Friday, February 22, 2008

Of Saxophones and Track..

We're having an issue.
#1 has a gift. A God given gift. He is a really good sax player.
He's one of "those" kids who really doesn't have to work all that hard at it but IF he did, he'd be more than amazing.

On the way down to the school last night he mentioned that he wanted to quit Sax Ensemble so he could run track. I assured him that he could do both. That was not what he wanted to hear.
He told me that they didn't need him.
He told me that his friends B and E were in the Ensemble and that he was an extra.
Alas, he has a commitment and he WILL honor that commitment to the ensemble. End of discussion.

Fast forward to the concert.
#1 is in Wind Ensemble - the elite concert band group - you know.. the one where the kids are wicked good and compete for first chair and care if they get it... that one.

The kids go up on the stage and sit.
Who is First Chair?
You guessed it - #1
I almost fell out of my seat. He is in 9th grade. The rest of the sax section is older. We all know that preference goes to the Senior.
The child never said a word.
I thought, "Wow... that's pretty cool... good for him..."
Then... the child had a solo.
Did he happen to mention that?
The solo - it was phenomenal!
He blew my socks off!
The kid is amazing.

Oh.. did I mention that his sax needs to be fixed. I can only imagine how great he will sound when it is fixed.

I will not allow him to waste that gift.
I can't.

He can run track.
He can swim.
He can jump up and down for all I care, but the child WILL play that sax, too.
He will learn that you aren't a geek or a dork because you play an instrument and are in the band. You are talented.
Talented is a good thing.

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