Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring is here!

The weather has been pretty nice since the tree got blown down last week. We cleaned it up - it was mostly grape vines entangled in the branches in the top of the tree that landed in the driveway. What a giant mess that was. I’d grab a branch to pull it away after Mr cut it, and it would be stuck because of the vines. The chainsaw made fast work of the mess, but getting it all to the burn pile was an exercise in all things slinky - pull, go back and untangle or cut, repeat. Needless to say the burn pile is twice the size it was. I’m waiting for a misty calm day in May to light it up!

We rang in church on Sunday and it was fantastic! LLB was here, so that made the whole thing extra fun. We took her out to eat before she headed back to the city. It’s just nice to spend time with her and chat. We get her back this weekend for Easter. I am sure the bunny will come by and drop some chocolates for her. 

Mini had quite a night last night. She sang the songs of her people, she batted a plug she found under a dresser, and she basically made a nuisance of herself. That’s ok. Two can play that game. I’ll be waking her up every time I find her asleep today... if I remember. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Cleanup on Driveway #1

 Well... we had a tree come down in the wind... and now we have to clean it up. Yay! More firewood! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Waste Not...

Perfume bottles are just like like toothpaste tubes - you can always get one more squirt out of it! 

My perfume bottle has been almost empty since October... I wear my perfume every day because I love it so much. One would think there wouldn’t be any more left in there by now! No worries - I’ll use every drop before I open the new bottle.

I am known for flattening my toothpaste tube and squeezing every last drop out of it. Even when it’s flat, I can usually get a couple more days out of it! 

Mom and Dad taught us the value of a dollar and we don’t waste anything around here - especially not really nice perfume... or 99 cent toothpaste. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday 13

 Thirteen things on my mind today...

1. Prayers for Yellow Rose’s mom. Her cancer has returned and she is trying to figure out the best course of action for her. I have a feeling that we will wish she’d consider other options, but she is strong, faithful, and stubborn - she will do this thing her way. 

2. We are ringing in church on Sunday. We are all excited to get back to it! We have a mixed Leeds and Emmanuel group - and what a good group it is! I’d love to do more with this group - maybe for the summer! 

3. I need to start another wedding afghan for another dear young lady who is getting married shortly. I’d best get that moving! 

4. We are having pot roast for dinner. I’m hoping the cut of meat I am using works... if not... we have ham sammiches. 

5. LLB is coming to help us ring on Sunday. It will be good to hug her neck! 

6. I finished the doily. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s done. I might try again. 

7. A dear friend is coming on Saturday to help Mr stage more logs for cutting and splitting. Yay! More wood splitting! Boo! More hauling and stacking! 不

8. I got roped into helping on Holy Thursday. I haven’t a clue what we are doing. I guess I’ll find out next Wednesday when I go for the meeting. I never go to that service. It’s too dark for me... alas, I couldn’t say no. 

9. Speaking of church services... I need to run over and set up for Sunday. This social distancing stuff is a royal pain in my side - especially in our tiny church. Fortunately, I can put family groups together. 

10. I forgot an ingredient for my pot roast and I need yogurt and scallions... I’m off to the grocery store momentarily.

11. It’s another drizzly day, but with every raindrop, we see more green out there! 

12. This afternoon I need to dust. I need to get the soot and dust off of every surface - I’m hoping we are done with the wood stove for the season. Of course, once I get it all clean, the temps will drop and I’ll have to start over... either that or it will get warm, I’ll open the windows, and everything will be covered in pollen... It’s always something! 

13. We are blessed to live where we do! I might whine about the dust and the pollen, but I love it! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rainy Days

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a gray day, but it is really lovely. Spring is right around the corner. The grass is starting to green up and the buds are starting to open.

I love rainy days when I can stay home. Unfortunately, I need to go out today. Curling up on the couch with my project and my TV isn’t in the cards until later - but I’ll get there! I have to get the groceries and see my crochet ladies - two chores I actually really enjoy because they get me out and about and among people. 

In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my cup of tea and ease into the day. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Good news all around!

#1 received his Easter candy at his deployment location. Wooo! The cookies I sent in January arrived last week, so... But he is a Reese’s fan, so his box was filled with all things Reese’s. He is a happy camper!

I’m having a friend to lunch today. We are having my world famous cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza. Mr is off to work early today because he has a dentist appointment. Since he’s closer to the office than home, he might as well keep going. Besides, they give him lunch - today is the last day for free lunch, so he may as well go get it. 

I’m keeping the weight off. I’m eating carefully and healthy. (One cannot live on carbs and not put the pounds on.) Life is good. Easter is coming. Yes, I’ll have dessert. Yes, I’ll have wine. I might even have an M&M or two. Come Monday, it’s back to the healthy choices. 

LLB refinanced for an even lower interest rate than she had! She lost her roommate when he got a big boy job out west.  Her savings with this refi are almost like having a roommate. Needless to say, she is enjoying having her house to herself. I’m sure if someone needs a place to stay, she will open her home again, but for now... she is happy to only share with her cats. 

I’m still working on the doily... I made a mistake somewhere and I had to adapt... it’s almost done... really... 不

Monday, March 22, 2021

What comes around goes around

Doilies... who knew they’d be back? 

I was asked to make a doily. In all the years I’ve been crocheting, this is a first! I looked up a pattern, got some crochet thread, and dug out a tiny hook. I’m on round 3 of 12. It’s not hard. It’s not tedious. I am kind of surprised how fun it actually is to make this! 

I’ll show you the final product once it’s done and blocked. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021


I rang a duet with Linda this morning. We did great! My hands only shook a little bit. 
I made one mistake, which I think is really good considering I put a bell down in the wrong spot! There were no clangs, no drops, no swearing, and no getting lost! I enjoy ringing with Linda! She’s a consummate professional and is absolute grace under pressure. And now that it’s over, I can say, “Phew”. We all sang for the service and we sounded pretty good considering we only got about 15 minutes of rehearsal and most of us are foghorns in disguise. 

After church, I rang a duet with Pam which we taped for the Leeds Children’s Stations of the Cross that will be broadcast on Good Friday. We played it through and taped it a few times - thus we made no mistakes and we had such a great time ringing! I love playing and since it wasn’t a “one and done”, there’s far less pressure. It’s a far more relaxed atmosphere. 

The combined bells will be ringing for Palm Sunday. We have two very easy pieces and a few fun ringers including LLB. Again - so much fun! 

This afternoon we are hanging out and relaxing. Well, Mr was supposed to vegetate on the couch, but he is outside putting the wood rack away and picking up because the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.  I’m thinking about making another blanket or a shawl... and I’ve got the TV on and my feet up. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday Somethings

Happy Saturday! We’ve made it through another week. The fire is going and it’s getting toasty warm in here. 

I’m working on the border of the cape. Only a few more rounds and it will be done. 

Mini has decided that since it’s Saturday, she is staying in bed this morning.

Mr is off at the all church clean up. I suspect they didn’t make him wear a mask because he hasn’t come home yet. 

Tonight we are meeting dear friends for dinner. I’m so excited! 

Once I get my act together, I’ll head to the tax man and turn in our paperwork. Then I’ll head to the church and move the bells over to the sanctuary for tomorrow’s prelude. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the fire and think about all the things that I should be doing. 不

Friday, March 19, 2021

Such sweet memories...

 These two “Snowmans” were unearthed in the attic last weekend. They’ve been scrubbed and fluffed and are ready to be repatriated with their favorite girl. 

LLB loved her “Guy”. She still loves snowmen. 

It makes me smile to know that these sweet - very soft - Guys are still loved as much now as they were way black when. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday 13 - How Can it be Thursday Already?

 Well, this week got away from me as far as posting here. So sorry!

1. I spent Tuesday morning splitting firewood with a friend. You know how I enjoy that! We got a bunch done. I will probably try to help her again next week. But once spring really arrives with all the creepy crawlies, I’m done until fall, thanks! 

2. Yesterday was my day with the Prayer Shawl ladies. I do love spending time with them! 

3. Yellow Rose’s mom was diagnosed with cancer - its back. Please lift her in prayer. YR is hanging in there, but wants to do more, of course. I’m just glad she is close enough to go home as often as she wants.

4. I am keeping the weight off. I’m figuring out what I can and can’t do. I need to eat small portions often. So, I find myself thinking about my next meal - a lot! 不

5. Mini is asleep on the couch. I might have to emulate her later. 

6. It’s a rainy morning. I treaded myself to a lovely cup of teas my ladybug mug. 

7. LLB and I are still playing Animal Crossing. It’s been almost a year! Woo! 

8. I'm still working on the cape. Every row is longer... and takes longer to do. I have 6 rows left and then I can start the border. 

9. My cousin found and sent me a term paper my dad wrote on Electrostatics in high school. He was smart and loved all things electrical and electricity - he was an electrical engineer! That said, I know why he couldn’t spell... the teacher never corrected any spelling errors. He lost points because he needed to expand and write more on some paragraphs, but no spelling corrections. Heck, maybe the teacher couldn’t spell either! 

10. Mr and I are waiting for a calm drizzly day to light the burn pile. It’s getting to be that time of year! I can only hope that once we burn it, we can have a clean front yard for more than a week before we have a tree fall and we have to start another pile. 

11. The yard is starting to green up. The crocuses are popping, and the daffodils are showing their lovely blooms. I love spring. I do NOT love the yard work that comes with it. 

12. Once the pool repairs are done and paid, I’m hoping to have a little bit left to cover the yard clean up. It’s nice to have the professionals come with a team to handle it. It takes them a day. It takes me weeks and it never looks as good as when they do it.

13. I am hoping that we have had our last fire in the wood stove this spring. It’s clean. I dusted. I vacuumed. Maybe my house can stay dust free for more than 20 minutes. Yes, I realize that soon I’ll be opening the windows and the pollen will cover every surface. But for now, everything is shiny, clean, and dust free... and it smells like lemon! Life is so very very good. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

More Monday Musings

 Yesterday we finished the clean out and purge of the attic. We went to the dump and got rid of all the junk that was up there. We found stuff left from the original owner of this house! Please note: it was built in 1986. Our attic looks great and there are no places for stink bugs to hide. 

Upon our return, we consolidated and organized the good stuff, we filled and labeled bins, and we repatriated and put like things together as we put it all away. Needless to say, it took all afternoon, but it was well worth it! 

Today has also been busy and it’s only 11:30! The laundry is running, the dusting has been done, and the glass in the doors has been cleaned. We can see out! Woo! 

This afternoon I hope t work on my project and get the laundry done, folded, and put away. Wish me luck! 

Oh today’s lunch? Scallops - pan seared, saut矇ed spinach, and saut矇ed mushrooms. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

We cleaned out...

The attic today. We did a big purge and organize.

It looks great. We have some things to sift through tomorrow. 

We will run by the dump, the restore, the humane society, and goodwill next week. 

We are tired. 

Life is good.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thursday 13

 It’s that time of the week again when I tell you 13 things that are on my mind. 

1. I got to chat with #1 on the phone this week! He is deployed, so it was a super special treat. 

2. LLB and I are getting our vaccines tomorrow. 

3. I bought a flat of strawberries from the high school FFA. 

4. I forgot how many strawberries are in a flat. 

5. It’s a good thing we like strawberries! 

6. We have a bell rehearsal tonight! Woo! 

7. In less than 8 weeks, our country is a mess. Who voted for this guy? 

8. Cancel culture needs to be cancelled. Just sayin’. 

9. LLB’s roommate has moved on to a big boy job in a new city across the country. 

10. We will miss him. The opportunity is amazing, and we know he will do great things.

11. I'm going to make a call to a tree company to get an estimate on taking down the huge tree by the driveway. 

12. Yay... more firewood.

13. Mini is the best cat ever. I think she might need her own Instagram... LOL! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It’s Hump Day!

I got to talk to #1 this morning! What a treat! 

I’ve got a busy day today that includes crochet, groceries, housekeeping, and maybe even some laundry. Yep... living large! 

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Tuesday Tidbits

 It’s a beautiful day! 

I fixed 2 appliances yesterday - my dryer that wouldn’t turn off and my washer that needed the correct valve installed. (I've had the part sitting in my cabinet for a long while - better later than never, right?) 

The glass company is going to fix the one shelf that didn’t fit - tomorrow. It’s already loaded in my car! 

Mini is enjoying her day - she’s gazing out the window watching the grass grow and the birds flit about.

Today’s lunch is steak, mushrooms, and spiral zucchini. 

I hope to spend the afternoon crocheting because I’d rather not vacuum, dust, or wash windows. 

Life is very very good. 

Monday, March 08, 2021

Monday Musings

I’m working on a cape. So far so good. It’s easy. It’s mindless - for the moment. 

I’ve got about 20 rows left and then I start the less mindless part. 

I have an appointment on Friday for my Covid shot. I’m still on the fence about it. I’m not sure I want it - I get sick with the flu shot every time. Besides - How can our illustrious president allow illegal aliens into our country without a test and or a vaccine and yet, I’m basically required to have this foolish vaccine? But if I leave the country, I’ll still need a test to get back home? How does this seem right to anyone? I’m still shaking my head...

The vestry still hasn’t hired our priest. I guess he has another interview with them tonight. Really? We did all that! Don’t they trust us? I’m so done if they don’t hire him or at least offer him the job. If he turns it down, that’s different. That said, the huge disappointment I will feel will be the same. 

Well, I need to start my day. I’ve goofed off long enough. 
See y’all tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Hillbilly Elegy

 Need a good book? This is it! Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. Anyone can succeed with lots of hard work, good choices, and support. Family, friends, teachers, mentors - they can and do make the difference. Welfare, social programs? Nope...  Read. Learn. Understand. 

Saturday, March 06, 2021

It is done!

This lovely wedding gift is now complete and waiting to be gifted to the happy couple. The wedding is in May. I’ll wrap it up and set it aside. No rushing at the last minute! 

Friday, March 05, 2021

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Thursday 13....

 Thirteen things I am thinking about this week...

1. Mini - oh how I love this cat! 

2. I will finish the afghan today! I’m working on the border. 

3. I made a cheesy chicken mushroom skillet for lunch today and it was fantastic!

4. We had a bell rehearsal last night.  It was so fun to get back to ringing. 

5. A dear friend brought me some key lime pie M&Ms! I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll write a review when I do. 

6. My next project is a cape. I started it on Wednesday at Prayer Shawl group. I think it’s going to be fantastic! 

7. I got an appointment for a Covid Vaccine - the Moderna like Mr got. 

8. I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

9. Part of me feels good, but part of me feels like it’s a requirement... I don’t like the government telling me what I can and can’t do... what happened to my body my choice? Oh that’s right... that only applies when it suits them. 

10. I am enjoying the maintenance portion of this eating plan. I love berries - which I get to have for snack every day!

11. LLB’s roommate is off to a big boy job on the west coast. We will all miss him, but it’s time for him to fly.

12. Auntie landed a great job with a software company this week. We are all so excited for her! 

13. Life is good. We heard from #1. He is well. He is off to his next assignment and hopes to be home late this summer. Yellow Rose is doing well... plugging along. We are blessed. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2021


 I love dishes... particularly bowls of all shapes and sizes. It’s a problem. 

Ok... it’s probably an obsession... or maybe it’s a fetish.

If I had space - and cash - I’d have lots and lots of dishes and lots of bowls in lots of patterns and colors. 

I love dishes... yes, it’s a problem... and my email box is full of Lenox and Williams Sonoma ads.

Someday I’ll have a china closet big enough to house lots of sets of dishes. Until then, I’ll wish and dream...

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

My game...

 I play Animal Crossing on my switch. Yes, I’m obsessed. I’ve played almost every day since the game arrived in my mailbox last March. 

Every month there are new bugs, fish, and sea creatures to catch. I’m missing one sea creature in my collection - the spider crab. I was up until 11 last night trying to get it. I’ll be at it right after breakfast... you’d think I’m a 12 year old kid... um, actually, I probably am in this facet of my life... my kids are proud! 

If you need me today, you know where I am. 

Monday, March 01, 2021

It’s March!

 It’s March, so it should be warm and sunny, but it’s almost warm and almost sunny. We went to get Mr’s second Covid vaccine. He was in and out without an issue! We shall see how he feels tomorrow. I’m hoping he feels great, because he has a very very busy week at work and he needs to be there. 

We had a lovely lunch date and then we hit Costco before heading home. When you’re in the neighborhood and everything is far, you take advantage. Please note, Costco did have cat food today. Yay! Mini can eat for another couple of months! 不

Speaking of Mini... she was singing the sad and woeful songs of her people this morning when she thought she had been left behind. (Mr had an appointment and was out the door early.) Unfortunately, it was 7:15am and I was still asleep when Mini wound up her vocal chords and let loose. She has a really good voice, but her tales of woe sung at the top of her lungs are something else! We do love her so much! 

We had a zoom with Mr’s siblings last night. It’s so good to see them all laugh together - it’s what they do best! They really are a fun bunch! I’m hoping that the world opens up soon and we can get back to family time together. 

I’ve got three more sections of the afghan left. I feel like the little engine that could - I think I can! I’m hoping to finish it up this week. I’d best get to it!