Friday, February 29, 2008

The Verdict

I dropped it back in the lap of the Vestry Chair.
I told her that I would be late to the meeting, but that the bell group agreed to move the rehearsal up 30 min so I wouldn't be as late as I was going to be originally. I told her if that was unacceptable that she could fire me (please!).
I'll let you know what happens next.

Should I Stay or...

I got a phone call from the Vestry Chairperson yesterday morning. I had emailed her last week to tell her that I would be late for the next meeting that is 2 weeks from now because my new bell choir has a rehearsal. They are playing for Palm Sunday and I cannot (okay, will not) skip that rehearsal. Anyway it seems that my being late has put some people's knickers in a twist. (I have never ever missed a meeting...) I told her that I was sorry, but I really needed to make the rehearsal.
Then I asked her "If I'm late to this meeting are they going to boot me off the vestry?"
"That is a very real possibility."
That is not the answer she was expecting.
I explained to her that I was not happy and that I do not like being on the vestry. (As a matter of fact, I hate it. I did it because Mr. just didn't have the time... I basically took his bullet.)
I hate the politics. I hate having to be the one who states the obvious. (Now that Clearly is also serving, it's better, but I still hate it.) I enjoy the people, but the rest of it... you can have.
(To be honest, I was enjoying it until we got reamed out for not attending Ash Wednesday services last year. That left a very sour taste... As a matter of fact, I don't go to anything Lenten - ever - because of that.)
The chairperson gave me an out. She basically told me I could quit.
I think I will.
Me - the one who always honors a commitment is going to run for it.

So... what do you think I should do? I have 18 months left. Should I stay or should I go??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ringin' my bell...

I had rehearsal with the church ladies last night.
They are a dream choir for me.
They read.
They can ring.
They don't need constant supervision or instruction.
They mark their music and don't whine when it looks hard.
They are ready to play and when my hands go down, sound comes out of the bells.
They don't tell me to "wait a sec." , or "hold on", or "I'm not ready!"
It's really nice and for the first time in a very long time, I am enjoying directing. The school choir is fun, but it's a ton of work - discipline, prep time, grades, etc.
This choir is a blast!!

Last night I brought some different music for them to play. It wasn't "churchy" if you know what I mean. It was challenging, it used all 5 octaves, it used their chimes, AND it was fun.
They loved it. They smiled. They worked hard. They enjoyed themselves.
When rehearsal was due to be over, I asked them if they wanted to keep going. Guess what they said... "YES!" How cool is that?!

I'm a very happy camper...

Monday, February 25, 2008

It was a wild weekend...

Even when I was a college student, I wasn't much of a party animal. This weekend has been a series of parties. I'm thinkin' I'm gettin' too old for this stuff!

Saturday evening I picked up Clearly and headed off to MommaK's for a "Mommy Needs a Cocktail" party. OMG! What a blast! I only wish that the other bloggers had put their blog names on their name tags. I recognized a few. I had a lovely chat with "Why Mommy". She's simply wonderful!! I adore her. I also ran into some friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. It sure was nice to catch up!!

I got home from there early because I had to be up at 0 dark hundred to be at the church in town for bells. They played at the 8am service and they were wonderful, by the way! LLB didn't need to play, so she made the trip down for nothing, but she didn't mind keeping me company, so it was okay. From there we flew off to get some over priced gasoline, a gift card for HP, and a hashbrown and an iced coffee for me and LLB.

We went to see HP's confirmation at their church after a quick stop at home to put ice on Zebbie's injured foot/leg. (He was gimpy again on Saturday and by Sunday he wasn't walking at all. He is much better this morning... he was running to the door on all 4 feet.)

After HP's confirmation, we headed off to his house for a relaxing afternoon filled with great conversation and phenomenal food. The venison barbeque was to die for and the chocolate cake... just heavenly. (Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard - ahh the memory of it melting in my mouth!) Maybe I'll just drop by today to see if there are is any leftover chocolate cake. I'll even bring my own glass of milk - it was that good!

Upon arrival home, LLB played her trumpet and the Grandbugs dropped in for beer can chicken. We traded church stories. Between the two families we hit 3 different churches and 4 different services. I'd say we're were spiritually set for this week.

This week looks like it's stacking up to be another busy one. I'll keep you posted on our comings and goings... We've got bell rehearsals, band stuff, and our regular school stuff... It's a good thing we like to be busy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Making myself clear...

I don't think I was perfectly clear in my last post, as I get the feeling that some of you just don't get what I was sayin'. Maybe it's because you don't know me in real life..

Anyway, let me make make myself clear...

#1 is an excellent saxophonist. He will continue to play in the elite band. He will continue to take sax lessons. He will continue to play with the Sax Ensemble and Jazz Band because he honors his commitments. He will march with the marching band. He will participate in all the musical opportunities offered to him because he actually enjoys playing the sax.

He will run track, too. The thing is that track and Sax Ensemble meet at the same time after school one day a week. He wants desperately to be part of a sports team. Sports teams supposedly make you cool. He doesn't want to be known as that band geek that runs track.

(Pardon me while I roll my eyes and sigh....)

He wants to be cool or hot or lukewarm or whatever the term is today. I understand that, but I also understand that he has to honor the commitments he makes. He made a commitment to Sax Ensemble months ago...

That said, the boy has informed me that he needs an upgrade to his sax. Yes, my friends, an upgrade to a professional quality sax. Ummm.. that's like 6 windows worth or 8 plane tix to Denver worth of sax. (I'm still mulling that one over... That's a lot of moolah right now.)

So - he likes to play. He will continue to play. He's a serious musician.
I just want him to honor his commitments.

Of Saxophones and Track..

We're having an issue.
#1 has a gift. A God given gift. He is a really good sax player.
He's one of "those" kids who really doesn't have to work all that hard at it but IF he did, he'd be more than amazing.

On the way down to the school last night he mentioned that he wanted to quit Sax Ensemble so he could run track. I assured him that he could do both. That was not what he wanted to hear.
He told me that they didn't need him.
He told me that his friends B and E were in the Ensemble and that he was an extra.
Alas, he has a commitment and he WILL honor that commitment to the ensemble. End of discussion.

Fast forward to the concert.
#1 is in Wind Ensemble - the elite concert band group - you know.. the one where the kids are wicked good and compete for first chair and care if they get it... that one.

The kids go up on the stage and sit.
Who is First Chair?
You guessed it - #1
I almost fell out of my seat. He is in 9th grade. The rest of the sax section is older. We all know that preference goes to the Senior.
The child never said a word.
I thought, "Wow... that's pretty cool... good for him..."
Then... the child had a solo.
Did he happen to mention that?
The solo - it was phenomenal!
He blew my socks off!
The kid is amazing.

Oh.. did I mention that his sax needs to be fixed. I can only imagine how great he will sound when it is fixed.

I will not allow him to waste that gift.
I can't.

He can run track.
He can swim.
He can jump up and down for all I care, but the child WILL play that sax, too.
He will learn that you aren't a geek or a dork because you play an instrument and are in the band. You are talented.
Talented is a good thing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. It snowed - very briefly - yesterday. They canceled all of the kids' afternoon activities. LLB was VERY unhappy about that - as were all the other band kids.

2. LLB and I went looking for a Spring Ball gown - since everything was canceled for a dusting of snow. We didn't find anything yet.

3. We did find a cute dress for the Instructional Dinner. She loves it and it's cute and it was on sale!!

4. It is supposed to snow tonight.

5. I'm staying home all day today. I'm going to do laundry and pick up my house. My poor house has been neglected for the past few days. It needs some serious TLC.

6. Although, there doesn't seem to be much point in doing that since the children will be home tomorrow and will just put it back into the state it is in now.

7. I am way behind on my scrapbooking. Maybe I'll do that instead.

8. #1 has a concert tonight. Lets hope they don't cancel all after school activities today, too.

9. I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Although, it is kind of busy.

10. LLB and I are getting our eyes checked on Saturday morning. I know we both need new glasses. I think I'm going to just get new lenses. I love my rimless glasses and my bows are fine. I might get a new shape lens though. What do you think? Should I go more rectangular? More oval? More round?

11. I'm going to ask for my prescription and order some funky new frames and lenses from Zenni Optical.

12. I'm willing to take a chance on $8 glasses. I don't think I have much to lose.

13. The most important thing happening this weekend is that I'm going to a party on Saturday. I need ideas. The hostess is having a chocolate fountain. I told her I'd bring some things to dip in chocolate. I know about strawberries, but the ones they had at the store were awful. I didn't buy them. I did buy bananas. So - what else can you dip in a chocolate fountain??

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ding Dong Update

Last night I had my first rehearsal with the church bell choir in town.
The ladies are sweet and nice and simply wonderful. They accepted me and were extremely well behaved. They didn't talk much. They were attentive. They were NOT doing what they usually do. I know this. I know that they were feeling me out. I also know that they didn't want me to run away, so they were good. Next time, I'm sure it's all over!

The music that was chosen for them to play - THIS SUNDAY!! - was easy and they play it well. There was more music in their books - a piece for Palm Sunday and a piece for after Easter. That music - eewww! They aren't playing that stuff. It's awful! (Not the way they play it. The music itself is just yucky!!)

I asked them about playing different types of music. They are game for anything. I have some pieces I purchased for school that I think we might be trying out. The church has a contemporary service that the ladies want to "invade". I'm always up for causing a little ruckus. They are a very talented bunch and they just want to ring. These ladies are my kind of ladies. I think I might want to stay with them forever... Don't mention that little tidbit to Mr. just yet, k?

LLB's music teacher was very sweet and very nice. She is an excellent ringer. LLB told me that she said was very excited to have me - a bell person - as a handbell director. We'll see how long that lasts! Of course, LLB told her I was a mean bell director. LOL!! That little scamp talking out of school like that!!

This bell choir is playing on Sunday. At 8am. Oh.. did I mention that they are one person short? LLB is going to come with me and fill in. Some things never change. And, yes, it's the least she can do - that scamp!

Monday, February 18, 2008


This weekend I went through LLB's closet and dresser. We cleaned out all the clothing that is too small. The Dancing Princess is going to be very very happy. I have an enormous bag of wonderful goodies for her. The Goodwill is also going to be very happy. I have another humungo bag of things for them.

Mr. finished the trim in LLB's room. It looks beautiful! I wonder what he is going to say when he finds out that we still have the closet doors and the baseboard trim in #1's room to do...

I want to get moving on the kids' bathroom, but I can't start that just yet. I'm saving my pennies for other things. The bathroom needs new flooring (as in tile), new sink, new vanity and a new light fixture. Heck, my bathroom and the laundry/bath down here need all that, too! I best keep saving...

I'm thinking about skipping my Jazz class today.
The guilt is too much to take...
If I leave in 5 min. I can still make it.
I'll catch you all later.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Watch, Listen, and take note

I found this over at House of Zathras.
I normally don't say anything political on my blog.
Heck, I don't talk politics outside my home - Mom always told me it wasn't polite.

But, this is important. Look and listen.

Or Click here:

Revolving Cat Doors

We have two cats.
The mini kitty still thinks she's a dog. She wags her tail.
(No, our dog does not have a tail. I have no idea where she learned that trick!)
The cats like to go outside.
Not to run and be free.
Not to chase bugs or blowing leaves or other creepy crawly things.
They like to go out, because when they come in, they think the "food fairy" will have left them a full bowl.
Silly kitties.
The "food fairy" only comes twice a day.
So, they ask go out - okay, umm ask is putting it nicely. They whine until we can't take it and we throw (umm I mean let) them out.
They sit on the deck for 30 seconds. We've timed them. (Yes, we need a life!)
Then they scratch at or climb the french door and whine until we open it.
Once the door is open, they run in and jump up to their food bowl.
It is still empty. It is not dinner time. They already had breakfast...
Darned food fairy didn't show up again?! You should see the dirty looks we get!!
Then the whole thing starts over.
Once in a while, they figure out that the "food fairy" is not delivering. They turn to other forms of torture:
They curl up on my desk. They make room for themselves by pushing my stuff off of my desk. Yes, that is extremely helpful.
They walk on the counter and across Mr.'s keyboard... another very helpful thing that is not at all appreciated.
They taunt the dog.
They taunt the children.
Then they ask to go out.
History repeats itself... over and over and over.. all day long.
Anyone need a tail wagging, door climbing, dog taunting cat?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

About that resolution...

My resolution was to say "no" more often. I did okay with that until this week.

Some history:
Back in September I went to a handbell directors' seminar. When I was there, I met a woman who basically offered me the opportunity to take over a 5 choir program at her church. She was leaving to go to a larger church (probably for more money). I thanked her and said "no".

Fast forward to Christmas:
We went to see a Living Christmas Tree at that church in town. I sat with a friend of mine who begged me to take over the bell choirs because they weren't really ringing at all. I told her that I really couldn't do that, but to let me know if it got worse or if there was something special for which they needed bells, and I'd help out.

Fast forward to this week:
I got a plea from the woman who had approached me in September. It seems the music minister they hired at this church left. That left the handbell choir - the only one still functioning - with no director and they were floundering. They begged me to help them.

You know how you feel a nudge and you ignore it... Well, I've been nudged and I've even been shoved... I'm feeling a shove here. So, I said I would take on this choir and get them through until June.

Yesterday I was in the office at LLB's school signing in. Her math teacher came up to me and said, "I got an email about you yesterday."
"OMG! What did I do now?!"
"You are taking over our bell choir!"
"That's your bell choir?"
"Yes, and we are soo happy to have you!"
Well, bust my buttons! Go figure... LLB's math teacher!!
Wish me luck...
I start on Monday.
I just hope I don't jeopardize LLB's math grade...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Since I have not done a real WW in a few weeks, I decided to post 3 pictures today.

This is my odometer - it reads my birth month and year. How often is that going to happen?? LLB took the picture while we were driving through town. I'm sure the people behind us were wondering why the flash kept going off in our car!

This little fellow was chowing down on nut when I was at the bus stop. I was bored so I rolled the window down, pulled the lens out as far as it would go, and snapped his picture.

This is another "bus stop boredom" picture. These vulture-like creatures were chowing down on a dead thing. The two in the center left seemed to be discussing their meal. I wonder if they are the bird world's carrion critics.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My mother used to make us invisible when we picked at each other, picked at our food, or basically irritated the heck out of her.

I hated it - but I was gullible. Nicole, on the other hand, was smart and way braver. She knew they couldn't MAKE you INVISIBLE. She called them on it. She is still the smart one.

I may have to take a page out of Mom's book.
This is what I've been hearing:

"You love her more than me!"
"How come he gets to sit in the front?"
"You never yell at her!"
"How come you picked him up first?"
"She started it, but I get in trouble. No fair!"
"He/She is the favorite..."
"Mooommmm.... blah blah blah..."

Deliver me!!
What? Are they 2??

I think I might make myself invisible (to them - not to the grownups in my world). Yup, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

When I pick them up from school, I'm going to tell them, "You can't see me. I'm invisible!"
And then, I'm going to be quiet so they can't find me.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Desk

Is a total disaster!
This is not all my fault.
There are iPod cables, white out, fruit roll-up papers, track forms, Smartmusic microphones, shoe laces, and other miscellaneous things - including one gray cat - that I did not deposit on my desk.

The bills - those are mine and they are paid.

My computer - which sits prominently on my desk - is the one the children are allowed to use (with my permission and my typing in a password). They seem to bring their assorted junque with them and leave it for me as a memento of their visit. Don't they understand that I don't want their leavings? They can visit, but I would really appreciate it if they took their crap with them on their way out.

Every few weeks, when I can't stand it one more minute, I clear off the desk - with the exception of the cat because we all know that the cat does exactly as she pleases without any regard to anyone's wants or needs. I file all my bills. I get rid of the kid clutter. I toss all the stuff I couldn't find when I needed it. I get one quick look at the clear, but cat filled expanse...

If I blink,the mess is back and a younger person is in my chair asking me to type in the password. How does that happen so fast?? So I was going to clear my desk today, but there doesn't seem to be any point... I think I'll just shut the doors and walk away.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Pokey Lumberjack

You remember the "Lovely Piece of Ash" we had in the back yard?
Well, Mr. has an acquaintance who builds boats. He wanted our lovely piece of ash. Mr. told him, "No problem, just come and get it and it is yours."
He showed up...
The last time he came he was 2 hours later than he said and he cut exactly one piece of wood in 3 hours.
He showed up yesterday.
He and a pal worked from 9:30 - 11:30am and we only heard the chainsaw twice - and it was two short bursts.
They went to lunch. They came back and worked until 5:30.
Grandpa went out to see what they got done.
They cut the top off of one log.
They cut one long piece.
That was it.
Good gracious!!
If he works any slower, he might stop!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


So I was helping in the band office this week and I mentioned to the band director that I'm happy to help with his flute players. I only mentioned it to him because there was one section of one piece that was pretty bad -- it had to be pretty bad for me to notice. Normally I just tune it all out when I'm there, but lets just say, there was no tuning that out.

Yesterday, he asked me if I could help during 2 class periods. I said sure, what day? He meant yesterday. I ran home, got my flute, and headed back to school. I asked him what he had in mind.
He told me to get the music that the kids are playing for the competition coming up.
I did that.
Then he told me that he wanted me to sit next to the couple of kids who were having problems and basically play in their ears.
(I thought he might have me take one or two and work on rhythms and notes with them. I was wrong.)
I did as he asked.
I am good at sight reading, but... OMG! They play that stuff really fast! I had never seen the flute part, just the trumpet part. Just so you know, they look really different. Sight reading at top speed is a skill I mastered yesterday...

I am not sure I helped the flute section, but I did tell one girl that the As were flat - except for the last note - that one is natural. That alone should have made some difference.

Oh and during the 8th grade class, we had a bunch of rests that we counted through. I came in where I thought I should. I was alone in my endeavor. But, guess what? I WAS RIGHT!!! LOL!!! The director said, "You were right!" I laughed. I told him it was probably the only time in my life that I was right.

HA! Take that, you silly 8th graders!! I might be "old", but I can count! (I had better be able to count, I'm a handbell director. That's all I do is count!)

I did help one poor 7th grade clarinet who was sitting behind me. His sound was really airy. I asked him if his reed was up high enough. He showed me a very chipped reed that was low down on his mouthpiece. I told him to move it up a little to see if helped. It worked. I made his day. So - if that's all I did, I feel my day was productive.

Today, whooee my stomach muscles are sore! I forgot how much you use your tummy to play. (Oh and by the way... the last time I played - really played - was in April at the retreat and I was umm... drinking beer at the time. I was so afraid my instrument was going to smell like a brewery when I opened it up in class!!)

It was fun to sit in and play. I enjoyed almost every minute of it. The 7th graders were the funnest - probably because they know me and I know them. They liked that I was there and that was pretty cool. I just wish LLB was in that class, but she's not a woodwind...

LLB and I are going to practice this weekend. There are only a couple of spots that are hard and they are only hard because they play 'em so darned fast!! I will learn it. I will know it. I will be good enough to be first chair!

I wonder where LLB gets it??

Friday, February 08, 2008

Top o' the heap

LLB got first chair in band.
Not just for the 7th grade.
She got it for the whole 7th and 8th grade.
She is a very happy trumpeter!!

Her name was listed first on the roster when the kids came into the band room yesterday. (I was there volunteering in the band office - just out of sight.) The 8th grade trumpets were pretty funny.
"Hey, did you get first?"
"No, some girl... LLB did."
"She's that 7th grader."
"We got beat by a 7th grader?"
"Yeah, but she's really good."
"Oh... Do we know her?"
"Yes! She's that girl with the red trumpet."
"Oh. She is good."
"We have one more playing test to beat her."
"Yeah.... sigh... I think she might still get first."

Yes, boys... she will get first because she wants it more and she works harder than all of you. :-)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. The other day I read a post over at Jules' about stopping a cough.

2. She said that you put vicks vaporub on your feet and then put on socks.

3. I emailed her to find out if you slather the vicks all over your feet or if just put on the bottoms.

4. She told me that you just put it on the bottoms.

5. I filed that tidbit of information until last night.

6. Mr. was coughing and wheezing all over the place. (I couldn't take it!)

7. He said he was going up to put on his pajamas. I suggested the vicks since he was going up anyway.

8. He balked! He assured me that it "just wasn't going to work!", BUT he tried it.

9. He came down stinking of vicks...

10. I waited while he complained that this silliness was not going to work.

11. He did not cough. I grinned, but said nothing.

12. I waited while he did the dishes... (It seems vicks on your feet makes you feel better all over!) I finally had to giggle. He still wasn't coughing!!

13. He did NOT cough. He coughed exactly two times last night -- all night. He feels much better. So.. If you get a cough, slather vicks on the bottoms of your feet and put on some socks. It works! It really really works!! Thanks Jules!!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Here's my great picture of Zeb that Blogger didn't like this morning.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Mr. is sick... again.

He is back on Zithromax. He can't breathe. His throat is sore. He is just a miserable mess. He seems to just get over it, and it comes back.

I will be spending the day with my friend, the bleach bottle. Together we will disinfect every single surface. That means every door knob, handle, phone, counter, toilet, and toothbrush.

Yesterday I got most of the laundry caught up. Today, there will be more. That's they way it is with rabbits and laundry. Today I will change and bleach every set of sheets including the duvets. I've got to get rid of the germs...

I need my Mr. back.

So - here's a stock tip for you - Buy Clorox.
I'll be using a lot of it today.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Listening Skills

Mr. has been busy with work the last few weeks. He has been programming like a fool at every hour of the day. I know this because he and his laptop are parked at our kitchen island near the heat of the wood stove.

LLB had to be at the high school on Saturday morning at 7:15 to catch the bus - with the rest of the district band kids - to the district band venue an hour or so away.

On Friday and a few days before that, Mr. and I were discussing the Saturday bus. I was whining that it was at the high school. He said that he would take her on Saturday and then go to his church activity.

On Saturday morning, LLB was ready to go. Mr. was nowhere to be found. I went looking and found him in the shower. I said, "What are you doing? You have to be there at 7:15. It's 6:50. You should be leaving now... it takes 20 min. minimum to get there."

"I have plenty of time."
Well, at 6:55 they pulled out of the driveway.
LLB wanted me to take her, but Mr. "really wanted to take her"... so he did.


At 7:10 I received a call from Mr.
"You didn't tell me that she had to be at the high school."
"I did tell you. We discussed it. I whined about having to go there and that's when you said you'd take her."
"Oh... I guess I wasn't listening."
(No foolin'!)
"We aren't going to make it."
"The bus leaves at 7:30. You can make it. Just drive! If you don't make it, bring her back and I'll take her!" I was NOT happy and my tone of voice was not calm or sweet or nice...
"No... I'll take her."
"You don't know where it is, and you don't know where you are going."
(They don't call him Wrong Way for nothing.)
"You can direct me over the phone."
"No I can't! Just drive! And if you don't make it, bring her back!"
We hung up at that point.

At 7:25, the phone rang again.
"Did you make it?"
"Yes, we made it. The band directors got a good laugh when I told them that the middle school is awfully quiet this time of day. I couldn't understand why you were so hot and bothered that we hadn't left by 6:50."
"What did they say?"
"They were laughing! Then I told them that I thought your hand was going to shoot out of the phone and dope slap me."

He is very lucky that I'm too cheap to pay for that option... But, it just might be worth it.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flat butt...

Did you know that your butt can indeed become flat on one side?
It can when you spend hours sitting on the band room floor playing Sudoku on your DS while waiting for your LLB's District Band rehearsal to be over.

We arrived at 10:40. Not bad considering the ice and the rain.
A staff member greeted us at the door, told her to get her trumpet out, seated her in rehearsal and handed me her trumpet case. I was told I could leave.

I answered nicely, but my lightning fast thought process was this: Umm... I think NOT. Lady, I don't know you. Just because you asked for my cell phone number doesn't mean I trust you. Her band director isn't here. Besides, I just drove an hour to get here and I have to pee really bad. So, I'll wait after you direct me to the nearest bathroom, thankyouverymuch.

When I put her trumpet case in the auditorium, I ran into some of the high schoolers from #1's HS band. It always amazes me that no matter how old they get, they are always happy to see a friendly face when they are out of their "element". I told them where I would be if they needed me.

One of them did come and find me. She told me how upset she was with their district director. He was making fun that our high school was closed. He told the whole district band that they sounded so good because our school wasn't there. I told her that I didn't blame her for being upset. I also told her that if he said one more derogatory comment that they should all stand up and call him on it. That man and the people in charge will hear from me! The director is a moron with no sense of class or manners. The staff obviously didn't take attendance. That - is the most frightening.

I did leave for about an hour or so after LLB was finished with lunch and on her way back to rehearsal. She was with a few other kids from her school who had straggled in. She knew where #1's friends were if she needed help and they were aware that I was running out to get lunch. (I cover all my bases!!) Besides, by that time I was starving and my butt was really sore. I needed a break.

When I got back to the school, her band director was there. He had arrived within minutes of my departure to find sustenance. That made me feel a lot better to know that they hadn't been "alone" the whole time. (LLB and her friend A came to find me when they had a break. I was seated on the band room floor where I had spent most of the morning. She was very happy to see me. This is how I know that she really doesn't like to be left. Yes, I know she's in 7th grade, but still.)

I only had to sit 2 more hours before we were dismissed.

We arrived home 10.5 hours after we left.
She had sore lips. I had a sore butt.
I'd say it was a productive day...

Friday, February 01, 2008


That's what we've got - a film of ice all over almost everything.
There is no school here, but the place where the District Band is meeting still has school.
Know what that means?
That means I have to drive there.
LLB wants and needs to be there.
So... I'll change out the tires for ice skates and get her there.

Actually, I'll wait until the temperature is above freezing and then head out.
She has to be there at 9:45. She might be a few minutes late. But, I WILL get her where she needs to go because she desperately wants to be there. She is probably the only kid who went to bed hoping there would be school today.

Her trumpet playing is very very important to her. She worked really hard to get to District. The least I can do is work as hard to get her there, right?

So... if you need me... I'm the one skating down the highway!