Monday, March 24, 2008

Vacation Day #1

It's Monday.
The children are on vacation this week.
They slept in this morning - so did I.
We are off to the mall in a little while to look for a ball gown for LLB.
#1 is bringing his money to purchase a Wii game. He's got cash burning a hole in his pocket, I guess.
We may do lunch while we are out and about...
Wanna meet us? Catch me on my cell...

Trumpet Update:
LLB played her trumpet in church yesterday - it was flawless and beautiful. She played Trumpet Tune and 4 hymns. The congregation was amazed - especially those who don't know her. She is a tiny thing and the huge sound that comes out of her trumpet is not exactly what you'd expect.

One of the older kids is home on break. He used to play the trumpet from time to time. When LLB was pointed out to him as "The Trumpeter", he said, "Wow.. she's good!"

(Why, yes, as a matter of fact she is good. And when you think that the child is only in 7th grade, that makes her phenomenal... thankyouverymuch.)

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