Friday, June 06, 2008

We're Back!

The power is on. Yay!

I got a new phone. It's white and boring - not red and fun. It was also only $25. I'm totally frugal... what can I say? At least if it dies after a year, I can say I got my money's worth.

I got the last of my graduation gifts to give to the graduates whose parties we are attending this weekend. I have bathroom buckets complete with towel, toothbrush, scrubby, and other goodies for each of them. It's the one thing that everyone uses in the dorms. I had a really hard time finding the bucket portion of the gift, so I had to go with a different bucket than I had originally planned. They are still cute, so it's all good.

Today I have to make posters for the band's water sales this weekend. Mr. told me he was going to help. Do you think that means he will work or watch?

LLB has her school concert today at 2pm. No solos, but she's playing her red trumpet. :-)

Her birthday party is next week... She has invited 6 close friends for a campfire and a sleepover. I'm still picking up stuff for the party - but yesterday I found silly string!!! That's definitely an outside toy. LLB was so excited - she loves that stuff!

We have a busy weekend ahead.
I have a bell thing, a few graduation parties, and the usual stuff that happens on the weekends around here. Don't miss me too much!

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