Monday, June 16, 2008


There is a chipmunk in my house!

Zeb found it under the couch - he is a very good dog (except for the fact that he found his way upstairs and is currently hiding under the bed - the big chicken!).

So much for having 2 cats!

I think one of the cats brought it in yesterday while we were gone. It seems that someone didn't close the door tight enough and it was open when Mr. walked in. Lets just say that I sure am glad that I wasn't the last one to let the dog or cats out...

I am trying to get this little rodent out of my house, but that is proving quite difficult. I found him. I scooped him toward the cat with the broom and the cat ignored him.

Great! Yeah... I know. I'm thrilled with my cat at the moment.

I found him under the piano, went to get something to plop over the little creature and he moved. I think he is under my file cabinet.

I need to go find him and try to dispose of him - OUTSIDE... where he belongs!

We found him.
We caught him.
He is OUTSIDE where he belongs.

BTW: If you ever need to catch a chipmunk in your house, a colander and a thin cutting board are the tools you will find most useful.

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