Sunday, March 30, 2008

Venting, Stacking & Brownies...

The dryer: Mr. went under the house to replace the venting and found out why it was the plastic snakey stuff. It was next to pipes and over HVAC venting and stuff. We moved to Plan B. We cut off the smooshed part of the venting and replaced it with a brand new elbow. All is well with the dryer. It works like a charm!

So, now I can add my stimulus money to my "new windows" fund.

We stacked firewood yesterday. We had 3 cords of wood left to stack. The object of this endeavor is to get our wood pile stacked before the bugs and snakes come out. We made the children come and help us for 45 min. They were not happy, but they did it. We told them that this wood stacking was part of a mission trip to help a poor and needy family - that would be us. They did not find us very amusing. #1 informed us that he would be living in the city when he grows up. He will not be having a wood stove and we will be heating his house with a furnace. We laughed! We told him that he'd probably fall in love with a country girl who chops her own wood and eats only vegetables. He did not think we were particularly funny. We thought we were hilarious!

Mr. took off for the dump and Zeb and I continued to stack for another hour and a half. I wasn't particularly fast, but I got a lot done. Zeb was a huge help. He sniffed at the wood pile and kept me company. I also picked up a garden cart full of kindling (I'm not sure what we are going to do with it, but it's all together in one place.) and raked a bunch of leaves and wood shrapnel off the lawn.

Miss Piggy has gone home. She left last night after a lovely week at The Crossing. The Dancing Princess could not wait to have her home, and we - being pet owners ourselves - totally understand the feeling. Miss Piggy's family arrived bearing brownies. R's brownies are the best! We were sad to see Miss Piggy leave, but we were very happy to have those delicious brownies. Believe it or not, we didn't eat the whole pan last night. We saved some of it for today.

LLB was very happy to see her dear friend HP last night. They hadn't seen each other in quite a while because LLB got strep and missed the last couple of days of school before vacation. LLB missed her dear friend more than she thought - she told me so as I tucked her into bed last night.

This morning, my hands are tired. I don't think I could lift another log if I had to. I'm really glad -- oops... umm... I mean sad.. that I'm not going to be around to stack wood this afternoon!

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