Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pulling a fast one...

LLB has band camp this week.
Back in early May, I signed her up for Jazz because she'd be bored in the other section of camp - the one designed for advanced beginners. Besides, after last year's fiasco, I felt that she needed to try Jazz again.
She was not happy about that decision...

Fast forward to Monday.
I dropped her off at camp and went on my way.
I arrived at school later that afternoon and went inside.
I ran into one of the teachers. We chatted and I asked if LLB had gone to Jazz.
"Umm... no... I think she went to trumpet class."
I found the Jazz teacher and asked him. We discussed for a few minutes and LLB's new trumpet teacher, Mr. N., was brought in on the discussion.
"Well, I don't want to lose her because she's my 'ringer'."
"Yes, but if she is afraid, she needs to be in my class."
"I guess I can teach her everything we are doing in trumpet class in 20 min. during a private lesson."
"So then I can have her tomorrow. I think it will be good for her and besides, I don't bite."

When LLB came out of her last rehearsal, I told her that she would be going to Jazz the next day. I told her that we had signed her up for jazz and that it would be fine. You would have thought I asked her to poke her eye out with a pencil. First she panicked. Yes, my friends - I caught her pulling a fast one. She thought she would just simply skip jazz and no one would ever know. Silly girl...

Needless to say, she whined, complained, and basically had a fit most of the way home.
I am not one to give up easily...
It took some talkin', but I got her to agree to TRY the jazz class.

Yesterday she went to jazz.
She enjoyed it very much.
What are they playing? Tequila!

See - Mom does know best!

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