Friday, July 21, 2017

It's Friday!

Tomorrow is the DSF Wrap Up meeting and dinner here at The Crossing. It's supposed to be hot and very humid. Days like this make me really glad we have the pool. I got some new pool noodles today and I'm definitely looking forward to putting them to good use.
I made the pork, baked an angel old cake, defrosted the strawberries, purchased the cole slaw and the chips, and prepped the plates and utensils. Tomorrow, I'll get the wine out, make some lemonade, and deploy it all.
We checked the weather for tomorrow and have become a little worried about our party plans, as it is supposed to storm. The awning is good in the rain, but it's definitely not wind-proof. So... we may be eating indoors all over the house - which is ok, but I was kind of looking forward to setting up the pool deck and making it pretty.
I guess I'll dust and mop tonight just in case we have to have everyone inside. Of course, I know you all find it extremely unlikely that I'd ever have any dust or dirt of any kind in my house... LOL!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer 2017 Update

It has been a wild ride!
#1 deployed shortly after we saw him last spring and returned safely in the fall.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas with Captain America and his family.
As we got closer to May, wedding  plans went to a fever pitch. We had a few issues and we had a few bumps, but if everything had been smooth, what would we talk about? It's going to take me a little bit of  time to get over some of the shenanigans...
We had a lovely shower for LLB in March. She got a lot of really nice things for her new home. Her childhood friend, Gram, and I did our best to give her a special day.
LLB rents an apartment in the city close to her new Navy job. We move her in on the one free weekend we have at the end of April... yes, her birthday weekend. And then she heads back to school.
May arrived and the craziness began!
LLB's senior arrived a wee bit early, so we were able to make the VMI Awards Ceremony and see LLB get a prize.
LLB and Captain America commissioned - She Navy and He Army.
They both graduated with Honors from VMI - She in Applied Math and Physics. He in Mechanical Engineering.
We arrived home and had a couple of days to run around like chickens before the Wedding Rehearsal.  LLB had to stay in Lexington at ROTC for work. The Navy commissions you, puts you right to work, and pays you. The Army is completely different...
Saturday, the day of the wedding started with decorating the venue - #1 and his sweet girl (I'll call her Yellow Rose because she is from Texas) got up early and worked with me and Captain America's mom and aunties. We put chair covers on, did the table runners, lanterns, guest book, photo booth props, etc.
The wedding ceremony was simply lovely! They all looked great, the message was beautiful and timely, and nobody passed out!
The reception was a blast! The food was phenomenal. The music was fabulous. LLB and her dad did a choreographed father - daughter dance complete with groomsmen backup dancers. The guests loved it! Captain America was duly impressed - although his parents not so much. In their defense, they'd had 14 people sharing one house for a week. I think they were completely fried.
The following weekend was the Strawberry Festival. We are tired...
A couple of weeks after the wedding, Captain America and LLB headed off to get him settled at his base out in middle America. His wee car was packed to the gills!
Captain America's little brother graduated from high school and we attended his party which was very nice.
Since then, we relaxed a little bit, swam in the pool, had some adult beverages, and put our feet up. I've made a bunch of crochet items and am working on some small blankets for a charity, some  shawls, and some mittens.
We've moved some more furniture pieces into LLB's place and helped her set up her apartment. We hung pictures. We organized her closets. And it is really cute!
It's now mid-July. I've organized, filed, and inventoried the church's handbell music. I've chosen music for the year and sent the emails. I've got to purchase a few pieces to purchase for the other church, and then I'll be ready for September.
We've got one more party by the pool this summer - ok maybe 2... The water is great! Come on over - but call before you come so we can make some lemonade!