Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday 13

 Thirteen things on my mind today...

1. Prayers for Yellow Rose’s mom. Her cancer has returned and she is trying to figure out the best course of action for her. I have a feeling that we will wish she’d consider other options, but she is strong, faithful, and stubborn - she will do this thing her way. 

2. We are ringing in church on Sunday. We are all excited to get back to it! We have a mixed Leeds and Emmanuel group - and what a good group it is! I’d love to do more with this group - maybe for the summer! 

3. I need to start another wedding afghan for another dear young lady who is getting married shortly. I’d best get that moving! 

4. We are having pot roast for dinner. I’m hoping the cut of meat I am using works... if not... we have ham sammiches. 

5. LLB is coming to help us ring on Sunday. It will be good to hug her neck! 

6. I finished the doily. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s done. I might try again. 

7. A dear friend is coming on Saturday to help Mr stage more logs for cutting and splitting. Yay! More wood splitting! Boo! More hauling and stacking! 🤣

8. I got roped into helping on Holy Thursday. I haven’t a clue what we are doing. I guess I’ll find out next Wednesday when I go for the meeting. I never go to that service. It’s too dark for me... alas, I couldn’t say no. 

9. Speaking of church services... I need to run over and set up for Sunday. This social distancing stuff is a royal pain in my side - especially in our tiny church. Fortunately, I can put family groups together. 

10. I forgot an ingredient for my pot roast and I need yogurt and scallions... I’m off to the grocery store momentarily.

11. It’s another drizzly day, but with every raindrop, we see more green out there! 

12. This afternoon I need to dust. I need to get the soot and dust off of every surface - I’m hoping we are done with the wood stove for the season. Of course, once I get it all clean, the temps will drop and I’ll have to start over... either that or it will get warm, I’ll open the windows, and everything will be covered in pollen... It’s always something! 

13. We are blessed to live where we do! I might whine about the dust and the pollen, but I love it! 

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