Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's April 30th!

Today is a big day at The Crossing.
Little Ladybug is 11 today!
I can't believe that it has been 11 years since she hatched out. Time sure does fly.
Happy Birthday, Little Ladybug!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh the Noise, Noise, Noise

Check out my house!!
Isn't it gorgeous? Don't you just love those black shutters? I am going to paint the door a deeper redder red this weekend and then it will be just about perfect!! I have a couple more things that have to happen: the lights need to be put back, the gutters need to go on and that horrendous antenna has to come off the chimney. But it sure is coming along!!

There are many people banging on my house at the moment. There is a machine grading the back yard. The noise is unbelievable. I can barely keep my thoughts in order. And my family wonders why I'm at the end of my mental rope when they get home after work and school...

I went to the vet this morning with 2 cats and one guinea pig. The cats cried the whole way there. Fortunately for me, the vet is only about 15 min. from the house. When I arrived at the vet, I found that Miss Dottie had peed a river in her crate. Stinky stinky... Marmalade has fish breath... another stinky one.... Great!! So, I haul my pets in there and they put me in a tiny room... I'm thinking that the vet was greeted by a huge wall of stench when she opened the door. (I could have farted and they never would have known!)

You all remember that last year the vet wanted to clean Marmalade's teeth and then he would lose them... Well he's lost many and only has 12 teeth left. So the vet now wants to pull those teeth out. Guess how much that costs? Go ahead... take a guess... Ready - sit down - $695. Give me a break!!! It doesn't cost that much to pull human teeth out and those are much bigger than cat teeth. Needless to say, Marmalade will continue on the soft food diet and will not be having his teeth out. They can fall out and maybe the tooth fairy will visit him.

Yesterday at about 4:45 after all the construction guys had left, a big truck pulled up. I went out to find out what was happening. This guy says he's the fireplace guy. I said something along the lines of "um.. okay". He proceeds to tell me that he has some problems with the chimney. Do I look like I have a clue?? Let me remind you how much I know about duct work and chimneys - I know nothing and at that hour I really didn't care! I had made all the decisions I was going to make for one day! Then he wanted to know a bunch of other things. I was getting more annoyed by the second because I was supposed to be getting ready to go out on a date with Mr. Bug. I called the builder - "Hey, Lee, it's Ladybug. The fireplace guy is here and he's asking me stuff and telling me stuff and I don't get it. Will you talk to him?" All this was said without a breath mind you...
"Sure, put him on."
I love my builder!!

Let me move on to the date. Mr. Bug is so lucky! He didn't even have to pay for the date. It was the Library Volunteer Reception last night. They had a lovely buffet of shrimp salad sandwiches, coldcut rollups, some sort of meat sandwiches, shrimp and dip, salsa and chips, desserts and more. It was yummy. Mr. Bug enjoyed every bite as did I. The best kind of date is a free date!!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Twenty Two?

I got tagged for a meme, so I decided to do it today. Yes, I know there are 22 items... But it is still a TT if you ask me!

I AM: still sane - I think...
I WANT: this addition to be finished so I can walk around my house in whatever outfit I so choose.
I WISH: I had bundle of extra cash.
I HATE: washing windows, doing laundry, and weeding the garden.
I MISS: good chinese food.
I FEAR: nothing and everything.
I HEAR: the birds twittering and the cats chattering at the birds.
I WONDER: when this addition will be finished and if my parents will like it...
I REGRET: not moving here 5 years sooner.
I AM NOT: ready for my children to grow up.
I DANCE: in the kitchen... I never said it was pretty...
I SING: in the car.
I CRY: at commercials, sappy movies, sad/happy songs, and when my children perform in public. I should buy stock in Puffs.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: "with the program".
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: scrapbooks, scarves, blankets, a comfortable home,
I WRITE: because it means I don't have to make a million phone calls and say the same thing over and over.
I CONFUSE: myself - I don't mean to do it - it just happens
I NEED: to remember to take time for myself.
I SHOULD: stay home and get some housework done, but I'm not going to do that...
I START: doing the newsletter for the newcomers group in May - it's a one year stint.
I FINISH: most of the books I start.
I TAG: Suzy

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

This was taken on Saturday afternoon. They have finished the back and are working on the front as I write this.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about Our Trip to New York City?

Little LadyBug and I left here for NYC on Wednesday morning - early. We met the ballet teacher and 4 teenagers at the airport. Our flight was uneventful and everything went without a hitch.

LLB and I were dropped off at American Girl Place in plenty of time to meet our friends. LLB was so excited to see hear dear friend, R!! We had lunch - delicious! We saw the show - absolutely terrific! We shopped!! LLB got a Josephina and 2 outfits. We had everything shipped home so that we wouldn't have to carry it all over NYC and home on the plane. I'm such a smart mommy!

We left our friends at about 4:15pm and walked up 5th Ave. window shopping as we went. The clothes are gorgeous. We were supposed to meet the ballet teacher and the rest of the kids at Broadway Dance. When we finally got to the viewing area outside the classroom one of our teenagers was sitting outside the room. I asked her why she wasn't dancing. It seems the teacher asked her to leave. I was appalled! Then we watched 4 other students get asked to leave. That kind of left a bad taste in my mouth... Eventually 3 of our teenagers were watching the class with us - they said it was way too hard and that the teacher was gunning for them. We visited and chatted while we waited for the others.

That night we saw Sourcing Stravinsky - a modern dance recital - at a small theater someplace. The show was terrific! The dancing was phenomenal. We were absolutely pooped and headed back to our apartment for bed.

Thursday morning we had our first class at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center. What a beautiful facility!! The teacher was excellent and spent a lot of time with LLB. Technically, she was too young for that class, but we got special dispensation for her and she held her own quite well. She enjoyed herself immensely in that class!! The dancers in that class were absolutely terrific and they were all wonderful and sweet to my LLB and the other kids.

That afternoon we headed back to Broadway Dance for a Jazz class. Again, I was not impressed and the kids couldn't wait for the class to end. They did learn a few things but when they got out of class they talked about the people in the class not what they had learned. A complete flip flop from the earlier Ailey experience.

That evening we saw Avenue Q. If any of you have a chance to see it - spend the money and go! It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. We all loved it! It is not appropriate for young children. The language is a bit to be desired and there are a couple of other things that are inappropriate for younger viewers. I'd say it's PG 13. LLB loved it and would see it again, so those two things didn't bother her at all.

Friday we went to Peridance for ballet. LLB enjoyed her class very much. Then it was off to China Town for shopping and lunch. LLB got a gorgeous silk jacket, a pair of $3 slippers, 2 sparkly barrettes, a pink NYC sweatshirt, and we even found a grey NYC t-shirt for #1 son.

That night we saw the Lion King on Broadway. It was a very nice production. Excellent singing and dancing. The only thing we didn't like was that we were seated right under the air conditioner. We FROZE! We complained, but we were told that the rest of the theater was sweating. We offered to trade seats, but...

A rainy rainy Saturday brought us back to Ailey. They all took Afro-Jazz. That was LLB's favorite class! We hit the bagel place for lunch and then LLB went to Ailey for Hip Hop while the others went to Broadway Dance for another class. LLB learned some cool moves and thoroughly enjoyed her class. The teacher was sweet and moved LLB to the front because she is so tiny. The teacher stopped me after the class and said that my LLB is a terrific kid and a real trooper. (That she was... she was 10yrs old in a class of grown-ups who have been taking the class since September!!) LLB is a fast learner and wow!! she did great!

We had tickets for the 10:30 showing of Stomp! What a great great show. We were in the front row. It was phenomenal! The performers didn't say a word, but they were so expressive that you could tell exactly what they were saying... See Stomp!

Sunday was our day to come home and LLB and I were definitely ready. We are country mice and we like our fresh air, green grass, and space. We hopped an earlier flight.

It is fun to go away, but coming home is the best!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We're Off...

Like a herd of turtles...

LLB and I are off to NYC.

And since they did our roof today, I don't have internet access anymore anyway...

Catch you all late Sunday or early Monday!

Don't miss us too much!



It was 9:30pm. Everyone was asleep. Out.Cold. Snoring.
The telephone rang.
We were so asleep we didn't know what was making that awful ringing sound.
I figured it out first and said, "I think it's the phone".

FYI - Mr. Bug leaves the house at 4:45am. He goes to bed at 9 and is asleep by 9:05.

Where I come from, you NEVER EVER call anyone after 9. It is inappropriate, selfish, and rude.
I don't even call my own mother after 9 unless I email or IM her first and ask if I can call.
Grandpa Bug goes to bed early, too. I don't want to wake him up. Besides, it is impolite to call after 9.

Needless to say, the phone woke Mr. Bug out of a dead sleep.
Mr. Bug was NOT happy. Who wee was he mad! He has a huge presentation today. He definitely needed his sleep.
(I was pretty upset myself. I had been off in dreamland...)

It was the ballet instructor checking on last minute items for the NYC trip. Do you think that she might have been able to call me in the morning? I am up early. Do you think that maybe she could have called me at 8pm or any time earlier in the day? There were no ballet classes scheduled this week... She may have been busy, but... really now... We aren't leaving until Wednesday morning. I have told her before not to call after 9. Alas, she didn't listen or didn't check the clock or... whatever.

At 9:33 I finished the call. The damage had been done. Mr. Bug couldn't sleep.
He unplugged the bedroom phone. (I think I will remove it from the bedroom permanently.)
My sweet Mr. Bug had a really hard time falling back to sleep.
4:30 came mighty quick!!

Poor Mr. Bug...
Maybe we should give the ballet teacher a call now... it's 5:15. Think she's up?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Weirdness

Good morning, everyone!

Today is the first day of my kids' spring break. #1 Son is still asleep. Ahhh... the sounds of silence... how lovely. Little Ladybug has decided to try to do her own ponytail. She's in the bathroom with a brush and a woobie. I'll let you know how she does.

I have to teach this afternoon. It is pouring buckets. I have a yard full of giant puddles with the largest lake being right next to the addition. The septic guys took down my tube that takes the water from one of my gutters AWAY from the house and I am absolutely sure that my crawlspace is wet. I may just float away... and to top it all off, our guinea pig is stinky and I changed her crate yesterday... I am not happy. I will move on and I will get over it.

#1 Son made the National Junior Honor Society! We got his letter on Friday. He worked very hard to keep his grades up and we are so proud of him. I actually still have my card from NJHS. I'll have to dig it out and show it to him.

I am getting ready to go to NYC with Little LadyBug. Fortunately, she'll be dancing every day so she can get away with very few articles of clothing - her leotard and tights with jazz pants over it. I'll have her throw on a t-shirt and she's done. Her suitcase will be light - I'll have to fill it with munchies! My suitcase? Well, I am finishing up the laundry so I can pack all my favorite things.

LLB has just informed me that she will not be wearing all the brand new Hanna Andersson stripey dresses I purchased for her last year per her request. She told me that they are too babyish. Are you kidding me? They are all cotton dresses with shorts. I guess I will be dumping them on ebay sometime soon. I hope I can get most of my $$ back!! She did tell me that the linen outfit is okay and that the hot pink seer sucker dress with the capris is fine, and that the lime green seer sucker top with the white capris will do - well, gee isn't that special? Well, at least she's honest... I guess I'm done with Hanna Andersson and I'll be off to Lands End for her this fall.

I was tagged -- So now I guess you need to know 6 weird things about me...

I did this a little while back, but I'm sure I can think of six more weird tidbits about myself...

1. I love to eat breakfast for dinner. Heck, I like to eat breakfast for every meal.

2. I don't like to wear real shoes. I love my tennies.

3. I wear socks year round. My feet feel very uncomfortable unless they are in nice white cotton socks.

4. I like to decorate for all the holidays, but the 4th of July always stumps me. I put up my flag and that's it. How boring is that??

5. I fall asleep on my left side. If I fall asleep on my right side, I wake up dizzy the next day.

Well, there you go... 6 more weird things... If you want to be tagged, let me know.

Have a good day!!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny made a stop at the Crossing last night and dropped of this loot. Little Ladybug is the only one up and moving, so she has already taken a long look at her take. Her favorite - the 1lb solid chocolate bunny. Nobody likes chocolate as much as Little Ladybug.

The children are currently searching for the last two eggs. It seems that the Bunny is a good egg hider. Hee hee hee

Our cat, Marmalade, gets wet cat food because he has no teeth. His teeth have been falling out over the past year. I don't do implants for cats, so the easiest way to get food into the poor thing was to give him wet food. The other cat, Angel, still has to eat the dry. She actually has teeth. She doesn't appreciate this no wet food rule.

Mr. Bug thought that Marmalade was flinging his food out of his bowl while he ate, since we kept finding little specks of food all over the floor around the bowl. I assured him that our dear orange cat was not a slob. Yesterday morning Mr. Bug discovered exactly who was flinging food... The little Miss Angel is the food flinger! She sneaks over to the bowl and grabs a hunk of wet food - it's like a drug and she NEEDS to eat it - and drops it on the floor. She proceeds to eat it and fling little bits all over. I'm not sure how she does it, but it is gross. I end up with little bits of wet food in a 3 foot radius all over the floor. Great! We have a food flinging cat!

We cleaned out our attic yesterday. The church is having a yard sale in the not too distant future, so we got all our stuff out and ready while we had the time. At first, we thought we only had a few things and now... well... we have a ton of crap... umm I mean lovely little items... to dump... uh I mean sell. Our attic looks great! I can actually find things up there now. Did you know that along with the regular attic stuff like Christmas trees, camping equipment and antique baby items, we have a museum worthy collection of Macintosh computers and a hideous collection of vinyl records? Well, we do! There are some things we just can't part with. Now this junk: we can part with!! I don't like looking at the mess in the garage, but it won't be too long before it's all gone -- I hope! If you see anything you want, let me know!

Well, it's waffle time! I'm going to go eat my fill!

Have a very Happy Easter!

Lady Bug

PS - Too many chocolate eggs all at once WILL give you a sore tummy...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Roof, Roof, Roooof

The roofing guys came yesterday and put the roof on. The house looks terrific with it's architectural shingles. As the house gets more complete, it gets harder to fit in the frame! Here's the dining room - check out those windows!! We will be able to see what we are eating - and yes, that's a good thing!

Grambug has an issue with people who leave crap in her kitchen. She likes her current 3.267 feet of counterspace and the table clear of junk - any kind of junk. We used to come home from school and drop our stuff in the kitchen... NOT a good idea...But, we did it every single day -- You'd think we might learn. Anyway, I was taking my own ten cent tour around the house and came across this lovely little pile - it is the only pile of debris in the house... I had to laugh! It's in the kitchen!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Friday...

I had a really busy day yesterday. I left for school with the children (and Miss Dottie) at 8am. When I returned around 1pm the guys were putting in the windows and doors. Doesn't it look terrific?

What a difference, huh? Those piles on the roof aren't extra chimneys, so don't get excited... those are packages of roofing shingles. I guess they are going to be starting to shingle the roof soon. That's a good thing, because it is supposed to rain this weekend... I'd really like to stay dry.

This is my favorite view of the west wing.

So anyway...

I went shopping yesterday... I stopped in the intimate apparel section because they were having a bra sale. Little LadyBug was amazed at some of the sizes - as was I. Who knew that over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders came THAT big?? At one point, LLB picked one up and held it up to her bent knee and whispered excitedly, "Look, Mum! My knee fits in there! Wow! That's a big boob!" (I think she may have been holding a C cup!) I chuckled for quite a while about that one.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Needs To Do Before She Leaves For NYC

1. Get Miss Dottie to school for Pet Day. She really needs her nails clipped. Gee, if I have to hit the vet for that, I might as well take the cats in for their annual checkup, too...

2. Go to the orthodontist to get the Panorex and then get #1 Son to his oral surgeon consultation for his cyst. Then we have to hope that they can get it out on Monday or Tuesday before I leave.

3. Have the girls over for scrapbooking tomorrow evening.

4. Clean my house so that I can have the girls over for scrapbooking tomorrow evening. The children don't have school tomorrow. Maybe I'll recruit them to do this chore. I'm sure they won't want to do it, but the Easter Bunny is coming on Sunday. I wonder if they are going to want candy in their baskets... Extortion - it's a wonderful thing!!

5. Get the Newcomer's Directory to the printer. Yup, it's finished!!

6. Pick out bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

7. Pick out lighting.

8. Teach my handbell classes. Doesn't it figure that my spring break is this week and my kids' spring break is next week.

9. Figure out what I'm going to wear to the theatre every night while in NYC. I might have to purchase something black and wrinkle free. Lord knows I'm not going to iron while I'm in NYC!! Any ideas? Oh - and I've got to purchase some new underwear - I simply cannot go to NYC in these old bloomers!

10. Figure out what Little LadyBug is going to wear at the theatre while in NYC. She has a lovely pair of black velvet pants. I might have to find her a blouse or a top to go with those...

11. Balance my checkbook. (It's all fun and games around here - NOT!)

12. Pay the bills - I can't leave that until I get back. Besides, I need to know how much I can spend.

13. Pack the suitcases!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday...

So, did you all miss me yesterday??

I was off on a field trip with Little LadyBug. We went to a historical park south of Richmond called Pamplin Park . It is a gorgeous place where some of the battles took place. There is a really nice museum there, as well. If you need an educational stop on your vacation, I recommend this place.

We learned all about what it was like to be soldier during the Civil War. We learned about their clothing - man oh man am I glad we have something other than wool pants and jackets to wear during the hot summer months. They had one blanket - I can't live without my down comforter and fleece sheets!! They thought the battle would last two weeks... They were incorrect as we know from our history books!

We learned about the punishments doled out to soldiers who were naughty - gamblers, drinkers, and just plain lazy guys - they embarrased the heck out of them. They made them stand on a box with a sign around their necks holding a log across their shoulders for 12 hours a day for 3 days... They also made them sit on a log horse high in the air holding a stick sword. If they were really bad, they had to wear weights on their legs... for 12 hours a day for a week... Ouch!! I'm thinking that if you are a guy, that horse thing has got to hurt!

The kids got to re-enact the battles. They learned how to march, how to manipulate their guns (they got these cool wooden guns to use), and how to run up the battlefield and then drop down when the shooting began. They had to figure out where to fight from (behind a fence is the best place). They had to yell bang every time they shot their weapons. It was really fun!! I'm originally from New England, and up there they would never ever give a kid anything that even looked like a gun - I DO love the South!!

Now for the wordless part of my post...

Ok - so I can't do it --- we got windows and doors yesterday!!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Paul?

Paul was Mr. Bug's dear friend. He passed away on Thursday night surrounded by friends and family. He will be missed.

His favorite city was Montreal. This is Mr. Bug's favorite picture of Paul. He's sitting on the balcony in Montreal with Mr. Bug's brother. He enjoyed sitting and watching the world go by while he chatted and laughed. Paul loved Mr. Bug's Montreal family. Paul was part of the family. Mr. Bug's brother hosted Paul in his home one weekend every month for the past 3 or 4 years - it may have been longer...

We went to Montreal for the weekend one summer - a bunch of us in a 15 passenger van. Paul drove. He drove FAST! I think we may have made it to the city in less than 4 hours. Paul enjoyed the night life, the shopping, and of course -- the girls.

Paul chaperoned a ski trip with Mr. Bug and me many many years ago. Paul played basketball with the kids during the evening activity time. He towered over most of them and they all wanted him on their team!! Paul managed to set off the fire alarm in the dorm with the steam from his shower. It was pretty funny!! Paul was a terrific skier. He challenged the kids to black diamond runs and managed not to lose any of them on the way down. He was one tired puppy at the end of the weekend!!

Paul was neat as a pin. He was known to wash people's floors while he waited for them to get ready to go out. His peanut butter jar was a sight to behold. He would scoop out the peanut butter and manage to keep the peanut butter level and the sides clear. I haven't figured out how he did that one yet... He was always looking for gadgets to keep his things neat. I had a toothpaste tube squeezer thingy on my toothpaste tube. He saw it and asked me what it was - it was bright green. When I told him, he got so excited that I gave him mine. He appreciated the little things!

Paul loved cars. He had winter cars and summer cars. He knew how to fix them, how to drive them, and every little thing about them. His most recent car purchase was a GTO. He loved that car! He loved the Impala, too. He was a car kind of guy. His car was neat, too. He had a trash bag that he emptied every trip. Mr. Bug still can't get past that one!!

Paul was a great guy and he will be missed!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Men Never Listen

My Auntie sent this to me last night. I just had to share it. Please remember that I have a warped sense of humor...

In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied.

A nurse noticed his predicament.
Sir, she said " You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall."

He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch.
Each button was identified by letters: WW, WA, PP, and a red one labeled ATR.
Who would know if he touched them?

He couldn't resist.. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom.
What a nice feeling, he thought. Men restrooms don't have nice things like this.

Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.

When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure.. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure.

When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn't wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy.

Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, and a nurse was staring down at him.

"What happened?" he exclaimed. The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button.

"The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your penis is under your pillow."


Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Feast

Name a trait you share with your parents or your children.
My daughter looks exactly like I did at her age. I have my mother's sensibility and my father's sense of humor. I have my dad's spacial sense - I can pack a suitcase, a closet, or a car better than anyone!! My son and I are tall like my dad.

List 3 qualities of a good leader, in your opinion.
Honesty, Integrity, Common Sense

Who is your favorite television chef?
Julia Child

Main Course
Share a story about a gift you received from someone you love.
I received my engagement ring in the toe of my Christmas stocking. The thought of it still brings a smile to my face.

How do you react under pressure?
I deal and then melt later. I turn to family for support.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thankful Thursday 13

Thirteen Things on LadyBug's Mind Today

1. Mr. Bug is off to visit a friend who is dying of melanoma. We are thankful that this friend hasn't suffered too much. If you have a mole, and it looks funny, please have it checked - don't pretend it is nothing!!! Do it for the LadyBug.

2. We have a memorial service for an elderly gentleman on Saturday. He lived a full life and has gone back to medical school.

3. When I kick the bucket, I'm going to medical school. It's the only way I'm getting in!!

4. #1 Son is the crucifer for that service. What an honor!!

5. We are thankful that the house is almost closed in. It looks beautiful.

6. We are thankful that the septic guys didn't turn off our flushing capabilities while they install the new system.

7. I was at ballet the other night when a woman came in and told us we can't park on the street. There aren't any No Parking signs. I am thankful she left before I lost my temper. I did NOT move my car!

8. I think the ballet instructor was upset with me because I refused to move my car.

9. I don't dig my heels in for much, but I wasn't moving my car because some old bitty didn't like it parked there. When the county puts up a sign, I won't park there...

10. The trees are blooming here. The dogwood is ready to pop!!

11. I think I made some really nice friends in the past year.

12. Two of my dear friends are moving into beautiful homes this spring/summer. I am so pleased for both of them. I do hope they remember that we will help them move - if they feed us.

13. Life is short. Enjoy it!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Happiness Fairy

A very good friend of mine sent me this:

I got the biggest bang out of it that I wanted to share it with all of you.

I Found It!!

You all remember that I had an ugly - ok hideous - phone jack thingy in my front yard. It is about 4 inches by 4 inches square and about 30 or so inches tall. Oh - and it is a "lovely" shade of vomit green. I have been looking for a wishing well to hide it. Those run in the many hundreds of dollars. I am too cheap to spend that kind of money on a phone jack, anyone named Jack or even jack sh*t for that matter...

Well, I found this to cover it:

#1 Son didn't have school today so we went shopping. We were poking around Target. I rounded a corner and there it was. It was the last one. #1 Son and I hemmed and hawed. Then, we tossed it into the shopping cart. The pagoda has a tiny flaw so they gave me 10% off. A bargain - there is nothing better than a bargain!! When we got home, #1 Son helped me lift the pagoda over the phone jack. We held our breath and slid it over... When it fit perfectly, we cheered, gave high fives and did the happy dance across the front lawn.

We, at the Crossing, get all excited about the little things in life. Mr. Bug actually ran out to meet me when I got home today and complimented me on this little treasure. He was thrilled with my purchase! (I was thrilled that he noticed it in the first 24 hours it was out there!) Little LadyBug's reaction was priceless! Her face lit up and she said, "It's perfect, Mom! That's so cool!" Heck, if I can impress my 5th grader with a lawn ornament, I've really done something - I dunno what. but it's something!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About St. Mark's Square?

We traveled through Europe in a yellow VW Beetle with Massachusetts license plates one summer. I was 7. My cousin was about 12. My mother was pregnant - not cute pregnant... pregnant. (My dad must have been crazy to attempt a vacation such as this under these conditions...)

Picture this in your mind: It is 1972. It is July. It is HOT! It is HUMID! Everyone is sticky. We were in Italy - Venice - We were in St. Mark's Square - to be exact. Venice is beautiful, but it is smelly. There are pidgeons everywhere...You see all the pictures of the pidgeons on TV... There are many many more in real life. Remember, it was really hot. My mother wasn't feeling her best, as you can only imagine...

We had had to PAY to use a public toilet. The so called clerk in the bathroom tried to pull a fast one. My mother is a force not be reckoned with when she isn't pregnant - you should have seen her when she had a bowling ball for a tummy and a pea for a bladder... The clerk found that out... We finally got to use the toilet and it wasn't a toilet, it was a hole in the floor...
Can you even imagine... When you gotta go....

We were trying to decide what to see next. We were standing by a tall column thingy in St. Mark's Square.
A pidgeon pooped on my mother's head.
It wasn't a little drip. It was a huge white smelly plop... The kind that smear your windshield.
My cousin's eyes got enormous. I caught my breath... Dad was having a hard time not smirking. My cousin and I had a choice to make -- If we laughed, my mom could lose it and it wouldn't be pretty. If we didn't we'd surely die. We howled with laughter.
Mom wasn't thrilled, but she made the best of it. She managed to hold it together.
I will never forget how annoyed she was. She doesn't do birds on a good day.
I think that may have been the last second we spent in Venice.
NOW it is funny... THEN it wasn't funny...
Well, I thought it was... and I still do!

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

We're Baaack....

We are back from our retreat. Everyone had a wonderful time!

This is what we found when we got home today - it seems as if the boys have been busy while we were away.

Here is the view from the back.

Little Ladybug always misses her "alone time" when we go away. She usually goes for a walk when we get home. I caught her checking out her flowers on the way down to the creek...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Silent Saturday

This should tide you over until I get back from my All-Church Retreat on Sunday...