Friday, March 28, 2008


So yesterday we found some shoes to go with LLB's dress. They are silvery gray with sparkles and are totally awesome!

We've been looking for LLB's Nintendo DS. I've torn my house apart - okay so the tearing apart was easy since the kids have been home on break all week. I've put my house back together. I've torn LLB's room apart. I've torn my car apart... Have any of you seen her pink DS? I need to find it so that I can have my red one back. She keeps borrowing it... That's fine, but really...

Miss Piggy has flipped her lid - um... I mean her house. She has this pink igloo that is her house. She keeps flipping it over. The first 4 days she was here, she didn't flip her house. Now.. she must be comfortable... She's flippin' that thing every 20 minutes! Oh - and she's a food bowl flipper, too. I think she eats the stuff she likes and then flips her bowl so she doesn't have to eat the rest. She's a smart pig!!

LLB is having her friend, A, over today. They are going to practice for the upcoming Solo and Ensemble Festival. HP is supposed to play with them. The girls figured they could add him in when he returns from his vacation. I think they just wanted another day to hang together...

The dryer situation is this: The vent tube is the problem - it is the wrong kind AND it is totally smooshed. Mr. is picking up the right kind and will install tomorrow. This means he has to go under the house into the crawl space. He is not happy, but he will manage. He told me he doesn't do heights and he doesn't do under. I told him that I do the heights so logic dictates that he does the under. He assured me that he was best suited to ground level. Hah! He's pretty funny!

So... that's all that's going on here. If you find that pink DS, please let me know. I'm out of ideas of where to look.

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