Saturday, February 16, 2008

About that resolution...

My resolution was to say "no" more often. I did okay with that until this week.

Some history:
Back in September I went to a handbell directors' seminar. When I was there, I met a woman who basically offered me the opportunity to take over a 5 choir program at her church. She was leaving to go to a larger church (probably for more money). I thanked her and said "no".

Fast forward to Christmas:
We went to see a Living Christmas Tree at that church in town. I sat with a friend of mine who begged me to take over the bell choirs because they weren't really ringing at all. I told her that I really couldn't do that, but to let me know if it got worse or if there was something special for which they needed bells, and I'd help out.

Fast forward to this week:
I got a plea from the woman who had approached me in September. It seems the music minister they hired at this church left. That left the handbell choir - the only one still functioning - with no director and they were floundering. They begged me to help them.

You know how you feel a nudge and you ignore it... Well, I've been nudged and I've even been shoved... I'm feeling a shove here. So, I said I would take on this choir and get them through until June.

Yesterday I was in the office at LLB's school signing in. Her math teacher came up to me and said, "I got an email about you yesterday."
"OMG! What did I do now?!"
"You are taking over our bell choir!"
"That's your bell choir?"
"Yes, and we are soo happy to have you!"
Well, bust my buttons! Go figure... LLB's math teacher!!
Wish me luck...
I start on Monday.
I just hope I don't jeopardize LLB's math grade...

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