Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. The gray cat and the dog are playing tag out on the back 40.

2. The cat is chasing the dog.

3. So much for Zeb herding Angel... or any other cat for that matter.

4. I'm off to Ocean City for a Handbell Festival.

5. Stop by and say hi if you are there.

6. I'm the red one with the black spots.

7. I had my handbell class at school yesterday.

8. A colleague told me that 3 of my students were badly behaved on Monday afternoon.

9. I had to take LLB to the doctor that day so I asked them to put the equipment away in the closet.

10. Those students didn't put the foam away in the case nor did they put it in the closet. They just threw it all in the elevator and took off.

11. I let them have it. I told them that if I asked them to put something away, I expected them to do it. Whooee, were they shocked!!

12. I asked them to put it all away again yesterday. LLB's new lenses for her glasses were in and she needed them. Our appointment was before 4. I get out of class at 3:30. I had to get over to school and get LLB before I could turn around and head for the eye doc's.

13. I certainly hope they put it away the right way yesterday. If they didn't, I'll hear about it.

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