Monday, March 01, 2021

It’s March!

 It’s March, so it should be warm and sunny, but it’s almost warm and almost sunny. We went to get Mr’s second Covid vaccine. He was in and out without an issue! We shall see how he feels tomorrow. I’m hoping he feels great, because he has a very very busy week at work and he needs to be there. 

We had a lovely lunch date and then we hit Costco before heading home. When you’re in the neighborhood and everything is far, you take advantage. Please note, Costco did have cat food today. Yay! Mini can eat for another couple of months! 🤣

Speaking of Mini... she was singing the sad and woeful songs of her people this morning when she thought she had been left behind. (Mr had an appointment and was out the door early.) Unfortunately, it was 7:15am and I was still asleep when Mini wound up her vocal chords and let loose. She has a really good voice, but her tales of woe sung at the top of her lungs are something else! We do love her so much! 

We had a zoom with Mr’s siblings last night. It’s so good to see them all laugh together - it’s what they do best! They really are a fun bunch! I’m hoping that the world opens up soon and we can get back to family time together. 

I’ve got three more sections of the afghan left. I feel like the little engine that could - I think I can! I’m hoping to finish it up this week. I’d best get to it! 

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