? yes - did the PBS auction for years.

stolen any traffic signs? no - too chicken.

been in a car accident? yes... thanks to Mrs. Doyle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is your.... mother's name? Mary

favorite drink? mimosa
favorite alcohol? champagne

birthplace? boston

favorite vacation spot? disney

favorite salad dressing? ranch

favorite pie? key lime or apple or lemon merangue

favorite number? I dunno... whichever one wins me a million dollars.

favorite movie? So many movies... I can't choose.

favorite holiday? Christmas.

favorite food? pasta

favorite day of the week? Saturday

favorite brand of body wash? cucumber melon by bath and body works

favorite toothpaste? crest

favorite smell? lemon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do you have any... tattoos? no

body piercings? ears count?

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? CRV - 5 doors.

What do you do to relax? what's that?

How do you see yourself in 10 years? the mother of two college grads - poor, but happy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Only one more

5:45am wakeup until the end of August!

#1's last day is tomorrow.

I will be very happy to be able to sleep until 7.

Then, on Friday - I can sleep until 9!

(LLB's sleepover party is Wed night into Thursday... there will be no sleeping - and therefore, no waking up on Thursday morning.)

Friday, June 06, 2008

We're Back!

The power is on. Yay!

I got a new phone. It's white and boring - not red and fun. It was also only $25. I'm totally frugal... what can I say? At least if it dies after a year, I can say I got my money's worth.

I got the last of my graduation gifts to give to the graduates whose parties we are attending this weekend. I have bathroom buckets complete with towel, toothbrush, scrubby, and other goodies for each of them. It's the one thing that everyone uses in the dorms. I had a really hard time finding the bucket portion of the gift, so I had to go with a different bucket than I had originally planned. They are still cute, so it's all good.

Today I have to make posters for the band's water sales this weekend. Mr. told me he was going to help. Do you think that means he will work or watch?

LLB has her school concert today at 2pm. No solos, but she's playing her red trumpet. :-)

Her birthday party is next week... She has invited 6 close friends for a campfire and a sleepover. I'm still picking up stuff for the party - but yesterday I found silly string!!! That's definitely an outside toy. LLB was so excited - she loves that stuff!

We have a busy weekend ahead.
I have a bell thing, a few graduation parties, and the usual stuff that happens on the weekends around here. Don't miss me too much!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

He Hufffed and he puffed

And he blew the trees down.

We've been having wicked thunder, wind, tornadoes, and lightning. We are all snug at home safe and sound. Zeb is curled up around the toilet shaking like a leaf. The poor dog will definitely need therapy after this wacky weather!!

The buses made it home around the fallen trees. I followed LLB's bus and rescued her on the other side of the development. There is a huge tree down in the road cutting us off from the rest of the world. Fortunately, we have another exit and that one is clear.

Gram and Grandpa have no phone. But I do. (That's a first!!!)
None of us have 'real' power but we do have generator power. I'm so happy we put those in last year!! The propane was at 65% this afternoon, so we should be all set for a few days anyway.

We don't have hot water, but we have internet and TV. Life is good!!

Choices... I had to make choices when I put the generators in and I think I chose pretty darned well.

No Ringy Dingy

I still haven't found a phone. There was only one phone with a cord at Wallyworld yesterday.
I used a knife and adjusted my receiver's volume. I can actually live with this phone for a little longer now.
I'll find one... it's just going to take some time...

While I was at Wallyworld yesterday, the lines for the checkout were long. I had plenty of time - besides, I had exciting things like dog food in my cart. I was waiting patiently - perusing the tabloid covers. I take after my Gram in that I won't purchase those things but I love to read 'em.

Anyway, I was biding my time. A man came over and opened a register. He told me that he could help me. I looked at his name tag - Store Manager. OMG! The head honcho is checking my stuff out. I was quite impressed. He could run a cash register, knew what he was doing, and was more than pleasant. He was not rushed, but was efficient. I LOVED that!! He even told me to have a nice day.

And, I did.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Does your receiver rattle?

Mine does - a lot!

Mr. has hang up issues. As in the receiver misses the tabby when he attempts to hang it up and then sails to the floor with a resounding bonk... rattle rattle.

My receiver has been dropped so often that it sounds like a baby's rattle. It makes so much noise that I've been asked if there is rice in my receiver.

Nope... just broken bits of phone.

That said, Mr. decided that he could put up with a new fangled phone that doesn't have an old fashioned chrome cradle. He assured me that he could and would be careful. (I am NOT holding my breath.)

I love that vintage rotary dial. It's just not going to work for me. I dial way too many numbers in a day to go back to rotary... I also couldn't justify the price.

I'm off to Wallyworld to see what they have. I think I'll be settling for a cheapo white phone with caller id and a couple of memory buttons.

I just hope it has a decent ringer and an old fashioned receiver...

Monday, June 02, 2008


For a new phone.
Our wall phone's receiver fell one time too many. It has been on it's way out for quite some time, but that last plummet to the floor put it over the edge...

So - now I need a new phone.

I'd like a red one. Yes - I'm a little nuts.

I'd like an old fashioned kitchen phone - with the chrome hooks that hold the receiver. I want a receiver that fits between my chin/ear and shoulder without causing a permanent crick in my neck.

I may be asking too much.

I found a red vintage phone on line. It is perfect except for one thing (besides the price) - it's a rotary dial. I'm not sure my phone service can handle that. I'm not sure I can go back to that...

I also found a red touch tone phone. The receiver is perfect, BUT the hooks are plastic, and it has no caller id.

I can get the 25 foot cord on both of those.

There are vintage replicas out there, but the quality lacks. I will not sacrifice quality with my kitchen phone. It's my only connection to a couple of dear friends who don't use the internet like the rest of us. I need to be able to chat...

My current phone works, it's just really really loud in my ear. I can put the receiver on the counter and still hear the person at the other end. I think I'll put up with it a little longer until I find something that's just right.

If you find my perfect phone, let me know, k?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Best Friends

LLB and HP are best friends.
They enjoy each other's company and always have fun when they are together - whether it's an all day thing or a quick 30 seconds in the school hall.
Yesterday was opening night at Polo. We had crazy weather and decided to go at the last minute.
LLB was with us. HP's family was unable to come - they have a very busy day today and were getting things ready for that. While we were at polo, LLB asked to use my phone to call HP.
I handed it over.
The child had nobody to hang with and she was getting a little bored.
She spent an hour on the phone with him - she would have talked longer, but my battery was on its way out.
A little while later - we only had 2 chukkers left - the phone rang. It was HP.
I handed the phone over to LLB since I KNEW he didn't want to chat with me.
The next thing I knew, LLB was telling me HP was on his way. Less than 10 minutes later HP was standing in front of our table.
His father was coming up behind him.
It seems that HP wanted to be at polo with LLB. His dad told him that he would drive, but HP would have to pay the entrance fee out of his mowing money.
Only your very best friend would sacrifice a whole day of mowing to spend 30 minutes with you at polo.
LLB told me that is going to give HP half of the entrance money because it's only fair. Only your very best friend would give you half her birthday money to spend 30 minutes with you at polo.
And really - that's what best friends are all about...