Friday, July 21, 2017

It's Friday!

Tomorrow is the DSF Wrap Up meeting and dinner here at The Crossing. It's supposed to be hot and very humid. Days like this make me really glad we have the pool. I got some new pool noodles today and I'm definitely looking forward to putting them to good use.
I made the pork, baked an angel old cake, defrosted the strawberries, purchased the cole slaw and the chips, and prepped the plates and utensils. Tomorrow, I'll get the wine out, make some lemonade, and deploy it all.
We checked the weather for tomorrow and have become a little worried about our party plans, as it is supposed to storm. The awning is good in the rain, but it's definitely not wind-proof. So... we may be eating indoors all over the house - which is ok, but I was kind of looking forward to setting up the pool deck and making it pretty.
I guess I'll dust and mop tonight just in case we have to have everyone inside. Of course, I know you all find it extremely unlikely that I'd ever have any dust or dirt of any kind in my house... LOL!

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