Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to school...

Or not...
Mr. got up and went off to work.
#1 got up and went off to school.
LLB got up and said, "Mom, my throat really hurts a lot."

I had a feeling something was brewing because she ate more than the rest of us at dinner last night. She's a big eater, but she out ate the 3 of us and went looking for more.

And... she's been talking around her tonsils since her last bout with strep 2 weeks ago.

She's got at doctor's appointment at 10:45.
I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: It is strep. Antibacterial resistant strep... They changed her antibiotic and told me if she wasn't better in 72 hours to come back.
I think she will be home with me tomorrow...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Venting, Stacking & Brownies...

The dryer: Mr. went under the house to replace the venting and found out why it was the plastic snakey stuff. It was next to pipes and over HVAC venting and stuff. We moved to Plan B. We cut off the smooshed part of the venting and replaced it with a brand new elbow. All is well with the dryer. It works like a charm!

So, now I can add my stimulus money to my "new windows" fund.

We stacked firewood yesterday. We had 3 cords of wood left to stack. The object of this endeavor is to get our wood pile stacked before the bugs and snakes come out. We made the children come and help us for 45 min. They were not happy, but they did it. We told them that this wood stacking was part of a mission trip to help a poor and needy family - that would be us. They did not find us very amusing. #1 informed us that he would be living in the city when he grows up. He will not be having a wood stove and we will be heating his house with a furnace. We laughed! We told him that he'd probably fall in love with a country girl who chops her own wood and eats only vegetables. He did not think we were particularly funny. We thought we were hilarious!

Mr. took off for the dump and Zeb and I continued to stack for another hour and a half. I wasn't particularly fast, but I got a lot done. Zeb was a huge help. He sniffed at the wood pile and kept me company. I also picked up a garden cart full of kindling (I'm not sure what we are going to do with it, but it's all together in one place.) and raked a bunch of leaves and wood shrapnel off the lawn.

Miss Piggy has gone home. She left last night after a lovely week at The Crossing. The Dancing Princess could not wait to have her home, and we - being pet owners ourselves - totally understand the feeling. Miss Piggy's family arrived bearing brownies. R's brownies are the best! We were sad to see Miss Piggy leave, but we were very happy to have those delicious brownies. Believe it or not, we didn't eat the whole pan last night. We saved some of it for today.

LLB was very happy to see her dear friend HP last night. They hadn't seen each other in quite a while because LLB got strep and missed the last couple of days of school before vacation. LLB missed her dear friend more than she thought - she told me so as I tucked her into bed last night.

This morning, my hands are tired. I don't think I could lift another log if I had to. I'm really glad -- oops... umm... I mean sad.. that I'm not going to be around to stack wood this afternoon!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dryer Day

Today is the day we re-vent the dryer.
Mr. got all kinds of nifty elbows and straight lengths of vent tube - the good kind... not that flimsy stuff.
He should be all set under the house. I figure the whole thing should take 15 minutes give or take.
For my part, I'll be more than happy to hook up the dryer to the first elbow. It's the least I can do. I'm such a generous, helpful wife.

Friday, March 28, 2008


So yesterday we found some shoes to go with LLB's dress. They are silvery gray with sparkles and are totally awesome!

We've been looking for LLB's Nintendo DS. I've torn my house apart - okay so the tearing apart was easy since the kids have been home on break all week. I've put my house back together. I've torn LLB's room apart. I've torn my car apart... Have any of you seen her pink DS? I need to find it so that I can have my red one back. She keeps borrowing it... That's fine, but really...

Miss Piggy has flipped her lid - um... I mean her house. She has this pink igloo that is her house. She keeps flipping it over. The first 4 days she was here, she didn't flip her house. Now.. she must be comfortable... She's flippin' that thing every 20 minutes! Oh - and she's a food bowl flipper, too. I think she eats the stuff she likes and then flips her bowl so she doesn't have to eat the rest. She's a smart pig!!

LLB is having her friend, A, over today. They are going to practice for the upcoming Solo and Ensemble Festival. HP is supposed to play with them. The girls figured they could add him in when he returns from his vacation. I think they just wanted another day to hang together...

The dryer situation is this: The vent tube is the problem - it is the wrong kind AND it is totally smooshed. Mr. is picking up the right kind and will install tomorrow. This means he has to go under the house into the crawl space. He is not happy, but he will manage. He told me he doesn't do heights and he doesn't do under. I told him that I do the heights so logic dictates that he does the under. He assured me that he was best suited to ground level. Hah! He's pretty funny!

So... that's all that's going on here. If you find that pink DS, please let me know. I'm out of ideas of where to look.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. We found a gorgeous dress for LLB to wear to the ball. It's teal. It's ankle length. It has beading. It has spaghetti straps.

2. Wanna see a picture of it? Sorry... You'll have to wait until the ball - 2 weeks.

3. Besides, we don't have the shoes yet.

4. She needs a cute shoe so that when she walks you can see how cute the shoe is.

5. We will shop for those today.

6. I just got a 30% off coupon for our favorite shoe store - DSW.

7. We will be going there - for sure!

8. Miss Piggy is doing just fine. She misses her Dancing Princess, but she's hanging in. She sure does eat a lot of hay!

9. The kitten caught her first rodent yesterday!

10. It was a vole.

11. She's going to be a great mouser.

12. I think my dryer is on the fritz. It's not drying.

13. I guess I know where my stimulus money is going...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Braces Off?

We aren't sure, but #1 might be getting his braces off today.
I'll let you know when I get back from the appointment...

I'm definitely ready to see his teeth again...

His braces come off in early May. Bummer.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vacation Day #1

It's Monday.
The children are on vacation this week.
They slept in this morning - so did I.
We are off to the mall in a little while to look for a ball gown for LLB.
#1 is bringing his money to purchase a Wii game. He's got cash burning a hole in his pocket, I guess.
We may do lunch while we are out and about...
Wanna meet us? Catch me on my cell...

Trumpet Update:
LLB played her trumpet in church yesterday - it was flawless and beautiful. She played Trumpet Tune and 4 hymns. The congregation was amazed - especially those who don't know her. She is a tiny thing and the huge sound that comes out of her trumpet is not exactly what you'd expect.

One of the older kids is home on break. He used to play the trumpet from time to time. When LLB was pointed out to him as "The Trumpeter", he said, "Wow.. she's good!"

(Why, yes, as a matter of fact she is good. And when you think that the child is only in 7th grade, that makes her phenomenal... thankyouverymuch.)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

At 9pm last night, we finished our eggs. The kids did a great job - as always. And yes, they are teenagers, but they still like to color eggs.
It seems the bunny still stops here. Fortunately, he dropped of a toothbrush for each of them along with their loot.
Zebbie also got a treat - thanks to Nicole. He got all natural dog cookies from Callie's in Colorado. They are his all time favorite treats. He saw the bag come out of the box, he gave a little slurp of the tongue, and his butt instantly connected with the floor. "Look, Mom... I'm sitting. Can I have one? Huh? Huh?

The kids want to go find their eggs...
I best get going.
Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


School projects make me crazy.
School projects - especially those assigned in Spanish Class - are simply assigned to drive parents insane.

The last Spanish project was to find a recipe for an authentic Spanish dish and either make it or describe how to make it in Spanish. #1 chose Paella. He described it. I don't have $100 for seafood to make that yummy dish - well, not for his classmates anyway. He got an A.

This vacation, #1's Spanish teacher assigned him a family tree project.
It's not that bad an assignment, but it's vacation!

Oh and when one side of the tree has six siblings and the other side has two, you get a very lopsided tree.

Just know that this foolishness is done.
#1 got sick of the whole thing as he was typing all the names into the computer so we could print, cut, make sticky, and then stick them onto the extremely lopsided tree. But he finished.

I am not 100% happy with the way it turned out, but since it's not my project, it really doesn't matter what I think. He'll get an A because he completed the assignment and it is pretty cool.

As I've told my boy before - Get your A and get out.

That's what he's doin'...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally... it's Friday...

The children don't have school.
They can sleep. They can rest.
And I don't have to drive anywhere.
I think they may have to color some eggs today.

Miss Piggy has adjusted to being back here for the week. Yesterday, she spent the day on LLB's lap being petted and loved. Zeb spent most of that time trying to lick her. She was getting a bit slimy, so we took pity on the poor thing and put her in her house. This morning she's a happy camper - chirping, jumping, and hay munching are her activities of choice.

Zeb and Angel just had a mini domestic disturbance. It seems that Angel is the alpha animal in the house. (I had no idea she wields so much power!) Zeb was going to chase the mini kitty, and Angel decided that she had had enough of his shenanigans... She hissed. He stopped dead in his tracks and barked. She hissed and growled and then let him have it with a series of mews and noises. He sighed and laid down on the floor looking totally dejected. I'd love to know what she said! Now he's sulking in the corner... It's quite pitiful...

The other day, when it was warm out, Mr. decided that we would clean the gutters on our house. Just so you know, Mr. doesn't do heights. I am the one who climbs ladders around here. We got the ladder out - it is one of those really long ones. We stretched it out and leaned it against the first section of gutter. I went up. I cleaned out the section. I came down. I must have repeated this about 20 million times or so. Gram doesn't do heights either. As I went past one of her windows, I looked in. She was totally wigging out! She sent Grandpa out to tell me that next time we need to clean the gutters, we are hiring someone. LOL! Mr. said that every time I started up the ladder...

The next day, I went to hop out of bed and my posterior revolted! Now, I do a lot of standing, a lot of stair running, and a lot of walking. People in my Jazzercise class tell me I have an awesome rear end, so I was thinkin' it was pretty toned up. Obviously, I was mistaken. Later that day, I started feeling it in my obliques and my abs. Walking and anything between a sit and a stand was difficult at best. It is now 3 days post ladder climbing. I can finally move without looking - and feeling - like I'm 90.

My tip for today is this: if you eat too much pie or too many deviled eggs this weekend, climb your ladders and clean your gutters. Your posterior - and your obliques - will thank you.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. LLB is home sick. Her strep is a wicked nasty strain this time. She tossed her cookies this morning and I'm waiting to give her the Zithromax. I want to be sure it is going to stay put.

2. Miss Piggy (the guinea pig) is coming to spend the week here while her family is on their vacation. It will be nice to have her visit.

3. LLB is supposed to play her trumpet on Sunday. I just hope she gets better so she can play it.

4. I am starting to ramp up the Youth Festival for November. I had hoped to be able to start that after Memorial Day weekend, but... It can't wait, I guess.

5. If you want to teach a class - let me know. Oh - and I need fun classes, so think of some for me, will you?

6. This is what I have so far: a banner making class, a scrapping class, a drumming class, a buckets class, a repertoire class... You got any other ideas? I need 16 classes. 8 in the morning and 8 in the afternoon.

7. The Easter Bunny is coming this weekend. I wonder if he will bring chocolate...

8. I've got to get my plastic eggs out and fill them with tiny treats so the youth group can hide them for the little ones on Sunday. The children can do that tomorrow since they don't have school.

9. Yesterday was warm here. Today the wind is whipping!! The kitten is sitting at the window watching everything blow around. She's fascinated!

10. I'm off at noon to help put the school book fair away. Even when my kid isn't at school, I am.

11. I think there is something wrong with that picture...

12. Speaking of pictures, I'm doing the band slide show again this year. I just got a whole cd full of pictures from one parent. I can only hope some other parents come through like this!

13. Well, I'm at the end and believe it or not, I'm out of things to say. I guess I'm not thinking about an awful lot this week.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

So, I try to be wordless...
LLB has a project that involves photography.
She has to take a picture of something in nature and then pair it with a poem - either original or from a book.

I sent her out with my camera the other day.
She took some awesome shots.
Here are just a few:

A crocus from our yard.
More little crocii...
Her all time favorite of a daffodil. I have to admit - this is wonderful!!

I can't wait to see what she comes up with for a poem.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ding Dong...

Yesterday, when I left the house to drive down to my church bell choir rehearsal, I really didn't feel like going. I was tired - okay, totally pooped out. I just wanted to curl up, spend time with my family, and veg. (I never got my nap in yesterday, but I did get a ton of laundry done!)

But, I got in my car and went. When I got there, I dragged myself in.

They started to play and wow! I was rejuvenated! They are excited to be ringing. They ring well! They laugh. They are just the best!

LLB is ringing huge bass bells with a woman, N. They are doing a great job with those heavy things! And the sound... oh the sound is just awesome!

I woke up this morning thinking I might do a cookout for them at the end of the season - that would be in May sometime.

Yup... I'm lovin' this church gig!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Beat!

I'm tired.
I've been going for weeks and today... Today I'm staying put.
I have to teach this afternoon and I have a handbell rehearsal tonight, but for the most part, I'm staying home... in my pajamas.

I'm going to clean my kitchen, vacuum my house, catch up on my laundry, flop on my couch, and take a nap.

I'm not going to Jazzercise.
I'm not volunteering at school.
I'm not anything... unless you want to have lunch... that, I can be talked into.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Solo Drama Update

Well, the senior tuba/sax got the solo, but... it wasn't all that great and the piece was a pretty lousy arrangement anyway. When that piece was finished, Gram looked at me, wrinkled her nose, and said, "I didn't like piece..." That says it.

#1 was fine about it, but by the time I got to see him in the afternoon, he'd had a while to process... #1 told me that he congratulated the kid and shook his hand. (He's a good boy!!)

When we got in the car, we told #1 that the tuba hadn't done such a good job with the solo and we liked the way #1 played it best. LLB told him that the tuba didn't have anything on him. She's such a good sister!

LLB's group did a terrific job yesterday! They played four selections including Pirates of the Caribbean. LLB was 3rd chair and was the most professional looking trumpet out there. She's very serious, holds her trumpet at the correct angle and sits straight in her chair. She and HP had a marvelous time.

The funniest thing with those two was this:
They had finished playing. They were coming to sit in the audience to hear the HS group. LLB had returned her bow tie to the bin, but HP had not. HP's mom mentioned his bow tie and he replied, "I don't know what to do with it." LLB reached up and started to unhook his bow tie. "No.. I know how to do that! I don't know where it goes." She dropped that bow tie like a hot potato, gave a little shrug, and said, "Oh.". Then she dragged him off to put it in the bin.

I turned to R and laughed! Her response, "They are just like a little old married couple".

OMG! You had to be there to see it. It was pretty funny!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Solo Drama

LLB and #1 are in their respective "honor" bands. This weekend is the rehearsal and concert.

I was sitting (almost hidden from view, but not really) on the steps waiting for the kids to come out yesterday when a kid (from another school) came out and tried to suck up to the high school level director for the event. He introduced himself and told the director that his first instrument is sax, but that he is playing tuba this weekend.

My thought - whatever...

Then he asked if he could challenge for the sax solo.

Radar goes up...

Mommy bear starts to emerge, but is quickly squashed back down. Don't want to make a scene if you don't know if YOUR kid actually has the solo.

Listening ears come out... I lean toward the conversation to make sure I don't miss anything.

The director says he can challenge.

#1 comes out.
"Do you have the sax solo?"
"Umm... yup. Just got it today because some kids left and won't be back (long story - their superintendent thought that because we had a bomb threat that his kids weren't safe, so they went home and aren't allowed back)."
"You know that a TUBA is challenging you for that solo tomorrow?"
"How do you feel about that?"
"He's a senior... I dunno."
"There is no way I'd let some TUBA player come in and take MY solo. I'd fight for it."
"Mom... you are right. I'm not going to let some brass player take my solo! He can rot before I give it to him."
Ah... that's my boy!

He came home and worked on it - it's Amazing Grace.
He played it beautifully.

I told him to play it from his heart and not from his head and he would be fine.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Smart what??

LLB and I were chatting in the car.

"Yeah. Because I'm smarticles like that."
"I'm smart and it tickles me that I'm smart.... Smarticles... It's my new word"

There is no problem with that kid's self esteem...

You heard it here first, folks!
I wonder how long it will take the people at Websters to pick up on that one.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. I'm getting tired.

2. I'm dropping some of my volunteer work.

3. When I'm done with my crafter chore, I'm going to hand that back to the powers that be and say, "I'm done. Find someone else."

4. I'm tired of the all the crap that is the Vestry. I may make the break later this year. The ONLY reason I would stay would be for Clearly and our mutual friend/lunch buddy, E.

5. My PTO spot. That's over in June. They are going to have to find someone else.

6. That should clear my calendar a bit.

7. I want to focus on what I enjoy.

8. I enjoy handbells.

9. This morning I'm off to help with the book fair at LLB's school.

10. The book fair is fun, but very dangerous to the pocket book. I'm hoping they only have books we've read.

11. Tomorrow, I have to help with a band thing. I love band things - especially band things that allow me to see both of my children in the same place at the same time.

12. Mr. and I are going to a St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday.

13. After this week, I'm definitely ready for some green beer...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call Me Dorothy

On my way home from the Handbell Conference in MD on Saturday, I sure felt like Dorothy and if I'd had Zeb with me, he could have been Toto!

I left Ocean City. It was breezy.
Okay, it was windy. I expect that near the ocean...

As I drove west, it got worse.
I was hanging on to my steering wheel with a death grip just trying to keep my little white marshmallow of a CRV on the road. (What it really comes down to is this: I need my wheels. I will NOT allow anything or anyone to hurt or damage my wheels in any way. Oh - and I can't afford a new car, so I didn't have much choice to but to hang on and take my lead foot off the gas.)

Going across that part of Delaware, it's flat farmland. There are no trees. It kinda felt like, I dunno - Kansas??

The wind was gusting - they said to 50 mph. I think it was more like 100 mph. There were wind advisories. I noticed that the advisories were moving towards me... towards the longest bridge I've ever gone over and the last one I had to cross to get home - The Bay Bridge. My fear was that they would close it - not that I'd be blown off the side, mind you!

(There are days when I know where LLB gets her ditziness!!)

I couldn't go very fast, so it seemed to take an eternity to get to The Bridge. As I approached, I had a moment with God. It went something like this, "I could use a little less wind right about now!" God has a wicked sense of humor - he sent me another gust. (He's pretty funny.) "Thanks! Appreciate that!" Then a light gust.

Ummm... thanks.

The other cars and I were in a line with lots of space between us. We went up onto the bridge. The sides of the bridge are made of metal bars that you can look through and see the water below... The whitecaps were looking more like those full fledged surfing kind of waves. At one point - about half way across - where the bridge is at it's highest and the wind was whipping (and my steering wheel was turned at a right angle so I could drive straight against the wind), there was a sign that said "Metal Grates".

I thought , "OMG! Are you even kidding me?! I am barely holding onto the road and now you are giving me metal grates to slide on?"

I glanced heaveanward, "You aren't very funny, you know!"
Know what I got?
Yup... another gust.

Almost immediately the thought, "Blog Fodder" came into my mind.
He really does have a sense of humor!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Time...

No - not the time change. I haven't adjusted.
I'm pooped, but that's okay.

I had a most awesome bell rehearsal on Sunday evening. LLB went with me to sub in for someone who can't make it on Sunday. She loved it!

You know you've hit the big time when your kid tells you that she likes the way you direct your choir and that she thinks you do it really well.

That's cool!

Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm off!

Well, after I pack my suitcase, load the car, and do all the other silly little things I need to do before I go...

Yes, I know it is Friday morning and I'm due to leave in a few hours. Yes, I know that I should have packed yesterday... But, I didn't. I still haven't quite decided what to wear and there is the problem. I best decide soon, huh?

I've got the kids' schedules on the chalk board - and Mr. is going to be really busy!

So - don't miss me too much!
I'll be back on line on Sunday sometime.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. The gray cat and the dog are playing tag out on the back 40.

2. The cat is chasing the dog.

3. So much for Zeb herding Angel... or any other cat for that matter.

4. I'm off to Ocean City for a Handbell Festival.

5. Stop by and say hi if you are there.

6. I'm the red one with the black spots.

7. I had my handbell class at school yesterday.

8. A colleague told me that 3 of my students were badly behaved on Monday afternoon.

9. I had to take LLB to the doctor that day so I asked them to put the equipment away in the closet.

10. Those students didn't put the foam away in the case nor did they put it in the closet. They just threw it all in the elevator and took off.

11. I let them have it. I told them that if I asked them to put something away, I expected them to do it. Whooee, were they shocked!!

12. I asked them to put it all away again yesterday. LLB's new lenses for her glasses were in and she needed them. Our appointment was before 4. I get out of class at 3:30. I had to get over to school and get LLB before I could turn around and head for the eye doc's.

13. I certainly hope they put it away the right way yesterday. If they didn't, I'll hear about it.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Hey! Lady!!!
Let me in! Hey! I see you lookin' at me! Open the door!
Hey!!! Open up!!! Lemmme IN!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


LLB didn't feel all that great yesterday, so I made an appointment with the doctor and took her in.
This meant that Mr. had to get #1. #1's practice was due to end between 5:15 and 5:30.
Our appointment was a double booking at 3:45. I figured we would be seen around 4:30.
I had to be in town for my bell rehearsal at 6:30. We figured we could meet for the pizza special and have dinner - you know... 45 min of family time before we headed out to our respective meetings and rehearsals.

At 4:45 they put us in a room.
At 5:10 they pulled us out and stuck an emergency patient in our room.
Now, I understand that emergencies happen... The girl was doubled over in pain and she was crying hysterically. (My guess: Appendicitis or some sort of withdrawal or ectopic pregnancy --- but we will never know.)

We sat in the hallway until 5:30 - I called Mr. at this point. #1 still hadn't come out of practice. Mr. was starting to worry that we wouldn't get to eat dinner together. We do anything we can to eat together and connect every day. Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't.

At 5:35 they put us in another room.
At 5:40, the doctor came in. He was very thorough.
I was worried that LLB's teeny tiny sinuses were clogged.
He was as well.
He stuck a light up in there and turned off the over head lights.
No light shone through... nothing... nada.
The kid is totally blocked.
She is not in pain.
You and I would be screaming...

He gave us our prescription and sent us on our way.
At 5:55 I called Mr. and told him we were on our way. #1 had just come out of practice. We were cutting it really close!!
We arrived in town at 6:10.
I handed LLB off to Mr. and ate about 25 french fries (Sorry, R!!)
It wasn't the 45 min. pizza meal we had planned, but it was better than nothing.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Perfect Post

Well, it's been 2 years since MommaK and Lindsay started the Perfect Post Awards. MommaK was inspired by a valentine post from a husband to his bride.
This time, I was inspired by D's Valentine Post.
It is amazing, and sweet, and wonderful.
Go read.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Sweet Funny

LLB didn't go with me to the Indoor Drumline Competition because she woke up with a raging cold. I was scheduled to volunteer all day, so we left her at home with the Grandbugs.

When I cam home for dinner, I mentioned to LLB that she might like to try Indoor Color Guard - they spin flags and toss rifles and swords to cool music and great choreography.

She looked at me horrified (She is the child who walks into walls.), "Mom, I'll knock myself out with the flag, the rifle will hit me in the nose and you know I can't do anything with a sword! I'll kill someone!"
"The sword is plastic."
"Mom... think about it."
"Okay. Forget I mentioned it... You do have a point."
"Yeah... and so does the sword!"

Okay then.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Trumpet News

Last night was LLB's District Festival band competition. Her school's 7th and 8th graders joined forces for this competition. They play level 3 music - it's hard stuff for middle school kids. Most of the other bands play level 1 and 2.

The kids were practicing when I got to school. They sounded good. The moms had the pizza and sodas ready in the cafeteria. Mr. H, the band director, had the kids playing past the pizza time. The mothers - such chickens they are - told me to go and tell Mr. H that it was time to eat. "He likes you", they said.

I shrugged and went off to tell him that the pizza was ready. No biggie. He's such a cool guy.

Anyway, the kids enjoyed their pizza. Then they headed off to change into their black pants and white shirts. I had no idea how many styles of white shirts there are...

We loaded the buses and headed off to the competition venue. On the way, we handed out bow ties and cumberbunds. The kids looked good. They were excited. They were a little nervous - especially the 7th graders who had never done anything like this before. LLB has been involved, so she was pretty cool.

They took the stage. They were true professionals. (It always amazes me that one second they are goofy middle school kids, and as soon as they take the stage, they are truly professional musicians.)

LLB was first chair so she was on the end where we could see her.

Mr. H made sure the kids were comfortable. He said a few things to them that we couldn't hear. His hands went up. The instruments went up. His hands came down and it was magic - pure magic!!

They played all three songs perfectly. It was absolutely beautiful.

LLB had a solo in the second song. Mr. H turned to her and gave her her cue. (Right then and there I thought I might puke - I was so nervous for her!!)
She hit that first note exactly the way he wanted it. From there, it was simply stunning. Gram leaned over and whispered something like, "Wow!!" Mr. looked at me and grinned. LLB played it like she had never played it before. It was just wonderful!

(This was the solo that was given to an 8th grader who decided he didn't want to play it. It was a good thing, because every time the 8th grader played it in class, he made a mistake. LLB never made a mistake and last night it was even better - proving to each and every person out there - including those nasty boys who tried to psych her out - that she was the best trumpet player there.)

The audience hooted and hollered after each song. We basically made a scene. We gave them a standing ovation after their last song. None of the other bands got that. (I know this because Gram and Grandpa had watched the previous 2 or 3 bands.)

They scored a 1 across the board for their performance and they deserved it. They scored a 2 for sight reading, but that's okay. They scored a 1 over all.

Gram told me that the band right before ours played one of the same songs but that it didn't sound anything like what we played. She said our group was phenomenal. Yes, she is biased, but she's critical... She can tell a good performance from a lousy one.

On the way out to the car, 2 or 3 people including a judge, stopped Mr. H and told him that they were really impressed with his band. That sure did make his day!!

Mr. H was thrilled with the performance. He was proud of each and every kid. He was oh so proud of our LLB. (He told us so on the way back to school.) We are very proud of our sweet LLB - she plays a mean trumpet!! (And, she works really hard!)

I think I'll have to buy her the t-shirt she wanted...
It says, "Be nice to me or I'll beat you with my trumpet!"
She deserves it.
And... it suits her.