Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally... it's Friday...

The children don't have school.
They can sleep. They can rest.
And I don't have to drive anywhere.
I think they may have to color some eggs today.

Miss Piggy has adjusted to being back here for the week. Yesterday, she spent the day on LLB's lap being petted and loved. Zeb spent most of that time trying to lick her. She was getting a bit slimy, so we took pity on the poor thing and put her in her house. This morning she's a happy camper - chirping, jumping, and hay munching are her activities of choice.

Zeb and Angel just had a mini domestic disturbance. It seems that Angel is the alpha animal in the house. (I had no idea she wields so much power!) Zeb was going to chase the mini kitty, and Angel decided that she had had enough of his shenanigans... She hissed. He stopped dead in his tracks and barked. She hissed and growled and then let him have it with a series of mews and noises. He sighed and laid down on the floor looking totally dejected. I'd love to know what she said! Now he's sulking in the corner... It's quite pitiful...

The other day, when it was warm out, Mr. decided that we would clean the gutters on our house. Just so you know, Mr. doesn't do heights. I am the one who climbs ladders around here. We got the ladder out - it is one of those really long ones. We stretched it out and leaned it against the first section of gutter. I went up. I cleaned out the section. I came down. I must have repeated this about 20 million times or so. Gram doesn't do heights either. As I went past one of her windows, I looked in. She was totally wigging out! She sent Grandpa out to tell me that next time we need to clean the gutters, we are hiring someone. LOL! Mr. said that every time I started up the ladder...

The next day, I went to hop out of bed and my posterior revolted! Now, I do a lot of standing, a lot of stair running, and a lot of walking. People in my Jazzercise class tell me I have an awesome rear end, so I was thinkin' it was pretty toned up. Obviously, I was mistaken. Later that day, I started feeling it in my obliques and my abs. Walking and anything between a sit and a stand was difficult at best. It is now 3 days post ladder climbing. I can finally move without looking - and feeling - like I'm 90.

My tip for today is this: if you eat too much pie or too many deviled eggs this weekend, climb your ladders and clean your gutters. Your posterior - and your obliques - will thank you.

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