Sunday, May 03, 2020

Quarantine 2020

Covid-19 and it’s requisite shut down of the economy, church, and life outside the home began for us back in early March. Mr started working from home and all of my volunteer activities ceased. 

We looked at this sudden stop of every day life as the blessing of a huge gift of time. We used it wisely. We started by cleaning out the sheds. We gave things away. We sold things. We tossed a lot - that meant many trips to the dump. We went to the dump in town because their bulk waste container is easier to access - as in you don’t have to lift it over your head into the container. We went so often that the staff got to know the car! But, we had cleaned out both sheds - a chore we had been wanting to do for years! Success! 

Once we finished that task, we decided that we would start to tackle the yard. Our yard is big and our chores are many. We started with mulching the flowerbeds. 50 bags of mulch later - we could spread another 10, but really... enough is enough! 

We moved on to cutting and splitting some of the ash trees we had taken down two summers ago. A very sweet neighbor pulled down some logs off the pile with his tractor. Mr cut them up with his chain saw and I split them with my new favorite power tool - the log splitter! Then we had a couple more dead trees taken down. We cut and split them, too. 😏

Next up - putting all that new firewood into our wood yard.