Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Sweet Funny

LLB didn't go with me to the Indoor Drumline Competition because she woke up with a raging cold. I was scheduled to volunteer all day, so we left her at home with the Grandbugs.

When I cam home for dinner, I mentioned to LLB that she might like to try Indoor Color Guard - they spin flags and toss rifles and swords to cool music and great choreography.

She looked at me horrified (She is the child who walks into walls.), "Mom, I'll knock myself out with the flag, the rifle will hit me in the nose and you know I can't do anything with a sword! I'll kill someone!"
"The sword is plastic."
"Mom... think about it."
"Okay. Forget I mentioned it... You do have a point."
"Yeah... and so does the sword!"

Okay then.

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