Monday, February 11, 2008

My Desk

Is a total disaster!
This is not all my fault.
There are iPod cables, white out, fruit roll-up papers, track forms, Smartmusic microphones, shoe laces, and other miscellaneous things - including one gray cat - that I did not deposit on my desk.

The bills - those are mine and they are paid.

My computer - which sits prominently on my desk - is the one the children are allowed to use (with my permission and my typing in a password). They seem to bring their assorted junque with them and leave it for me as a memento of their visit. Don't they understand that I don't want their leavings? They can visit, but I would really appreciate it if they took their crap with them on their way out.

Every few weeks, when I can't stand it one more minute, I clear off the desk - with the exception of the cat because we all know that the cat does exactly as she pleases without any regard to anyone's wants or needs. I file all my bills. I get rid of the kid clutter. I toss all the stuff I couldn't find when I needed it. I get one quick look at the clear, but cat filled expanse...

If I blink,the mess is back and a younger person is in my chair asking me to type in the password. How does that happen so fast?? So I was going to clear my desk today, but there doesn't seem to be any point... I think I'll just shut the doors and walk away.

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