Friday, February 08, 2008

Top o' the heap

LLB got first chair in band.
Not just for the 7th grade.
She got it for the whole 7th and 8th grade.
She is a very happy trumpeter!!

Her name was listed first on the roster when the kids came into the band room yesterday. (I was there volunteering in the band office - just out of sight.) The 8th grade trumpets were pretty funny.
"Hey, did you get first?"
"No, some girl... LLB did."
"She's that 7th grader."
"We got beat by a 7th grader?"
"Yeah, but she's really good."
"Oh... Do we know her?"
"Yes! She's that girl with the red trumpet."
"Oh. She is good."
"We have one more playing test to beat her."
"Yeah.... sigh... I think she might still get first."

Yes, boys... she will get first because she wants it more and she works harder than all of you. :-)

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