Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Good news all around!

#1 received his Easter candy at his deployment location. Wooo! The cookies I sent in January arrived last week, so... But he is a Reese’s fan, so his box was filled with all things Reese’s. He is a happy camper!

I’m having a friend to lunch today. We are having my world famous cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza. Mr is off to work early today because he has a dentist appointment. Since he’s closer to the office than home, he might as well keep going. Besides, they give him lunch - today is the last day for free lunch, so he may as well go get it. 

I’m keeping the weight off. I’m eating carefully and healthy. (One cannot live on carbs and not put the pounds on.) Life is good. Easter is coming. Yes, I’ll have dessert. Yes, I’ll have wine. I might even have an M&M or two. Come Monday, it’s back to the healthy choices. 

LLB refinanced for an even lower interest rate than she had! She lost her roommate when he got a big boy job out west.  Her savings with this refi are almost like having a roommate. Needless to say, she is enjoying having her house to herself. I’m sure if someone needs a place to stay, she will open her home again, but for now... she is happy to only share with her cats. 

I’m still working on the doily... I made a mistake somewhere and I had to adapt... it’s almost done... really... 🤣

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