Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flat butt...

Did you know that your butt can indeed become flat on one side?
It can when you spend hours sitting on the band room floor playing Sudoku on your DS while waiting for your LLB's District Band rehearsal to be over.

We arrived at 10:40. Not bad considering the ice and the rain.
A staff member greeted us at the door, told her to get her trumpet out, seated her in rehearsal and handed me her trumpet case. I was told I could leave.

I answered nicely, but my lightning fast thought process was this: Umm... I think NOT. Lady, I don't know you. Just because you asked for my cell phone number doesn't mean I trust you. Her band director isn't here. Besides, I just drove an hour to get here and I have to pee really bad. So, I'll wait after you direct me to the nearest bathroom, thankyouverymuch.

When I put her trumpet case in the auditorium, I ran into some of the high schoolers from #1's HS band. It always amazes me that no matter how old they get, they are always happy to see a friendly face when they are out of their "element". I told them where I would be if they needed me.

One of them did come and find me. She told me how upset she was with their district director. He was making fun that our high school was closed. He told the whole district band that they sounded so good because our school wasn't there. I told her that I didn't blame her for being upset. I also told her that if he said one more derogatory comment that they should all stand up and call him on it. That man and the people in charge will hear from me! The director is a moron with no sense of class or manners. The staff obviously didn't take attendance. That - is the most frightening.

I did leave for about an hour or so after LLB was finished with lunch and on her way back to rehearsal. She was with a few other kids from her school who had straggled in. She knew where #1's friends were if she needed help and they were aware that I was running out to get lunch. (I cover all my bases!!) Besides, by that time I was starving and my butt was really sore. I needed a break.

When I got back to the school, her band director was there. He had arrived within minutes of my departure to find sustenance. That made me feel a lot better to know that they hadn't been "alone" the whole time. (LLB and her friend A came to find me when they had a break. I was seated on the band room floor where I had spent most of the morning. She was very happy to see me. This is how I know that she really doesn't like to be left. Yes, I know she's in 7th grade, but still.)

I only had to sit 2 more hours before we were dismissed.

We arrived home 10.5 hours after we left.
She had sore lips. I had a sore butt.
I'd say it was a productive day...

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