Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ding Dong Update

Last night I had my first rehearsal with the church bell choir in town.
The ladies are sweet and nice and simply wonderful. They accepted me and were extremely well behaved. They didn't talk much. They were attentive. They were NOT doing what they usually do. I know this. I know that they were feeling me out. I also know that they didn't want me to run away, so they were good. Next time, I'm sure it's all over!

The music that was chosen for them to play - THIS SUNDAY!! - was easy and they play it well. There was more music in their books - a piece for Palm Sunday and a piece for after Easter. That music - eewww! They aren't playing that stuff. It's awful! (Not the way they play it. The music itself is just yucky!!)

I asked them about playing different types of music. They are game for anything. I have some pieces I purchased for school that I think we might be trying out. The church has a contemporary service that the ladies want to "invade". I'm always up for causing a little ruckus. They are a very talented bunch and they just want to ring. These ladies are my kind of ladies. I think I might want to stay with them forever... Don't mention that little tidbit to Mr. just yet, k?

LLB's music teacher was very sweet and very nice. She is an excellent ringer. LLB told me that she said was very excited to have me - a bell person - as a handbell director. We'll see how long that lasts! Of course, LLB told her I was a mean bell director. LOL!! That little scamp talking out of school like that!!

This bell choir is playing on Sunday. At 8am. Oh.. did I mention that they are one person short? LLB is going to come with me and fill in. Some things never change. And, yes, it's the least she can do - that scamp!

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