Monday, February 18, 2008


This weekend I went through LLB's closet and dresser. We cleaned out all the clothing that is too small. The Dancing Princess is going to be very very happy. I have an enormous bag of wonderful goodies for her. The Goodwill is also going to be very happy. I have another humungo bag of things for them.

Mr. finished the trim in LLB's room. It looks beautiful! I wonder what he is going to say when he finds out that we still have the closet doors and the baseboard trim in #1's room to do...

I want to get moving on the kids' bathroom, but I can't start that just yet. I'm saving my pennies for other things. The bathroom needs new flooring (as in tile), new sink, new vanity and a new light fixture. Heck, my bathroom and the laundry/bath down here need all that, too! I best keep saving...

I'm thinking about skipping my Jazz class today.
The guilt is too much to take...
If I leave in 5 min. I can still make it.
I'll catch you all later.

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