Friday, February 01, 2008


That's what we've got - a film of ice all over almost everything.
There is no school here, but the place where the District Band is meeting still has school.
Know what that means?
That means I have to drive there.
LLB wants and needs to be there.
So... I'll change out the tires for ice skates and get her there.

Actually, I'll wait until the temperature is above freezing and then head out.
She has to be there at 9:45. She might be a few minutes late. But, I WILL get her where she needs to go because she desperately wants to be there. She is probably the only kid who went to bed hoping there would be school today.

Her trumpet playing is very very important to her. She worked really hard to get to District. The least I can do is work as hard to get her there, right?

So... if you need me... I'm the one skating down the highway!

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